Daily info from my preferred Spanish stats guy

Data from Tuesday, April 14:

Today we had the first part of the integration of correction data for the holiday effect, for communities as important as that of Madrid, and the dreaded rebound effect has not occurred notably. Tomorrow the data of Catalonia will be integrated among others.

The systematic and regular fall of declared infections continues. They are 3,045 in the last 24 hours, 3,477 yesterday, 4,167 the day before yesterday. This fall almost certainly predicts that we will continue to see a reduction in the number of daily deaths in the coming days. There are 172,541 reported cases. The multiplication rate continues to decrease, now by 1.10.

Slight rise in the number of deceased: 567, by 517 yesterday. The day before yesterday there were 619. 18,056 deaths in total. Multiplication rate at 1.14.
Spain Coronavirus Stats 14 April 2020

 650,000 fines since lock down started


Masks available generally this week

Maybe this is the start of a plan to make everyone wear masks whenever they leave home. When lock down starts getting relaxed a little. This idea was talked about around a week or so ago.



What you can and cannot do from today (13 April 2020)


Daily info from my preferred Spanish stats guy

Data from Monday, April 13

We have to wait for the data on Wednesday to gauge the real situation we are in, but the data for the last few days is giving some reductions in daily cases and deaths that are really surprising because of how strong they are, taking Italy as a point of comparison .

As we have been saying for a few days, now it is the charts of the daily cases that tell the story at a glance.

Another drop in the death toll, to 517, from yesterday's 610. The figure of two days ago, of 510 deceased, is retaken. The next few days should confirm whether it is definitely moving away from the figure of 600 deaths per day. There are 17,489 deaths in total. Keep lowering the multiplication rate, now to 1.15.

The number of new cases dropped to 3,477,416 yesterday. 13 days ago there were 9,222. It is the minimum figure since March 20. Although the daily tests increased a few days ago, the systematic and almost constant drop for a week indicates a clear situation of brake to the expansion. There are 169,496 infected in total.

Spain Coronavirus Stats 13 April 2020

Wild boar roaming the streets in Almería



Daily info from my preferred Spanish stats guy

Data for Sunday, April 12

The daily death toll is again above 600, at 619. Yesterday's data, especially good, with 510 deaths gave an accelerated decline trend, which today seems not to correspond to the underlying trend. The fall rate of the previous three days was 82 fewer deaths per day. With today's data, we return to the bottom trend of 30-33 deaths less per day, 100 less every 3 days, from the high of April 2. It is still a clearly higher rate than that of Italy at the moment, since the number of deaths there is reduced by 20 a day, on average.

Total death toll at 16,972. The multiplication rate of deceased already falls to 1.17 due to the concatenation of so many days of falls (except today).

New low from the peak in the number of declared positives, at 4,167. We recall that this figure is more likely to have a strong Easter effect of slowing down the process of accounting for cases. Total cases, at 166,019.
Spain Coronavirus Stats 12 April 2020


Latest stats from the Almería area (thanks to my friend Eduardo for sending me a link to this article early this morning)

Here is a Google translation:

Almería is the province with the lowest rate of infection

There are 56 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Only the province of Las Palmas is below

About a month after the state of alarm for the coronavirus pandemic was decreed, some figures of the disease are beginning to consolidate in the province of Almería.

On these days, during Easter, the Ministry of Health and Families of the Andalusian Government, in coordination with the Institute of Statistics and Cartography, has made available to the public all the information regarding the incidence of infections in all the community, by provinces and by health districts (3 in Almería).


What is the fee in Almería?

The most relevant data until last Friday night is that Almería remains the Andalusian province with the lowest incidence of the virus for every 100,000 inhabitants. Specifically, that rate is 56 cases (400 notifications until Good Friday). Huelva is located at a short distance (310 until April 10), with 59 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, but with some 200,000 fewer inhabitants than Almería in its total census.

At the national level, only Cádiz and Las Palmas outnumber Almería in the case fatality rate (deaths) and in the percentage of infected in relation to the population, only Las Palmas is behind the Almería province.

Since the first positive was confirmed in Almería at the end of February, the increase in cases in this province has been sustained, with not very high growth in absolute numbers. Only thirty cases were exceeded on the day of March 26 to 27. There was even a day of the week that ends today in which not a single contagion was reported to the Ministry of Health.

Until this past Monday, the only figures that were known were by province. Since April 6, the Ministry of Health and Families of the Board incorporated the number of infections by district into its statistics. In Almería are those of Almería (capital, Níjar, Carboneras and the entire Andarax area), Poniente (also includes the Alpujarra) and Levante-Alto Almanzora, an area to which the four municipalities of Los Vélez also correspond.


How are districts divided?

The Almería District is assigned a population close to 300,000 inhabitants; to Poniente about 265,000 and to Levante-Alto Almanzora, about 145,000. The province exceeds 700,000 inhabitants, according to figures from the National Statistics Institute.

This newspaper has had access to an update of the data by districts. Regardless of the absolute numbers, the autonomous government already provides concrete information on confirmed cases, accumulated deaths since the pandemic was declared and fully cured patients.


El Poniente, with more cases

The Poniente District, with the regional hospital of the same name as a reference, has accumulated 170 cases until last Friday, which represents 42.5 percent of the total in the province of Almería. It is the highest percentage of the three health districts. It is also the region where the main focus of infections has been located in a nursing home, the Virgen del Rosario, in Roquetas de Mar.

In absolute and percentage figures, the Western District is also the leader in death statistics. Until this Good Friday, 13 of the 29 people from Almería killed by coronaviruses in the province had died in this region. However, this fatality rate is exceeded in Almanzora and Levante in Almería in relation to the population assigned to its health district.

Twenty-three of the 73 patients from Almería residing in the west are considered to be fully cured of the virus. Or, what is the same, around a third of the global computation in the province.


High cure rate in Almería

The district with the largest population is Almería, where 158 cases have already been reported. A good part of them are located in the capital, where some 200,000 people reside. Infections in this district represent 39.5 percent of the provincial total. Here infections have occurred in the Santa Teresa Jornet and Ballesol residences in the capital and Valleluz in Íllar. The three senior centers have been medicalized.

On the contrary, the positive data is located in the number of deaths. Only 6 of those registered until last April 10 have been notified in the area of ​​the capital, its metropolitan confluence, Andarax, Níjar and Carboneras. This figure represents just 20 percent of the total deaths in Almería.

Another positive fact is shown by the data of the Ministry of Health and Families of the Board in the Almería District, with the Torrecárdenas University Hospital as a reference. Of the 73 cured in the province, 39 correspond to this health area. Or, what is the same, more than half of all the people from Almería who have overcome the disease.

The lethality in the Levante The statistics by districts also includes the regions of Levante, Almanzora and Los Vélez. Its population barely exceeds 20 percent of the province's total.

Until this past Friday, 72 of the 400 provincial cases accumulated in this area, but, nevertheless, their number of deaths is considerable. Specifically, of the 29 fatalities in all of Almería, 10 correspond to this health district, which is the one that also registered the first death. It was last March 21.

Of the 72 cases reported to the Ministry of Health in this district, 11 have already overcome the disease. In the region, the reference hospital is La Inmaculada, located in Huércal-Overa.


Daily info from my preferred Spanish stats guy

Google translation

Another day that invites us to see that the epidemic is being controlled in Spain, although we apply caution again due to the possible Easter effect that leads to a late registration of the deceased.

With that exception, a really very positive trend: 510 deaths today, 605 yesterday, 757 three days ago. 16,363 deaths since the start of the epidemic. The multiplication rate already falls below 1.2, to 1.19.

Stability in the number of infections reported, at 4,830 today, by 4,576 yesterday. 161,852 in total We have already pointed to the problem of the significant increase in the number of daily tests, which prevents having clear references to compare the evolution with previous days. This issue can cause problems when confinement is de-escalated, since it will make it difficult to know if the increase in cases (or their slow descent) is due to the increase in tests or to the relaxation of social distancing. The second is important to know and control it.

Spain Coronavirus Stats 11 April 2020

Police checking for non-locals entering Mercadona here today - 11 April 2020


Spain relaxes the lock down from Monday 13 April 2020 (back to how it was a couple of weeks ago)


Guide for the self employed on a region by region basis in Spain.


Daily info from my preferred Spanish stats guy

Google translation

Very good data today, with the number of daily deaths at a new low after the peak: 605, by 683 yesterday and 757 the day before yesterday. 15,843 deaths in total. It gives a boost to the multiplication rate, which stands at 1.21. Total cases now increase by 21% every 4 days. A week ago they increased by 49%.

Reduction in daily positives, by 4,576 times 5,756 yesterday. Total cases at 157,022. The rate, at 1.16.

Today's positive data must be taken with caution because on these Easter days there may be a significant slowdown in registration processes, which somewhat underestimates reality.
Spain Coronavirus Stats 10 April 2020
Some nerdy background on the stats for the virus
The content below is a Google translation of the article in the 2nd link below. It is by the guy whose daily stats I am using, Francesc Pujol.
I propose in another way the usefulness (importance?) Of presenting the evolution data of the epidemic showing relative data such as the multiplication rate (but also the daily percentage increase or the doubling time), in addition to communicating the figures daily and total cases, for crisis communication adapted to the challenges of its public and private management.

For those unfamiliar with the term, the multiplication rate is the number of times the total number of reported (or deceased, or hospitalized) cases is multiplied in a given period of time. The interval that I have chosen in the charts that I disseminate is 4 days (I will explain why 4 days in another space). It is important to highlight that it is a matter of relating the increase in total cases, from the beginning of the epidemic. For example, the total cases registered in Spain on April 1 were 102,137. Four days earlier, on March 28, there were 72,248 cases registered. So, the case multiplication rate as of April 1 is Ct / Ct-4; 102,137 / 72,248 = 1.41. The cases have multiplied by 1.41, they have increased by 41%. If it is 2.0, they are multiplied by two every four days. If it is 1.0 (exact), in the last four days there have been no new cases (Ct / Ct-4 = 1; Ct = Ct-4), the expansion of the epidemic has been entirely cut off, as regards cases of declared new infections.

The epidemic, all epidemic diffusion moves in cycle: implantation, development, growth, containment, deactivation, or in the technical way that they receive from epidemiology experts (among whom I am not). The dynamics of the cycle, reflected in the evolution of daily cases, is the elephant within the boa.
coronavirus background article image 1
All right. The problem with the cycle is that appearances are deceiving, but not systematically, but in two critical phases of the cycle: in the initial propagation (Phase 1) and in the zone where the maximum number of cases is reached, the famous peak (Phase 3).

In the initial development part (Phase 1), the appearance is that things are going well, because we are talking about tens or a few hundred cases, with no deaths. Insignificant, negligible thing. And so it has been despised country after country, despite having the message of terror from other countries that were advanced in the internal development of the epidemic. The appearance is that everything is going well, that there are so few cases that everything is controlled, because they are detected above. But the reality is that things are going wrong, because inaction allows the bug to spread and multiply at will, at its natural rate. No one slows it down. And it is the background noise, which is almost invisible, but it is real: contagion multiplies every two to three days. Against small, insignificant total numbers, yes. They are the snowball that will make it more or less giant in the end. The reality is bad.

Then when the cases are fired (Phase 2) there is no longer a divorce: the appearance is really bad, and so is the reality. The cases continue to multiply, which are already beginning to be noticeable, and the first measures are taken to limit contagion, but the effects translate into nothing. At this stage it is very easy to take containment measures against the spread of the epidemic, because everyone sees the catastrophic consequences. But the great thing would have been to take those steps before it explodes in the face, the fastest in phase 1.

In phase 3 there is again a problem of divorce between appearance and reality, because the containment measures, private and public, are already beginning to have a real impact in reducing the rate of virus transmission, but the appearance is Dantesque, because they rise cases. This divorce between appearance and reality is also disastrous, because it consumes energy, the hope of those who suffer the consequences of confinement, casts doubt on the measures and puts pressure to take more measures like crazy.

But the situation is about to turn around. And in the last phase (Phase 4), new cases fall day by day, and then a little later, that of the deceased. Things seem to get better, and they actually do.

Well, it is very difficult to see that things go wrong in the initial phase, and that they begin to go well in phase 3 of change, if one looks at the graphs of daily data and accumulated data (both in linear or logarithmic format) .
Coronavirus background image 2
coronavirus background article image 3
coronavirus background article image 4
To illustrate the dynamics of the epidemic, I take the case of the epidemic and closed in the first wave, from Wuhan-Hubei. The first graph is the one of the new daily contagion cases reported, from the day that there are 100 counted cases. The jump in data observed from the 24th is artificial: it is because from that day on, not only the cases of the macro city of Wuhan, but also those of the region, Hubei, are added to the statistics.
coronavirus background article image 5
It is difficult to see, in any of the 3 graphs, that the situation in Phase 1 is bad and that the situation in Phase 3 is good (something if you see it in the first daily data graph).

Instead, that information, both that things are going wrong in the initial phase (Phase 1), and that things are improving in transition phase 3, they are in the multiplication rate charts and the like.

That is, the multiplication rate (and similar relative measures) manage to match well, for each of the stages, the visual information with the reality of the dynamics of the epidemic, of reality, whether it is already apparent or hidden. . Therefore, it illuminates the experts' speech and makes it understood.

Let's go back to the multiplication rate graph. In phase 1 (orange), although the cases are few, the indicator alerts you that the situation is out of control: the cases multiply by 4! every 4 days. It is a clear and resounding message, which should help to take action.

In phase 2 (red), of already visible and constant growth of cases and deaths, people understand that 1000 is bad, and that if you have 3,000 four days later, we have a serious problem. Politicians and the public are ready to take action. Increasing absolute numbers help convey a sense of emergency and therefore urgency.

Does the multiplier drop in this explosion phase? Yes, because people already started shaking hands less and began washing their hands more. But the message of the rate is not that it is going down, it is that the multiple is still between 2 and 3. If there is no reaction, the total figures will continue to multiply, explosively.

And it reacts. In individual behavior and in public measures of mobility restrictions and social contact. And the days go by, and it seems that it is useless because the dead continue to grow. But yes, it happens. The multiplier already falls below 2. It is Phase 3 (yellow). It is in this phase 3 where the multiplication rate again plays a role that can be key in crisis communication: to explain that yes, that the measures have and their expected impact, despite appearances. In this phase you have to drill less with the death records. Not because the death toll and its increasing number is a lie, but because that is only part of the reality of what is happening. Because it is really happening: the change of rhythm announces a change of cycle.

And I remain quite convinced that transmitting that idea, that the dynamics are changing, is really difficult to transmit with data and graphics in absolute terms. And that "trust us, we are better" does not work either. People need to see. And what the multiplication rate tells us, or the measures of percentage increases, is that you can see it. That this tool exists, that it helps to detach itself from appearances. That the rate is not a trick of manipulation, but on the contrary is a way to touch reality.

We are all learning everything with this pandemic, its impact and its management. Cross fertilization of knowledge and talents is taking place in a manner and with prodigious speed and flexibility. It must also be done in how to communicate the crisis.

Francesc, are we in Phase 3? I think so. It is precisely what epidemiologists say (pending that yes of the evolution in Catalonia). I do not know how far we are from Phase 2 and how close to Phase 4. As we are probably in Phase 3, it is time to put the indicators of relative variation of the epidemic into action, because they can help the population (and the press and political leaders) to understand what is happening, so as not to become more psychologically overwhelmed.

And there will come a phase 4 (green), in which the multiplication rate will get closer and closer to 1.0, to the goal (I remember that the rise here is because they added cases from the entire province). But in this phase 4 the multiplication rate will no longer play any strategic role, because the appearance will align itself again with reality: each day the new cases and deaths are lower than the previous day. We can abandon the crutch. It is on those days when tweeters will begin to appear that they will respond with a “small bullsh*t about the multiplication rate, just look at the data in the daily case graph to know that we are out of the crisis. Small experts ”. When those tweets arrive, we'll celebrate. Meanwhile, I continue to think that those who are reporting the crisis, in addition to giving the terrible daily and accumulated data on cases and deaths, should provide information on developments in relative terms.
National guidelines for allowing people to be treated in intensive care.
The article here has the details:



Daily info from my preferred Spanish stats guy

Google translation

Stabilization of the number of daily deaths: today 728, yesterday 756, the day before yesterday 743. It seems that the rate of sharp decline last weekend was too optimistic and was not a reflection of the underlying trend, which is now slower. Italy, which reached its peak of deaths a week before us, was also in the teeth of the mountains before having the notable fall of these last days. I add the graph of deceased newspapers of Italy, to show comparison.

5,756 new cases, 6,180 yesterday. It would be necessary to know if, as in Italy, the number of daily tests is increasing a lot. Yesterday in Italy they went from 34,000 to 52,000. If it goes up a lot (which is good for those with symptoms and to ensure the isolation of the positives) the problem is that the comparison of data to see the trend loses solidity.

Spain Coronavirus Stats 9 April 2020

 Article about what the Spanish Prime Minister has said this morning about lock down

There is a story here on on the Diario Almería site:

Here is a Google translation:

Pedro Sánchez: "The state of alarm will last what the scientists tell us"

Economic activity does recover from next Monday

The Prime Minister explains in Congress that our ways of life will change, even after the transition phase

The economic activity that was suspended two weeks ago recovers from next Monday. Companies and workers must adopt hygiene and social distance measures in offices and factories, but the general break is over. This has been confirmed this Holy Thursday, the strangest of all since the Civil War, the Prime Minister in Congress.

"The state of alarm will last what scientists tell us." Pedro Sánchez has stepped on the brake towards the possible recovery of normal life from the last week of April. Furthermore, Sánchez has insisted that the de-escalation will be progressive, very cautious, and even advanced that our ways of life will be forever different. As the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has already warned on numerous occasions, the transition process is not written, the technicians need more data and, especially, the results of the large seroepidemiological survey that will begin this Monday with tests in 30,000 households in Spain.

Spain will celebrate this Sunday four weeks of general confinement, the last two have also been of general economic slowdown, in which only the so-called essential activities have been allowed. All the ones that worked before April 6 are back to normal this Monday. Sánchez has requested the extension of the state of alarm in Congress until April 25. It is not ruled out that another tranche will be requested again, although the conditions would be different.

Despite that call for resistance, because there are still two weeks left, Pedro Sánchez has said that "we see the light at the end of the tunnel." "We have passed through the peak of contagion, we are flattening the curve, but the recovery will be harsh," warned the president, who recalled the cruelty suffered by thousands of elderly people who have died alone in residences.


The almost 2 week ongoing period of extreme lock down has perhaps set us on a path towards the end of the first phase of this crisis in Spain. By saying that we are going back to where we were at the beginning of the lock down is a form of loosening it. With I guess some (if not all) non-essential businesses being able to have people travel to work. So, for example, the construction industry can start work again.

I guess we will get a fuller statement about what comes in the next period by Easter Sunday (12 April 2020).


Latest Google stats comparing lock down in UK and Spain

UK and Spain Google Lock Down Stats 2 April 2020


Trends good in Andalucia, and testing kits and PPE arrive


Payments to autonomos (self employed)


Yet to flatten the curve in Spain

Tell me about it. I am about to go out on the terrace to do some exercises. Plus run up and down the stairs down to the swimming pool. To try to flatten the curve in my belly.



Mercadona heaving today

Jacqui is just back from our weekly shop. Mercadona was heaving as it is going to be closed for the next 2 days. Open again on Saturday 11 April 2020.

UPDATED: Apparently at one point this morning the police were patrolling entry into the Mercadona car park. Checking where people were coming from and where they were going.


Daily info from my preferred Spanish stats guy

Google translation

Today's data on infections and deaths are bad, because they slow down the fantastic trend of the last four days.

The Ministry of Health stops publishing aggregated data on hospitalization and ICUs because the autonomous communities do not agree on how to account for it. It is deeply regrettable. We stopped publishing them 3 days ago.

From now on I will try to remember to publish his daily stats table.

Spain Coronavirus Stats - 8 April 2020

Spanish lock down might loosen a little from towards the end of April 2020

The article here on the Olive Press site has details.


Some mass testing will soon be underway - to help decide how the relaxation of the lock down will work


Latest figures for Andalucía

See the diagram in the article here on the Almería 360 site:


El Ejido policing of the lock down - plus a bit about shops opening and what they can sell

The article here on the Almeria 360 site has details:

Here is a Google translation of the article:

The Local Police of El Ejido denounces 361 citizens and six establishments for disobeying the confinement

Supermarkets, food markets, pharmacies, kiosks, tobacconists and takeaways remain open since their activity is permitted in all of their services and products.
The Local Police of El Ejido has intensified on these dates of Easter the surveillance and control of two cases prohibited by the State of Alarm decreed by the Government; travel to second homes and religious or festive celebrations.

The agents, who are carrying out simultaneous controls in different parts of the municipality, are acting sharply in the cases in which compliance with Royal Decree 463/2020 by COVID-19 is violated, even if they occur at night, in silence. and with the safety distance, since they are absolutely prohibited.

The Local Police of El Ejido has made a total of 367 acts / complaints, 361 to individuals and 6 to establishments, for disobeying the State of Alarm since it was decreed on March 15.

In addition, it is recalled that supermarkets, food markets, pharmacies, kiosks, tobacconists and takeaways, remain open since their activity is allowed, with respect to all of their services and products. It is convenient to clarify that there is a list of essential services for the purchase of food and basic necessities, but there is no list of essential products. Therefore, the activity of the authorized establishments is complete, the citizen being free to buy any product that is sold in these open establishments as essential services.




A Google translation of the summary of my Spanish stats guy.

Data from Tuesday, April 7

The mystery of the weight of the weekend effect has already been resolved: the trend continues to be very strong, despite the already so many times anticipated upward correction today (and therefore, the data for the last two days).

Where there was more risk was in reported cases. They have gone to 5,478 today from 4,273 yesterday. If we look at the chart of new daily cases, those 5,500 cases have maintained the daily fall rate very well for the past 7 days. Last Tuesday we had 9,222 new cases, 3,700 more than today. The multiplication rate drops to 1.19.

As we repeat so many times, as long as the criteria for applying daily tests do not change much and we do not go through a phase of massive testing, the fall in cases announces the fall of the deceased in 5-10 days.

The deceased also rose, 743 to 637 yesterday. We will see in the next few days what the fall trend is. The rate drops to 1.26 because the situation is much better than it was four days ago.

See more detail and graphs/charts in Spanish here:



Some advice on how to practice breathing (to practice in advance in case you are infected)

Updated 9/4/2020: there is some discussion about whether the video from a doctor in the UK contains valid information. So I have removed the link to it.


Good news on the La Voz de Almería site

Here is a Google translation.

The curve collapses in Almería: without new cases or deaths in 24 hours

One more patient has recovered from covid-19 in the province

The curve of those affected by the coronavirus plummets in the province on a day in which Almería has not added any new contagion or new deaths. Some data that must be taken with caution but that are encouraging after checking the progress of the virus in the daily part provided by the Ministry of Health, in which the good news does not stop there, because a new patient with covid-19 is adds to those who have overcome the disease, who are already 50.

As for the number of hospitalized cases, today they are 154, just one more than yesterday, and of which 32 remain in the ICU, the same figure as this Monday.

In Andalucia

For its part, in Andalusia, the 8,767 affected by coronavirus have already been reached, but it continues to reduce the rate of infections after adding only 186 positives in 24 hours, according to data released at 11:30 am on Tuesday by the Ministry of Health, which represents a significant setback compared to yesterday when it added 280. However, the deceased amounted to 528, 37 more than one day to another compared to the 21 that were recorded this Monday



Google translation of a daily analysis of Spain stats:

Data from Monday, April 6

Yesterday's good data is confirmed and improved. New fall on all fronts. We may have an upward correction tomorrow by accounting for cases delayed by the weekend, but hopefully that bias will be much less for the registry of deceased.

And now, it seems that we are really entering the phase in which the charts with cases and daily deaths do help us explain and understand the history of what is happening. It is less and less necessary to rely on the evolution of the multiplication rate to see that the epidemic is being controlled.

The number of deceased today, 637, by 674 yesterday and 809 two days ago. 13,055 deaths in total. Notable drop in the multiplication rate, from 1.37 to 1.31.

The cases declared new, at 4,237, compared to 6,023 yesterday and 9,222 last Tuesday. The data from tomorrow and the day after will be essential to see if we confirm the takeover of the epidemic. 135,032 cases in total. Lower the rate a lot, to 1.22.

See more detail and graphs/charts in Spanish here:



Costa Blanca police have recently listed "essential shopping"

An example of Spanish regional government in action?


Good news for our part of Spain


Now a bad news story


Plus perhaps another good news one



Latest news from the man I look to for Spanish stats

5 April 2020

Notable falls in cases and daily deaths. Today it is time to apply caution with the reading of the results due to the possible weekend effect, which leads to the delay in accounting and reporting of information. That could mainly affect data from new cases, whose official data could be somewhat below the real ones (and the correction is seen in the data communication on Tuesday).

Taking these caveats into account, let's go to the data.

6,023 new cases. It is the minimum since March 23. 7,026 cases yesterday. 130,759 cases in total. Strong push down of the multiplication rate, to 1.28.

674 died yesterday compared to 809 yesterday. The data may be influenced by the weekend effect, but hopefully little. We were already saying that the drop in new daily cases was going to carry over into a drop in daily deaths in the following 5-10 days. There are 12,418 deaths in total. Also sharp drop in the multiplication rate, which is already below 1.4, to 1.37

As we announced yesterday, we stopped giving information about the valuable evolution data in hospitalization and in the ICU, because the Autonomous Communities are following different accounting criteria, and it no longer allows comparing with previous data in the series, which is essential to calculate well and with sense the multiplication rates.

An interesting article about Spanish numbers

From El Pais in English.


A bit of fun

Coronavirus Rabbits




UK vs. Spain lock down effectiveness

Easy to see UK vs. Spain comparison about strictness of lock down. I have just lifted the data from the Google documents and presented it side by side. From:

UK vs Spain Lock Down Google Comparison 6 Weeks To 29 March 2020

This is only a band aid being put on a large bleeding wound at the moment. The Spanish one is a bigger band aid than the UK one. The key is keeping demand for medical facilities below what is available in each country. Both nations also need to develop coherent longer term strategies for dealing with this issue.


Decision on extending lock down period in Spain to perhaps be announced today (4 April 2020)

The article below from last night has more details:

Further views in an article from this morning:

Masks to perhaps be made compulsory in Spain?

The article below from last night has more details:


Spain lock down extended to 26 April 2020

The article here in La Voz de Almería says so.

Here is a Google translation:


It is official: the state of alarm lasts until April 26

RTVE has advanced this Saturday

It is now official: the Government of Spain will extend until next April 26 the state of alarm in Spain. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has so decided, as stated by RTVE.

This has been announced when they meet, this Saturday, 21 days of confinement with a balance of 11,744 people who died with coronavirus after confirming in the last 24 hours the death of 809 affected by the disease.

In this way, the trend continues downward and is the second consecutive day with a reduction in the number of deaths that reached its peak on Thursday, April 2 with 950 deaths. It is also the lowest figure of the whole week. In total there are 124,736 infected in Spain and there are already 34,219 recovered.




Locked in to Almerimar

We are not to leave Almerimar unless for work, hospital appointments or force majeure (an unexpected event).

There are police at the top of the hill out if Almerimar stopping people entering or leaving Almerimar without justification.


Spanish figures for today

This article on the Olive Press site has the latest figures:


Prediction of when lock down will start easing in Spain

The article here on the Olive Press site has the details:





From yesterday but well worth a read (ta to Malaguena on the FMTTM Boro message board for this)

Beyond the headline figure, there is some good news - "despite another day of tragic figures, the statistics provided by the Ministry of Health confirm that Spain reached the peak of infection last week and that the pandemic, after a few days of apparently contradictory figures, is now beginning to slow down"

This though .... "..... this means that one in every 450 Spaniards has tested positive for Covid-19, though the real number of infections is undoubtedly much higher"


Message from Linea Directa

I received this yesterday....

Just received this from Linea Directa. Our car is insured with them....

Dear Customer,

We know that things are difficult right now. For some, working remotely from home, but without being able to hug loved ones. For others, the situation is far worse.

Línea Directa would like to show its support for customers, employees and the general public by making this situation a little bit easier to cope with. These are the latest measures we have put into action:
  • We have offered our fleet of 80 replacement vehicles to the Health Authorities, at the Community of Madrid and Catalonia for the sole use of public health personnel
  • Our Customer Service Centre is now available to the Health Authorities, manned by Línea Directa employees with years of expertise, to help communicate with patient’s families and answer queries from the general public about the coronavirus.
  • For policyholders that are Self-employed and have been forced to cease activity, we are providing a flexible payment package so that their insurance premium won’t be an extra burden.
  • For all customers, we are paying upfront for the cost of any repairs to their vehicle or home, and any claims for damage will be quantified using video or photo, thereby ensuring that everyone remains at home.

Finally, we would like to state that our 2,400 employees are at your service, working remotely as imposed by the state of emergency on March 14th.

Even though sometimes this situation may appear never-ending, we are now one day nearer its finish. And as with your car, your motorcycle and your home, that is something we can also assure.

There’s one day less.

Thank you,
Miguel Ángel Merino
From today (ta to Malaguena on the FMTTM Boro message board for this)
Over 100,000 infections and over 9000 deaths now, but "The fact that the pandemic is now heading towards the control phase is also demonstrated by the volume of daily hospital discharges, which is breaking all records. In just 24 hours a total of 3,388 people have been declared healthy. This is a daily increase of 17 per cent, higher than on previous days, bringing the total number of discharges to 22,647"

Not going outside Almerimar

For all people not working providing essential services. You cannot leave Almerimar as we are only allowed out to purchase basic necessities. All of which are available in Almerimar. Both pharmacies in Almerimar can order medication if it is not available straight away.

Use of couriers

The authorities have asked for people only to have essential items delivered for the time being. Due to all the problems the transport companies are experiencing.

So do not order any non-essential items for delivery by courier at the moment.

If you ordered some items online some time ago you can still take delivery of them. With appropriate precautions (mask, gloves and keep your 2m distance).



Numbers rising - daily ratios are falling

Coronavirus Spain Stats 1 April 2020

These graphs are showing that the lock down is working

Videos of that 20:00 thanks events in Almerimar?

Has anyone taken videos of what is happening at 20:00 every night in Almerimar? If yes, are they on youtube,  Facebook or somewhere like that? If yes please send me some links and I will publish them on here. You can contact me using the form on the site. Or via the Almerimar Today Facebook page.


Stupid people putting us all at risk

This story from the Olive Press has the detail.


A 2020 remake of the Resistire song


I am astonished by this article in so many ways



A fun video to start with:


Numbers still going up - rate of growth is slowing

Some good news about the rate of growth of positive tests, people in hospital and deaths. Sadly all are still increasing in total. The good news is that the rate of growth of all three continues to slow. So the lock down is helping.


Hospitals in parts of Spain close to breaking point



Lock down tightened

15 day paid lock down from today for all not going to work for non-essential businesses in Spain. I guess you can still work from home in non-essential businesses. As long as you obey the lock down rules.

Also today is business shut down day. You can travel to work today in a non-essential business if you are taking steps to close it down today for the rest of the period.

Only 8 or 9 of the 15 days are normal working days due to Easter.

People cannot be sacked now in Spain.

Your business must pay you for this period. However you have to make the time up by working unpaid overtime later this year.

Here is a list of ESSENTIAL businesses:

So, for example, no more non-essential construction work.


From bats to human lungs

A long read but well worth it.


Is factory farming responsible for coronavirus

Another good read. Farming methods play a part?


A small good news story on Facebook


Big brother is watching you in Spain?

The article is here:

The Government approves the surveillance of the movements of citizens with data from the operators

The BOE of this Saturday orders the creation of an application that allows this type of control over citizens

The National Statistics Institute (INE) will monitor the mobility of Spaniards "in the days before and during confinement" decreed by the state of alarm, based on movement data supplied by the telephone operators.

This is reflected in an order published this Saturday in the BOE, by which the Ministry of Health entrusts the Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, the development of various actions in the digital field and statistic for the management of the sanitary crisis.

These are measures that Vice President Nadia Calviño announced on March 23 and which are reflected in detail in the order published this Saturday by the Ministry of Health.

Cross "anonymized"

These measures include the preparation of a "mobility study" of the Spanish applied to the health crisis. It will be similar, and so the order says, to the one that the INE is doing about the population movement in general from data provided by the main ‘telecos’ and that generated controversy months ago due to doubts about the anonymity of those data.

As in that case, the order guarantees that the data crossing of the mobile operators must be done in an aggregated and “anonymised” way, respecting the Spanish and community legislation on data protection.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health also orders the Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence in order to urgently develop a computer application to support the management of the health crisis caused by Covid-19.

It will be an app that will allow «the user to carry out a self-assessment, based on the medical symptoms that they report, about the probability of being infected by Covid-19, offer information to the user about Covid-19 and provide the user with practical advice and recommendations for actions to be taken according to the evaluation, ”states the provision.

The app will allow the geolocation of the user for the sole purpose of verifying that he is in the autonomous community in which he declares to be. The application may include within its content links to portals managed by third parties in order to facilitate access to information and services available through the Internet.

"The application will not constitute, in any case, a service for medical diagnosis, emergency care or prescription of pharmacological treatments," clarifies the order, "and will not replace in any case consultation with a duly qualified medical professional."

The person responsible for the treatment will be the Ministry of Health and the person in charge of the treatment and holder of the application will be the General Secretariat for Digital Administration.


Another measure included in the order is the development of "a conversational assistant / chatbot to be used by WhatsApp and other instant messaging applications, which will provide official information when asked by citizens."

The design will be based on official information from the Ministry of Health. The person in charge of the treatment will be the Ministry of Health and the person in charge of the treatment and owner of the chatbot will be the Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence through the General Sub-directorate of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Enabling Technologies.

Other tasks of the Government to the Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence are the development of "an informative website with the available technological resources" and the creation of "a central point of coordination for the evaluation of other technological proposals by other organizations and entities ».

In the text, it is specified that all citizens who use the future application arranged to check if they have symptoms may be geolocated, "for the sole purpose of verifying that you are in the autonomous community in which you say you are."
"The application will not constitute, in any case, a service for medical diagnosis, emergency care or prescription of pharmacological treatments. The use of the application will not replace in any case the consultation with a duly qualified medical professional », adds the BOE.




The sound of a pandemic

A little bit more humour/entertainment

Out Of Gloves - Alex Howitt Facebook Image


Now some serious stuff - bad news on deaths today in Spain - better news on infections

 You can see details here on the Euro Weekly News site.


Well done to electricity company Naturgy

Suspending all domestic bills for 6 months. Details here on the Euro Weekly News site.

I applaud the Naturgy electricity and gas supply company in Spain. They have allowed people to defer paying their bills because of the lock down.

In addition they have added the following service for their customers (Google translation):

"Medical video assistance service at no additional cost

As a Naturgy customer and registered in our Customer Area and Online Invoice, you have the medical assistance service when you need it without leaving home."

My gas is with them. I will be transferring my electric to them when the situation here calms down a bit. They deserve as much business as they can get with this sort of approach to customer service.


Details of the tighter lock down about to be announced

In particular which businesses now have to close (probably including a lot of construction is my guess).

You can see more details here on the Euro Weekly News site.


The history of pandemics

An interesting read.


Spain and Norway Speed up Clinical Trials for a Coronavirus Vaccine in a ‘Historic Collaboration’

You can see more details here on the Euro Weekly News site.


The latest figures for Spain do not make for good reading

See more details here on the Olive Press site.


Latest Almería figures

The story here on the La Voz de Almería site has the details.

Here is a Google translation of the article:

Coronavirus advances in Almería: 31 new cases and two deaths in 24 hours

Almería already has 173 positives, of which 72 remain admitted

Today was the worst day of the coronavirus pandemic in Almería in terms of numbers, after there was an increase of up to 31 positives in a single day and two deaths.

The Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía has confirmed this in its daily data report, where Almería already has 173 positives, of which 72 remain hospitalized in the province's hospitals and 91 are under active follow-up in Your domicile. Likewise, 12 patients are discharged from hospital and six have been completely cured of COVID-19.

Tragic day

With these figures, this Saturday, March 28, the largest increase in one day was recorded, going from the 142 announced yesterday, Friday, to the current 173. This has also been the case with deaths, which amount to 10 after an increase of two deaths in a single day.

Thus, throughout Andalusia there are already 4,277 registered positives and deaths have increased to the current 175. Likewise, there are 172 people who remain in the ICU and 333 patients who have been discharged from hospital.
How the donation of 1.2M euros from the owner UD Almería is being used
Sheik donation March 2020
 Here is a Google translation:
UDA Contingency Plan in the fight against the coronavirus

€ 550,000 Hospital equipment and protection material for medical workers

€ 100,000 Aid to those affected

€ 50,000 City Council for protection material for their workers

€ 50,000 Provincial Council for protection material for their workers

€ 100,000 Red Cross for people at risk of social exclusion

€ 100,000 Civil Protection for an emergency vehicle

€ 10,000 Accompaniment to the elderly

€ 240,000 For emergencies and needs of those affected for layoffs and people without resources, after two months

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



What you can and cannot do

This is a translation of a Spanish document. The translation was done by our administrators, Fincal...

Intervenciones relacionadas con la declaración del ESTADO DE ALARMA
RD 463/2020, modificado por el RD 465/2020
Orden INT/262/2020 del Ministro del Interior
Instrucción de 19 de marzo de 2020, del Ministerio de Sanidad
Actualizado el 22/03/2020, a las 17:00 horas
Inspector Jefe, Jesús REVILLA
Inspector, Juan CHECA
Inspector, Javier DEL CASTILLO
Intendente Jefe, Antonio PARDO
Subinspector, Sancho MIRANDA
Intendente Jefe, Antonio ZAPATA


-DISPLACEMENTS by roads or public spaces, OF MORE THAN ONE PERSON, unless accompanied
by (ARTICLE 7):

o Disabled

o Minors (to avoid being left behind)

o Elderly people

o Other cause that can justify

-PERSON who takes the DOG for a walk away from his home, can only be taken out in the
surroundings and for the time necessary for the dog's physiological needs.

-PERSON doing SPORT, even if it is individually (running, bike, etc), or taking advantage of taking
the DOG for a walk.

-PERSONS using the COMMON AREAS OF AN URBANIZATION (swimming pools, gyms, paddle
tennis courts, green areas, etc.).

t is advised that if they do not stop their attitude they will incur in an infraction of 57.2 of the
General Law 33/2011 of Public Health.

The president is informed of the need to close these areas.

-PERSON carrying out permitted activities of ARTICLE 7, which is FAR FROM HOME, unless it can
be properly justified (lack of drugs in pharmacy, non-existence of an on-call pharmacy or other
similar situations).

O A) Procurement of food, pharmacy and basic necessity

O B) Attendance at health centers, services and establishments

O C) Commuting to the workplace (or the workplace)

O D) Return to the place of residence

O E) Elderly, minor, dependent, disabled or vulnerable care

O F) Displacement of financial or insurance entities

O G) Cause of force majeure or situation of need

O H) Any other of a similar nature


- PERMANENCE OR ACCESS in establishments open to the public, WITHOUT RESPECTING THE

- Go to these establishments in COUPLE OR GROUP; they can only be done individual, except for the
exceptions mentioned in article 7.

- PEOPLE who walk on the street without respecting the SEPARATION OF 1 METER between each other.

- PEOPLE MEETING on the street that when leaving any of the permitted activities, they stop converse (permanence is prohibited except for travel).

- Taking out the RUBBISH with the children, as a family, in a group, is not allowed. You
always have to DO IT INDIVIDUALLY.

- MINORS, those who are alone on the street and who are doing activities prohibited in RD 463/2020, parents will be located in order for them to pick up at the scene. A report of complaint to parents will be made.


o People with disabilities, who have behavioural disturbances, such as
example people with autism spectrum diagnosis and disruptive behaviours.

o You must be accompanied.

o Respecting the necessary measures to avoid contagion (mask, 1-meter separation with the rest, etc.). –

- IT IS ALLOWED: Travel to assist older family members, people with difficulties to move, sick or disabled, or with other justified social needs,that are in a different address than the one referenced.

- SECOND HOUSE. Travel to these will be prohibited and if they are already In them, they will be considered habitual residence, and must remain in them.

- VEHICLES, ONE can circulate per vehicle if you have justification of where to go, based on everything previously exposed.

o TWO, the exceptions of article 7 are valued (minors, disabled ...)

o TWO, if justified, must go diagonally inside the vehicle and with protection.

o THREE, assess whether they are from the same family nucleus and are minors who can not
leave in distress, in the other cases FORBIDDEN.

o LOGISTICS, authorized home delivery vehicles and two can go in the
vehicles with due protection.

o TAXI and VTC, taking into account the reasons stated.



o The vehicles and services of CONSERVATION AND MAINTENANCE of roads.

o The distribution vehicles of MEDICINES and medical equipment.

o Collection vehicles for solid urban WASTE.

o Vehicles destined for the distribution of FOOD.

o The transportation of flux materials.

o Vehicles destined to transport FUELS.

o Live Livestock transport vehicles.


o The vehicles of the State Society of POST and Telegraphs.

o FUNERAL cars.

o Other vehicles that, not being included among the above, the agents

Those in charge of traffic control and discipline consider, in each specific case, that
contribute to guaranteeing the supply of goods or the provision of services essential for the

According to Article 8 of Order INT / 262/2020 of the Minister of the Interior, ALL AGENTS
of the authority in charge of compliance with Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14,
are obliged to enforce the provisions of this order, regarding TRAFFIC.


o Open to the public with hygienic security measures

o They can only make repairs

o The workshops can go to the vehicle collection to repair them

o They can NOT SELL parts or spare parts to individuals

o CAFETERIA or RESTORATION areas may NOT be open to the public

- ITV, CLOSED. During the State of Alarm the obligation to pass technical inspections
prescribed in the regulations is suspended, exceptionally.

- BUSINESSMAN or MERCHANT that is NOT within the authorized cases
to be able to work with the public as a retail trade (art. 10), proceeding
in addition to the SEAL of the establishment or business. AUTHORIZED:

o Food, drinks, products and goods of first need

o Pharmacies, health centers, opticians and orthopedics

o Veterinary centers or clinics

o Pet food

o Automotive fuel

o Hygienic products or drugstores

o Press, stationery and tobacconists

o Technological and telecommunications equipment

o Internet, telephone or correspondence commerce

o Dry cleaners and laundries

o Hairdressing activity at home


o Pizzeria, hamburger, kebab, etc.

o CLOSED to the public.

o ONLY home delivery.


o They are establishments that sell cooked or takeaway food.


o With the same restrictions as food stores.

- HOTELS, SUSPENSION OF OPENING TO THE PUBLIC of tourist accommodation establishments.

o Hotels, tourist accommodation and other short-stay accommodation,
campsites, caravan parks and other similar.

o As of March 26 or earlier as long as they have no clients.

o Allowed: maintenance, surveillance and security personnel.

o Exception: long-term guests, who were before the Alarm State.

o They will NOT be able to admit long-term clients from March 19.

their license covers the sale of products authorized in article 10, and in that case
they must have defined areas and prohibit access to what is not allowed.

authorized to professionals, freelancers and wholesalers (currently Construction
Platform, Bauhouse and Leroy Merlin, are closed).

repair of basic necessities, such as gas supplies, water, electricity,
telecommunications, or to guarantee the habitability of the houses.


- When ONE or SEVERAL PEOPLE try to PREVENT any of the actions in which
Agents can be found, such as blocking the way, closing doors, obstructing the
accesses or other similar.


have placed to comply with the orders of the Ministry of Health.


- All types of TELEMATIC SALE, with home delivery or contactless delivery

- Warehouses that SUPPLY plumbing, electricity, automotive material,
construction, as long as it is the sale to PROFESSIONALS and in no case to the
public. Stores that sell basic supplies such as firewood, pellets or the like, unless
detected that are being used to sell other types of items.

- BANKS, financial and INSURANCE entities, with the restrictions of 1 meter away.

- FACTORIES of any kind as long as they comply with the security measures.

- ANY LABOR ACTIVITY if the activity is not prohibited and they do it under
conditions of security.

- WORKS AND CONSTRUCTIONS, as long as they comply with security measures
and never in roads or places of public use, PROHIBITING the concurrence of
WORKERS on the public road to eat, smoke, etc.

- Attention of horses, LIVESTOCK or stabled animals, for the indispensable time.
- AGRICULTURE jobs, such as the care and irrigation of fields, for the minimum
time essential.
- Those workers who develop MUNICIPAL ESSENTIAL SERVICES in a vehicle,
(rubbish collection, cleaning of parks or public roads, etc.), There is no occupancy
limit adopting the appropriate safety measures, mask, gloves, etc.

- You can use PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION by making the payment with the
transport card and never in cash, entering the vehicle through the back door and
attending to the restriction 50% and whenever its displacement is justified


Council notice from yesterday (I think)

Council Measures 26 March 2020

Here is a Google translation:

Tax measures taken by the El Ejido City Council by COVID-19

Extension of I month in the term of voluntary payment of:
• Vehicle Tax
- Urban IBI
- IO and 20 quarter of the RSU rate.
Collection is also delayed by one month of domiciled receipts.

2. Refund of the Occupation Rates of those businesses that have not been able to carry out their activity
for being affected by the derived measures of the State of Alarm (Flea markets, terraces ...) from
March 13 and for the duration of the Alarm State.

3. Exemption from the Canon to be paid by the licensees kiosks, beach bars, stalls in the food market,
bars and hairdressers in senior centers or indoor pools,among others, from March 13 and for the time
that the Alarm State lasts.
A video from the council - from people working on our behalf in the greenhouses


Bad news about the new quick tests in Spain

I hope the tests work eventually.


Latest Almería figures

The article here on the Diario de Almería site has the details.

Here is a Google translation:

Coronavirus Almería

Almería reduces its number of infections for the second consecutive day

    The province adds eight cases to yesterday's positives

    The pandemic intensifies in Spain, more than 4,800 deaths

The province of Almería registers for the second consecutive day a lower number of cases due to contagion of coronavirus. In total, 142 people suffer from the disease, eight more than on Thursday, according to data provided by the Andalusian Regional Government's Ministry of Health.

If the week began with 16 more cases on Monday, 17 on Tuesday and 24 on Wednesday, on Thursday the number of infections fell to 19 and today only eight. They may be data for optimism, although according to experts the highest level of contagion is yet to come.

Even so, it must be taken into account that the less pronounced growth could depend in part because as of yesterday the data for 21 hours are counted, three less than usual. Yesterday the count ended at 18:00 and not at 21:00 as usual.

As for income, the province's hospitals register a total of 65, three more than the previous day. There are a total of 69 people in follow-up and the death toll has added one more case, reaching eight.

The good news, that there are already nine people who have been discharged from hospital and a total of six completely cured of the disease.

Highway checks this weekend

Before the arrival of the weekend, the delegate of the Government of Spain in Andalusia, Sandra García, has given instructions to the members of the #CECOR Security Coordination Committee made up of institutions and State Security Forces and Bodies to "reinforce the vigilance at the entrances and exits of towns and cities in the coming days and that they act rigorously in the face of actions that endanger the population ”. In this way, García has appealed to responsibility and recalled that the confinement order is mandatory for everyone, "so we will not allow unnecessary displacement and unsupportive behavior."

Since the declaration of the state of alarm, 164 people have been detained in Andalusia for breaking the confinement without just cause, which is 12.9% of the national total, which amounts to 1,268, data that make the Andalusian community the second behind Madrid with 202 in the number of detainees. As for the volume of complaints, in Spain they amount to 144,555, Andalusia ranking second, with 20,524 filed (14.1% of the total), second only to Catalonia, which has accumulated since the beginning of the confinement 23,655. 6,823 vehicles have also been intercepted in Andalusia, 194,863 in the national territory.

In view of the data, Sandra García, has insisted that "we must maintain the tension" and for this the members of the State Security Forces and Bodies, Civil Protection, Affiliated and Local Police "will be alert to thoughtless behavior such as traveling to second homes, which will lead to penalties, arrests or vehicle retentions. "


‘Confinement is working’ – New analysis shows Spain’s coronavirus lock down having effect as long-term infection rates fall

"These graphs show that confinement is working and that we are reaching our goals"

You can see details in the article here on the Olive Press site.


Frightening and horrible video about Madrid hospitals....



A more cheerful video from Italy (courtesy of my neighbour Peter C)




2 people at a time now allowed in cars?

The story here on the Euro Weekly News site from last night says there has been a relaxation of the rules so 2 people can now travel in a car. As long as you sit with the 2nd person in the back of the car. On the opposite side from the drive. To maximise the distance between the two people. In specific circumstances similar to the restrictions before.



The latest Almería stats

The article here on the La Voz de Almería site has the details.


Almería surpasses 130 positives for coronavirus in the province

Almería has reached 134 positive for coronavirus this Thursday after registering 19 new infections in the last 24 hours.

A total of 62 people have been hospitalized and 65 are under active follow-up. In the province, seven deaths are already to be regretted.

The Health Department of the Andalusian Government, one more day, has updated the data by province. Malaga continues to be the most affected by this pandemic, with 905 positives. Granada and Seville follow, with 648 and 627 respectively.

For its part, Andalusia already reached 3,406 affected by coronavirus, 396 more than this Wednesday, 13% more in 24 hours, according to the consolidated data at 21.00 yesterday provided by the Ministry of Health in the balance updated at 11 , 30 hours, which indicates that the deceased in the autonomous community amount to 134, 21 more, although the figure is less than in the previous two days.

The Ministry has transferred that the people hospitalized in Andalusia in Intensive Care Units (ICU) amount to 134, while the cured number already 77 people.

In addition, in the region, the cumulative incidence (AI) in the last 14 days is 38.96 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

This Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 have been the days that have added the most deaths in Andalusia since the start of the coronavirus crisis, a total of 55, and where more new cases have been confirmed in just 24 hours, 510 on Tuesday and 539 the day after.

Likewise, the region already has more than thirty points for rapid collection of samples from the car in order to speed up the collection and minimize the risk of health professionals against coronovirus.