We enjoyed a very pleasant 7 course taster menu at Taberna B Once last night. Like most events like this not every course suited every person.

My personal highlights were the home made paté, duck kebab with fruits, beef wellington and the dessert of small cherries with ice cream.

Taberna B11 Taster Menu - 28 Sept 19

Not that long ago I spotted that Taberna B11 had a new chef working there. There was a photo of Juan plus photos of a number of items he had added to the menu there. They were on the Taberna B11 Facebook page.

Talking to friends about this I understand that the new chef has worked in a number of restaurants in Almerimar. In particular, a lot of people remember him as the chef in Gourmet (now MacGowans). They all said they liked the food he prepared.

As you can see from the photo above there is a taster menu event organised for Saturday 28 September. Starting at 9pm. 7 courses for 30 euros.

You can reserve your table at B11 (located in the street down the middle of Porto Fino).

Just a quick reminder that the Virgen del Carmen mass starts near the port tower at 8pm tonight. This will be followed by the parading of the statue around the marina.

Virgen Del Carmen 2019

I got this poster off Facebook. I know there is a golf competition taking place the same weekend as this regata. If I remember rightly there are also other sports events taking place. As well as the statue being paraded around the marina.

San Isidro 2019

The culture department of the El Ejido town hall has announced details of the 2019 San Insidro festivities. You can see details here on their website.

Among other things it includes the usual late night fireworks events in El Ejido.