This is the rolling coronavirus story for Wednesday 17 March 2021

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Stats for the last 24 hours - 164 more cases and 1 more death

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Almería adds 164 positive cases of COVID and continues to lead Andalusia in infections

The incidence rate in the province rises to 235.9 and is the highest in the last 9 days

There is a new deceased in Adra, who already has figures to enter the perimeter closure

Over the weeks and months, a lot is learned about the evolution of the data of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of them is that the figures for Tuesday are very misleading and should not be taken into account. Very few positives are always reported and too many deaths emerge, most accumulated from days ago.

Starting from that, no one is surprised that this Wednesday the number of infections in Almería (and throughout Andalusia) has suffered a huge surge. It has gone from the 40 cases reported yesterday to 164 today. Almería has been the third province with the most infections, after Seville (225) and Granada (173).

Thus, Almería remains at the forefront of infections in the autonomous community, as can be seen in the cumulative incidence rate of the last 14 days. It has risen again and is at 235.9 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants, that is, 7.9 points more than yesterday. It is the highest rate of the last nine days: on March 8 it was at 239.0.

Of the eight Andalusian provinces, Almería has the worst incidence rate by far: Almería 235.9, Granada 190.9, Córdoba 121.1, Seville 120.6, Málaga 95.8, Cádiz 95.3, Jaén 89.2 and Huelva 53.8.
El Poniente is the most affected area of ​​the province

As has been happening in recent weeks, the Poniente Health District is the most affected. Its incidence rate is 291.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In fact, Adra is already above the 500 rate so it is expected (unless it falls tomorrow) that it will have a perimeter closure from Friday.

Of the 164 cases reported this Wednesday, 77 have been in Poniente, 76 in the Almería Health District and only 11 in Levante-Alto Almanzora.

They are, without a doubt, bad data for the province on the day that the Andalusian committee of experts meets to study new measures or their relaxation. In addition, tomorrow, as every Thursday, there is a Territorial Committee for High Impact Alerts on Public Health to analyze the situation in the province. With these data in hand, it is difficult for any of the districts to go down to alert level 2, which allows for more business hours to be extended.
One deceased in Adra and 299 more cured

The report published by the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía has notified 48 more deaths throughout the community. Of them, one has been in the province of Almería. Specifically in Adra, where 32 people have already died since the pandemic began, that is, 0.13% of the Abderitan population.

In total, 699 people have already died with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in the province of Almería. It has the fourth lowest mortality in Andalusia, with 96.02 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the Andalusian Health Service has included 299 more patients. A round number of recovered since the beginning of the pandemic has been reached: 34,000 people have passed the coronavirus in Almería. This represents 71.98% of the total diagnosed cases.


Cumulative Stats from Almería 360

El Ejido now has 304.4 cases (approximately 20 more than yesterday) per 100,000 inhabitants based on the 14 day average (red for increase; blue for decrease)

Poniente Region now has 291.5 cases (approximately 21 more than yesterday) per 100,000 inhabitants based on the 14 day average (red for increase; blue for decrease) NOTE: If it is above 250 on Thursday we will probably move up a grade in the restrictions at 00:01 on Friday morning


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