This is the rolling coronavirus story for Sunday 11 April 2021

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Vaccinations in the province

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Almería closes the week of records with more than 22,500 new vaccinated

Less than 2% have received at least one dose, 145,250, and 41,582 have the 2 guidelines

Last Friday the vaccination campaign experienced one of its most fruitful days in the province of Almería after more than 5,000 people received their puncture in just one day, something that had not happened so far and that has considerably increased the number of vaccines given in the last week, since 22,546 people from Almeria have been vaccinated since last Monday.

The figures have been known this Sunday in a small part of the Ministry of Health and Families, which yesterday, when there were 189 positives, already announced that today there would be no epidemiological data. But those of the vaccines have arrived and thus it has been known that there are already 145,250 people from Almeria, slightly less than 2% of the more than 700,000 inhabitants that the province has. Likewise, there are 41,582 who already have the two guidelines and go to the immunized group. Data that, once again, place Almería as the second province that receives the least vaccines.

As the information from the Junta de Andalucía collects, until this Saturday a total of 1,866,925 doses of the vaccine against covid-19 have been administered - 92.58% of the doses received - and, specifically, 541,153 people, 6.37% of the population, have already received the complete vaccine with both doses, while 780,619 only have the first.

By provinces, as indicated by the Ministry in a statement, in Seville a total of 408,473 doses have been administered and 118,900 people have already completed the vaccine, while in Malaga the total doses so far amounts to 331,785 and people with both already inoculated are 93,830.

In Cádiz there are 259,866 vaccines already administered and people with the two doses add up to 71,661; in Granada, there are 226,821 administered and 64,433 people with both, and in Córdoba, 213,995 doses and 67,344 people with the full schedule of the vaccine.

Finally, the total of doses administered in Jaén amounts to 160,860, with 49,275 people with both and in Huelva, the vaccines are 119,875 and 34,128 people already have both.