Halloween 2012 in Almerimar

I received this poster from the Junta Local de Almerimar via Facebook.

Read More for a translation of the notes that came with the poster.

Halloween night in ALMERIMAR Wednesday 31 at 8:30
NOT to be missed, it will be a night you will never forget.
They will paint the face to all those who come to you disguised ambienten at the party.

Cursed Swamp-Games
A hellish journey in a bloody swamp in which boys and girls will have to show your balance and courage through it on stilts.

The bogeyman
The boys tied in pairs by the feet have to flee to avoid being caught by the bogeyman

Witch / Ghost
A competition of reflexes in which their mark by being attentive to the orders of the monitors

postures terrifying
Set to music, the monitors will say a posture (Mummy, Dracula or hunchback) and children have to irlas doing.

Skeletons Grave
A child is the skeleton after death and will have to make everyone else laugh.

we fear
We are very afraid and to save agrupándonos have to go very quickly tell us the number.

Cry of the Wolf
In the silence of the night you will hear a terrifying howl at that time one of the monitors will haunt monstrous children, when the howling sound again the instructor will return to normal and the children will be safe.

Drawings of terror
Most kids are afraid sometimes, Halloween drawings help to gradually encourage play.

The Record of Terror
Nursery rhymes undead danced in plan.