The article here on Almería 360 is saying it is going to get pretty hot in the next few days.

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Temperatures above 36 degrees activate the yellow warning for heat in Almería

Aemet has activated the warning for high temperatures this Monday and Tuesday in the south of the province. The coast is also under alert for coastal phenomena on Tuesday. The east wind and heat are going to be protagonists this week in the province.

The State Meteorological Agency Aemet has activated the warning for high temperatures from 12 noon on Monday until 7:00 p.m., and will activate it again on Tuesday at 9 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. Aemet foresees that they will reach in central hours of the day 36 degrees Celsius and an ultraviolet ray index of 11 in Almería capital and Poniente.

Also for this Tuesday, also in the south of the province, the yellow warning for coastal phenomena is expected to be activated. The east wind is going to blow strongly, especially on the coast where waves of up to 3 meters and strong winds 7 could be registered.

Until the weekend, temperatures are expected to decrease slightly in Almería and Poniente. The first half of the week is expected with a easterly wind and the second half, a south wind. Although the general situation is stormy, no rainfall is announced throughout the week in the province of Almería.

In the Almazara Valley and the Los Vélez region, the wind will be less intense and will stop in the afternoon. In this area the temperature is going to be maintained and even increase during the week. The skies will be clear until Friday.

In Levante it will be less hot and the yellow warning for coastal phenomena will also be activated on Tuesday.

In the Campo de Tabernas y Nacimiento, this Monday, the Aemet indicates 34 degrees as the maximum temperature and 20 degrees as the minimum. The forecast map announces that temperatures could increase by one degree by the end of the week.