Chilli sausage salad

While playing golf yesterday I was chatting to Lynda who has lost quite a bit of weight recently. We got around to discussing recipes and mentioned the recent Hairy Bikers tv show.

We discussed a Chilli Salad Bowl recipe from a recent programme. You can see the recipe here.

So last night I tried to recreate something similar with what we had in the house. We had some wraps but smaller ones so we had two per person. We also had some chilli sausages from Lidl.

Here is the attempt above after we had applied some guacamole and hummus but before we added some greek yoghurt (all shop bought from Mercadona unlike Marion who makes guacamole herself - she is doing well at losing weight as well by the way).

Even Mr President is doing better. He might even make his 13 stone target by the beginning of next month.