This is the rolling coronavirus story for Tuesday 2 March 2021


Change to site layout - so coronavirus menu is easier to get to on mobiles

Today I have changed the position of the coronavirus menu on the site. So it is displayed close to the top of the site when viewed using mobile layout. It means a little more scrolling down for people using other layouts (PC and tablet). However it means that links to what is the most important information in current times is at the top of the page on all devices.


Read More for details.

This is the rolling coronavirus story for Sunday 28 February 2021


Layout of articles on the site

To improve use of the site on mobile devices I plan to change the way I set up the daily coronavirus articles.

From now on each day I will create the latest daily article without Read More. Changing the story from the day before to have Read More included.

This should make it quicker to scroll down to the menus when looking at the site on phones.


Read More for details.