2019 Copo Motorway Exit

This has been on my to do list for a while. Now that things are a bit quieter I have had a chance to find out some details.

The article here was published just over a month ago on the Almeria 360 site. It has some details of the changes to the Copo motorway junction that are scheduled to take place next year.

A separate bridge over the motorway is to be created alongside the current one. It will allow for 2 lanes of traffic in both directions, a bike path and a pedestrian walkway. Also cars turning right when leaving the motorway will get their own separate lane on the slip road. Rather than having to go up to the roundabout.

I guess there is going to be some disruption during the building work. However it should improve things in the longer term.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.


The Copo bridge of the A-7 will have twice as many lanes

The Ministry of Development, as published on Monday in the BOE, has formalized the service contract for the drafting of the construction project of: "Improvement of links 409 and 411 of the A-7 motorway, of the Mediterranean", in the province of Almería.

The estimated budget of the works to be projected is 4.45 million euros. Once the project has been completed and the work is carried out, this remodeling will improve the links of the A-7 with other roads that give access to the municipality of El Ejido.

Technical characteristics
The action will consist of the remodeling of the Copo links located at p.k 409 and Santa María del Águila located at p.k 411 of the A-7.

Regarding link 409, it is currently diamond-type with intersections type weigh. For its improvement, it is proposed an increase and improvement of the platforms of the roundabouts, as well as the extension of the overpass on the trunk of the highway, through the construction of another structure parallel to the existing one, which can accommodate two lanes in each direction. , bike lane and steel for pedestrians.

Likewise, it is proposed to increase the output capacity of the highway by doubling the width of the deceleration branches and segregating the turn to the right of the roundabouts.

The 411 link is of mixed type: diamond type with T intersection for the north link, and partial trefoil for the south link. The actions that are proposed for improvement are the transformation of the southern link to diamond type, the construction of closed roundabouts, one north and one south, and the reordering of existing intersections. The current lanes of speed change of the link are direct type, therefore, it is proposed to transform them to parallel type, also extending its length.