This is the rolling coronavirus story for Tuesday 23 March 2021

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Latest vaccination stats - published yesterday with data up to Sunday 21 March 2021 - about 329,000 injections completed in the 4 days since the last update. With around 224,000 more people having had their second dose.



Tuesdays - bad days for coronavirus stats

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Tuesdays, the black day of the coronavirus in Almería

The days with the most deaths have coincided in 2021 with the second day of the week

Tuesdays at noon have become the Achilles heel of the province of Almería, because after the arrival of the epidemiological report, the number of deaths increases in a way that does not do the rest of the days of the week, as shown by the fact that the days with the most deaths in 2021 were on Tuesday, February 2, with 26, and on 9 of the same month, when 22 were reported.

In the Covid Portal of the Institute of Statistics and Cartography, which collects epidemiological data since the beginning of the pandemic, more than a month ago, it can be seen how every Tuesday of the last three months the death counter makes a leap that rarely gives another day of the week. Chronologically, today, Tuesday, March 23, has arrived with 11 deaths that break the streak of the province that has added two consecutive days without new deaths among covid patients.

In March

If you look further back this month, on the 16th there were 9 deaths recorded among Almerians infected with coronavirus, the highest figure of the whole week, as it happened on the same day of the previous week, the 9th of March, when the same 11 were recorded as today, which is the highest figure of the entire month.

Day 2, for its part, is the only day that breaks with this trend in recent months, as the epidemiological part of Health registered 2 deaths and on Wednesday reported 10. This was the only day on which the trend of the 'Black' Tuesdays in the province and he is right in the prolongation of the so-called 'weekend effect' due to the Andalusian bridge, which when it fell on Sunday, the holiday was passed to March 1, Monday.

Weekend effect

And it is that, that Tuesdays have become the worst day of the week in Almería in terms of the high number of deaths that is registered that day with respect to the rest of the week is motivated, as indicated, by the so-called effect weekend, which is nothing more than a delay in the communication of deceased patients during the weekend and the days expected and whose data is restructured at the beginning of the next one.

Back to the data recorded every second day of the weeks of February and January, the trend is repeated and Tuesdays are the days with the most deaths. In this way, on the last Tuesday in February, on the 23rd, the seven deaths of covid patients were once again the highest figure of those seven days, as occurred on the three previous Tuesdays, when all the records of reported deaths were broken. in 24 hours: 20 died on the 16th; 22 on 9; and 26 on February 2, which is the absolute record so far. In January, the situation was repeated less frequently and only on the 12th, with four deaths, and on the 26th, when 13 were reported, they made Tuesday the day with the most deaths.

In total figures, of the 436 deaths registered among covid patients since January 1, more than 25% of them have been reported on a Tuesday, with 141 in total.


Stats for the last 24 hours - 37 cases and 11 deaths

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Eleven deaths from covid on the day with the fewest positives in the last three months

The province adds 37 new infections and 440 patients with epidemiological discharge

The coronavirus pandemic again leaves a great contrast in Almería this Tuesday between the epidemiological curves that collect the number of positives and the number of deaths on a daily basis, because although Almería has registered today its day with the most deaths in the last month, with 11, It has also seen how the 37 positives detected in the last 24 hours represent the lowest figure in the last three and a half months.

This is how the epidemiological information from the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía has arrived, where the data of new positives leave in the province the best day since December 10, when there were 26 cases of covid detected in the same day , and they suddenly slow down the rise in positives detected since March, which now stands at 47,923.

On the contrary, in the section of deaths, the 11 deaths today equal the worst day in the province so far in March, since they are the same as those added last day 9. If you look further back, Only the 20 deaths of covid patients notified on February 16 exceed the 11 deaths this Tuesday, bringing the total since March to 725 after three days stalled at 714. Likewise, the province today becomes the one with the most deaths. of all Andalusia, and only Seville approaches with a dozen deaths in a day in which in all Andalusia there have been 41 patients deceased in the last 24 hours.

More than 400 cured

In the section of patients recovered in the last 24 hours, Almería has experienced a rise that, added to the pronounced decrease in positives, reduces the active cases in the province by more than 400. This is how it is after a total of 440 recovered have received the epidemiological discharge, which leaves the number of patients who still remain confined due to their positive, the so-called active cases, at 11,603, taking into account the PDIA tests (antigen test and PCR ) and quick tests.

In hospitals, for their part, the accumulated since March has risen sharply, as according to the Covid Portal of the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography, in the last 24 hours the total number of hospitalized has increased by 60 being today the accumulated since March 3,285 and yesterday 3,225. As for ICUs, the increase this Tuesday was only two patients.


Cumulative Stats from Almería 360

El Ejido now has 324.7 cases (approximately 7 fewer than yesterday) per 100,000 inhabitants based on the 14 day average (red for increase; blue for decrease)

Poniente Region now has 311.2 cases (approximately 6 fewer than yesterday) per 100,000 inhabitants based on the 14 day average (red for increase; blue for decrease)


Latest vaccination stats - published today with data up to Monday 22 March 2021 - Around 187,000 vaccines used in 24 hours - with around 46,000 more people being vaccinated completely.