This is the rolling coronavirus story for Wednesday 28 April 2021

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Provincial borders in Andalucía to re-open soon


Over 70 year olds in Andalucía can now contact medical authorities to get their vaccination


Here are the phone numbers for our medical region: Poniente de Almeria Health District: 950 022 522/950 204 363


Stats for the last 24 hours - 76 more cases and 3 more deaths

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With less than one hundred cases (76), Almería once again contains the fourth wave

Health reports 3 deaths from Covid in the last hours in the province and already more than 800

The epidemiological situation in the province of Almería shows positive news on Wednesday, April 28, after the number of people infected with coronavirus approached 200 again the previous day.

In the part issued this morning, the Andalusian Regional Government's Ministry of Health and Families, with data that appear on the Covid portal of the IECA, notifies the Ministry of Health a total of 76 new positive cases in the Almeria geography. This is the best data recorded so far this month and in what can be considered the fourth wave of the pandemic after the Easter holidays.

On the opposite side are the deaths, since there have been three new fatalities, which brings the total number to 802 since the state of alarm was declared back in mid-March 2020.

The report of the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía also points out that the total number of patients cured in this entire period is 46,727 compared to 46,499 the previous day. With these data, in just 24 hours there have been 155 epidemiological discharges in the province of Almería. The figure represents twice the number of infections in the same period.

Another section of today's data refers to hospital pressure in Poniente, capital and Levante-Alto Almanzora. At the provincial level there have been 12 new admissions, of which 1, due to his delicate state of health, has had to occupy a bed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

These parameters are known about two hours before a new meeting of the High Impact Public Health Alerts Committee in Almería, chaired by the territorial delegate, Juan de la Cruz Belmonte. In that meeting, the epidemiological situation of each district will be analyzed and, in addition, it will be agreed in which municipalities the perimeter closure will be carried out as of tomorrow, Thursday and in which localities the non-essential activity in commerce and hospitality will be closed. .

From tomorrow, as agreed on Tuesday afternoon in the Andalusian committee of experts, there will be free mobility between Andalusian provinces, shops may close again at half past ten at night and bars and restaurants may have customers up to Eleven o'clock at night. This was communicated by the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno Bonilla, who addressed the Andalusians from eight thirty in the afternoon that day.


Article about progress of vaccinations in Spain


Published earlier today - vaccination stats from 28 April 2021 - with data going up to 27 April

Another 2.4% of 70-79 year olds have been given at least 1 dose in Andalucía in the last 24 hours - we are now up at 79.9% - at this rate we would reach 100% in around 9 more days (with vaccinations now happening at weekends) - so around the middle to end of next week - at that point we could perhaps see things move on to the 50-59 year olds in Andalucía

Vaccination of 60-69 year olds is continuing well in Andalucía.  We now have 48.2% of this age group having had at least one injection. So an increase of 2.2% vaccinated with at least one dose of AstraZeneca.