This is the rolling coronavirus story for Tuesday 27 April 2021

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Stats for the last 24 hours - 194 more cases and 2 more deaths

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Another mountain peak: infections rise again to almost 200

Almería registers two new deaths in the last 24 hours

There have been several occasions on which administrations, health workers and experts have warned of a trend in the evolution of this pandemic in the current phase: the so-called mountain peaks. Rises and falls in the number of infections in the same period is what is being experienced in recent days in much of the Spanish, Andalusian and Almeria geography.

That is precisely what happened on this Tuesday session. And it is that infections increase considerably in the province in the last 24 hours and is approaching 200 infections (a figure already registered several days ago).

The new data update by the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography (IECA) shows that Almería adds a total of 194 new positives detected through PDIA tests (antigen test and PCR).

This high number of infections on a Tuesday is striking, when the trend of weeks ago is to register a lower number as a result of the weekend, when fewer diagnostic tests are usually performed.

This Monday, the Ministry of Health of the Junta de Andalucía notified 124 infections corresponding to two days.


Almería has to mourn two new deaths in the last 24 hours, after three days without deaths. Since the beginning of the pandemic, last March, there are already 799 people with Covid-19 who have lost their lives.

Hospitals in the province suffer a new setback with 18 new admissions, two in the Intensive Care Unit. Hospitalizations go up to 132, of which 43 are in the ICU.

On this Tuesday day, the number of people who have overcome the disease in the last hours is lower than in previous days. Even so, there are 228 people who have been discharged.

There are already 46,727 people from Almeria who have defeated the virus since last March.


The incidence rate rises again in the last 14 days in a generalized way. The province, which yesterday fell from the so-called "extreme risk" by being below 250 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, this Tuesday returns to the red zone with 252.1.

The incidence of the capital rises to 394 cases (when the day before it was 363.6).

The situation in the health districts also worsens: the incidence rate of the Almería Health District rises to 368.1 (yesterday it was 348.2), in the Poniente it is 207.7 (this Monday it was 198.4) and in Levante-Alto Almanzora 96.6 (when the day before it was 92 cases per 100,000 inhabitants).

As of April 27, the province has a total of 5,287 active cases: it is the result of the difference between the total number of confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic (52,813) and the difference between the total number of deaths (799) and of recovered (46,727).


Weekday stats for the area

El Ejido now has 243.6 cases (approximately 11 more than yesterday) per 100,000 inhabitants based on the 14 day average (red for increase; blue for decrease)

Poniente Region now has 207.7 cases (approximately 9 more than yesterday) per 100,000 inhabitants based on the 14 day average (red for increase; blue for decrease)



Big increase in vaccinations in the province of Almería this week

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About 10,000 more vaccines than last week for Almería

It is expected to inoculate about 30,000 people from Almeria until Sunday

Almería will receive this week about 10,000 more doses of vaccines against the coronavirus than last week, according to the forecasts of the Territorial Delegation of Health and Families.

Pending vials that can be received from Moderna and Janssen pharmaceutical companies, it is more than likely that by next Sunday, May 2, some 30,000 doses may have been administered throughout the province.

In principle, shipments of about 26,000 vaccines from Pfizer and more than 2,000 from AstraZeneca are planned. The latter can only be injected to people over 60 years of age. Since last week, the age groups between 66 and 69 years of age have been cited.

Also, since the day of April 23 is being inoculated with Janssen. The first mentioned were the people from Almería born in 1951, since the first shipment received only consisted of 500 vials (2,500 doses).


Between last Monday and yesterday, in the province of Almería almost 21,600 punctures have been put, a figure far from the 27,000 that were reached in a similar period recently. Or, what is the same, about 10,000 less than those forecast for the week that has just started.

In yesterday's report from the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía, the immunization data by provinces was updated.

In the case of Almería, until late last Sunday, 198,389 doses have been administered, so it is more than likely that today a cumulative figure of about 200,000 vaccines will be reached.

Regarding the people from Almeria already immunized with the full schedule (two doses), there are already 51,330. It is very close to exceeding those immunized to those infected since the pandemic declared, back in March 2020.

At present, the health authorities already consider those over 80 years old to be immunized, even with a single dose, and now the priority groups are those between 79 and 60 years old, who are being administered vaccines from Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Janssen, primarily.

While waiting for the remittances from Janssen (one dose is enough for immunization), so far the lowest number of vaccines that is arriving is that of Moderna. A good part of the injections of this brand is given in public hospitals.

The Territorial Delegation of Health and Families insists that the distribution of doses by provinces corresponds to age groups. That is, it is not done with the population criterion in the set of each province within Andalusia.

Detailed information on the vaccination process throughout the autonomous community can be found on the website.


Published earlier today - vaccination stats from 27 April 2021 - with data going up to 26 April

A big increase in the number of vaccines in the country now - over 2 million more

Another 2.1% of 70-79 year olds have been given at least 1 dose in Andalucía in the last 24 hours - we are now up at 77.5% - at this rate we would reach 100% in around 11 more days (with vaccinations now happening at weekends) - so around the middle to end of next week - at that point we could perhaps see things move on to the 59 year olds - perhaps even earlier than then if the number of vaccines delivered each week continues to increase

We should also start seeing an increasing rate of number of people who have been vaccinated completely - with single dose Janssen vaccinations helping this number rise - alongside increased numbers of 2nd doses of other vaccines taking place