Culoperro 2019

I spotted the poster above on Facebook. I guess the organisers will be hoping it will be as windy as it is now here when this windsurfing competition takes place next month.

The article here on Diario de Almería site has information about a round of the junior windsurfing world championships being held in Almerimar early next year. The event will be hosted by Víctor Fernández. He is the current and 3 time world champion windsurfer who hails from Almerimar.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

Further to the article earlier today about the impact of storm Bruno on Almerimar. I had to pop down to Mercadona earlier this afternoon. On the way I popped across to Darsena 1 to take a video of the windy weather.

Today is definitely a day for the windsurfers rather than the golfers.

Wow, it is windy today. I guess that the windsurfers are enjoying themselves.

The article here on the El Ejido town hall website has details about this. Note that the information was first published on the town hall website on 31 May 2012.

Read More for a translation of the article based on an intial Google translation of the text.

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