Marcos benefit concert - 26 October 2012

I received a copy of this on Facebook from Cultura, El Ejido a couple of hours ago.

There is a benefit concert in aid of Marcos the dolphin in El Ejido tonight.

Read More for a Google translation of the text that came with the copy of the poster.

On 21 August came with problems a young dolphin off the coast of the province of Almería, since we are helping you to recover your health and strength, learn to catch the fish and feed himself, joining a herd dolphin.
The whole process is very time consuming and expensive, we need financial means to finance.
We are organizing and conducting various events and activities that we can achieve the necessary funds, and this concert is one of them participates and collaborates.

Be held on Friday October 26
Auditorio de El Ejido
At 2130 hours.

The ticket price is 10 at the box office.

Participate and collaborate in this event:
Sensi Falan
Dos Indios y Un Palomo

Support the City of El Ejido