I saw this a few days ago then forgot to publish it....

See the article here on the La Voz de Almería for details of a new spaghetti western series being filmed in the province of Almería. The Spanish article also includes some nice photos. So it is worth a look.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

Just a warning that Thursday and Friday are bank holidays here.

Friday is a bank holiday in the whole of Spain.

Most autonomous regions in Spain have a bank holiday on the Thursday as well. All except two if the internet is to be believed.

A limited number of autonomous regions also have Easter Monday as a bank holiday. This is not the case in Andalucía.

In the last 1-2 weeks Amazon has started to deliver to Almerimar using their own couriers. Rather than third party companies.

Today, for the first time, they scheduled a delivery for me for a Sunday. Also, for the first time, they provided a map service so you could track where the courier was located in town. Plus they including a statement of how many stops they were away.

They ended up being 1 stop away for more than 30 minutes.

So that will teach me never to stand outside the apartment block waiting for a courier to deliver. Without them phoning me first.

CORRECTED: To replace the red triangle by 2024

The Spanish article includes some links to where you can buy a suitable product on Amazon Spain. I guess that they may also be available in lots of car shops etc.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

Merry Christmas to anyone that sees this.

Hope you are all safe and well.

This is the rolling coronavirus story for Sunday 20 December 2020


Stats for the last 24 hours -143 more cases and 3 more deaths


Google translation:

Almería falls below 100 hospitalized but three other people die from covid

The positives remain around 140, as in the day before, and 269 have recovered

Almería has lived in the last 24 hours its first day of the last weeks with less than 100 patients hospitalized for the coronavirus, but, on the contrary, the epidemiological curve remains, another day, above the 100 positives detected in 24 hours in the province of Almería.

As the daily part of the Ministry of Health and Families collects, 143 positives have been reported today, two more than the day before and that make Almería exceed the 20,000 infected detected through PDIA tests (antigen test and PCR), since there are currently 20,080.

As if that were not enough, the province today regrets the death of another three patients with coronavirus, the same number as that notified yesterday by the health authorities and that already leaves 271 patients with covid who have died since March.

Despite the bad figures, the reduction in coronavirus patients who are hospitalized in Torrecárdenas, Poniente or La Inmaculada, the three hospitals in the province that currently have one of the lowest hospital pressure in recent weeks, is noteworthy. Thus, today there are 99 who remain hospitalized, of which 28 are in serious condition in an Intensive Care Unit. Figures that represent an improvement compared to the day before, when 102 were hospitalized, although the same 28 were in the ICUs as this Sunday.

As for the recovered patients, they have once again experienced a considerable rise that makes 269 people from Almeria today who have defeated the covid, 16,039 from the beginning.

For its part, throughout Andalusia the positives have been lowered compared to the day before and today there are only 1,066 and 27 deaths compared to the 55 that were registered yesterday, the worst figure in the last 10 days. Likewise, the hospital burden is as follows:), Cádiz (210 hospitalizations, of which 44 in ICU), Córdoba (97 hospitalizations, of which 17 in ICU), Granada (210 hospitalizations, of which 50 in ICU), Huelva (57 hospitalizations, of which 10 in the ICU), Jaén (143 hospitalizations, of which 29 in the ICU), Malaga (149 hospitalizations, of which 25 in the ICU) and Seville (164 hospitalizations, of which 46 in the ICU ).

The article here on the BBC site is about the new film Wonder Woman 1984. It gives the film a good review.

Apparently some scenes were filmed in the province of Almería just over 2 years ago. In September 2018. According to Wikipedia - "From September 5 to 11, filming occurred at the Alcazaba of Almería fortified complex and the Wall of Jayran in Almería."

If you go to see the film you can perhaps try to spot the bits filmed in the area.

There is a free competition on the UD Almería site.You have to guess the result of the home match tomorrow night.

This time it is open to people who are resident in the province of Almería.

There was a similar competition a short while ago. Although I think that one was only available to season ticket holders (from last season).

You have to fill in the form here:


This is a Google translation of the page:


Datos personales
Nombre *
Apellidos *
Nº Abono (solo si es abonado)
Fecha de Nacimiento *
Dirección *
Código Postal *
Ciudad *
Provincia *
Número de teléfono *
Correo electrónico *

Predicción Resultado Jornada 16 Liga SmartBank
Goles UD Almería *
Goles RCD Mallorca *
Acepto las bases del sorteo y declaro ser mayor de 18 años *
Acepto la Política de Privacidad *
Acepto para el envío de información sobre productos y/o servicios de su interés *
Para el tratamiento de su imagen personal con la finalidad de divulgar y difundir las actividades de la entidad en distintos medios de comunicación, redes sociales, página web, televisión y otros soportes *
Acepto la elaboración de un perfil comercial *

Personal information
Name *
Surnames *
DNI * (I put my NIE number here)
Subscription No. (only if season ticket holder)
Birthdate *
Address *
Postal Code *
City *
Province *
Phone number *
Email *

Matchday 16 Result Prediction SmartBank League
Goals UD Almería *
Goals RCD Mallorca *
I accept the rules of the draw and declare that I am over 18 years old *
I accept the Privacy Policy *
I accept to send information about products and / or services of your interest *
For the treatment of your personal image in order to disclose and disseminate the activities of the entity in different media, social networks, website, television and other media *
I accept the elaboration of a commercial profile *


See the article here on the El País in English site for information about plans for a Spanish central government budget to be approved.

I am not sure, however I think that perhaps the lack of a budget for the whole of the country has delayed various infrastructure projects throughout Spain. Perhaps including the plans for our motorway interchange improvements.

I guess we will have to wait and see what happens on this and the building of a new school in Almerimar..

Been really busy today. I will hopefully publish the information from today sometime tomorrow.