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2019 Copo Motorway Exit

This has been on my to do list for a while. Now that things are a bit quieter I have had a chance to find out some details.

The article here was published just over a month ago on the Almeria 360 site. It has some details of the changes to the Copo motorway junction that are scheduled to take place next year.

A separate bridge over the motorway is to be created alongside the current one. It will allow for 2 lanes of traffic in both directions, a bike path and a pedestrian walkway. Also cars turning right when leaving the motorway will get their own separate lane on the slip road. Rather than having to go up to the roundabout.

I guess there is going to be some disruption during the building work. However it should improve things in the longer term.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

Read more: Changes to the Copo motorway exit in 2019

IKEA Almería Location

UPDATED 14:35 22/11/18 - I have been told that the IKEA may be to the left of the Repsol garage rather than the right. Also, the whole area is supposed to become another shopping centre.

The other day I was talking to someone about the IKEA shop that is due to open in Almería towards the end of 2019. Neither of us knew for certain where it was going to be located. So I have had a poke around on the internet. Apparently it is going to be at the top of Calle Belén. Near a roundabout with a Repsol garage. It looks like this is very close to the 443km turn off from the motorway. You can see my guess of the approximate location on the map above (that I lifted from Google maps).

One of our readers, Gerry, has asked us to publish this information....


1918 - 2018


Leo's, Ankara, Stumble Inn, Charity Shop, Alcor Properties, Bonnie & Clyde, Alamar, Pauline Hairdressing



Charity Number 219279P

Sofa  For  Sale - Oct18

Sofa For Sale - Oct 18

One of our readers, Mark D asked me to advertise these sofas.

"Two English 2 seat Sofa's for sale, both had little use and in good condition, €125 each or €220 for both."

If you are interested in buying please get in touch and I will give you Mark's contact details.

Car For Sale - Oct 18



One of our readers, Mark D, asked for this to be advertised....

Peugeot 106 Zest 3 door, 1.5 Diesel, 5 speed manual. 153,000 Miles, Right Hand Drive.
First reg UK on 7 August 2000

Matriculated in Spain 14 February 2017 -  N.B. New headlights fitted [R/H Dip] and UK headlights [L/H Dip] included in sale.
ITV valid to 25 January 2019
A genuine car in good condition with 60 + mpg.
Price €995 or near offer.

Jane Birthday Cards

A lady called Jane who has a place in Almerimar asked me to advertise this for her (click on the image if you want to see a bigger version of it)...

"If you are struggling to find UK style greetings cards. I handmake personalised greetings cards to order for all occasions. I also make personalised toppers for special occasion cakes and personalised clay hearts. Contact me for details via my Facebook page Sparkly Moments."

I recently had someone ask about how you can get rid of old, unwanted furniture. There is a service provided to collect such furniture for free. You can see details here.

Various people of told me on a number of occasions how good and how efficient the service is.

Julie N asked me to post this information that she put on her Facebook page....

"Sensible offers please. All items to be collected from Alta Entinas by Weds at the latest.
Desk only, not inc. the monitor, printer or keypad.
Freezer, tumble dryer and fridge all work."

If you are interested in this please get in touch and I will give you Julie's phone number.

The recent fire at the plastic recycling plant made me think of this...

In the past, one of the issues with living in Almerimar in the summer has been the nasty smell that occasionally comes down over the hill first thing in the morning. I believe that this has been due to the wind blowing the smell from a plant refuse recycling plant. I think that the smell comes from somewhere between Almerimar and the motorway.

Some years ago it was a very regular occurrence every summer. Touch wood, it seems to have been much better so far this year. I think I can only remember the smell being here on a small number of occasions. Also, the strength of it seems much less than in the past. Fingers crossed that this continues to be the case.

Just a quick mention of a new Facebook group that I think was set up by the Junta Local de Almerimar. It is called Almerimar Vivelo (translation from Google is Live It). It only started recently.

If you are on Facebook it is a good place to look for things to do with Almerimar.

Please note that the group is a public one.

furniture for sale 4 august 2018

furniture for sale 4 august 2018

A reader, Carmen-Julie, has been in touch about some furniture for sale....

"Wooden pedestal table with removable glass top ( 130cm across ) 4 wooden chairs ( two regular chairs + two armchairs ) with detachable, washable cushions. One big chair upholstery clean, in god condition. Will entertain all reasonable offers."

There are a couple more photos in the Gallery.

If you are interested please get in touch and I will put you in contact with Carmen-Julie.

 Bus stop has moved - 26 July 18

A message from Irene in the tourist office....

"I don't know if you know, but recently the bus stop at Calle del Faro (Puerto) has been moved to Calle Arquitecto Julián Laguna, just in front of the Tourist Information Office. Attached you will see the sign that they gave us."

Marisquería Franc
La Tavernetta, Almerimar
IKARI, Almerimar
Osteria Da Ralph, Almerimar
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