This is the rolling coronavirus story for Sunday 14 March 2021

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Stats for the last 24 hours - 141 more cases and no more deaths

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Almería celebrates the third day without deaths this month on the anniversary of the covid

There are 141 new positives and seven fewer admitted, although one more in the ICU

The anniversary of the covid has come to the province with good news, because in the last 24 hours Almería has experienced its third day without deaths so far in March and has seen the positives detected decrease again since 07:00 hours of the Saturday, as they have been 141 compared to 154 on the day before and more than 180 on Friday.

The weekend that marks one year of the first state of alarm decree, the hardest and that kept us confined for months, has left good feelings in the Almeria province, because in addition to the reduction of the positives that it has experienced day after day, there have only been two deaths among covid patients, those reported yesterday.

Good figures that arrive in Almería to leave the death counter at 0 today and with the same 689 deaths that were yesterday and that raise to 45,596 the positives for covid detected since March through the PDIA tests (antigen test and PCR).

In addition, among the reasons to celebrate this Sunday also stand out the 240 recovered patients who have received the epidemiological discharge, which compared to the 141 new infected in the last 24 hours, reduce the number of active cases by almost a hundred.


In hospitals, for their part, the sensations left by the pandemic on March 14 are found, because although there are seven fewer patients hospitalized compared to the day before, with 116 currently, it has increased by one those that are They are in the ICU, that there are already 49 compared to the 48 that were yesterday.

In the autonomous community, which has added 842 positives and only five deaths, the hospital pressure is like this this Sunday: Cádiz (122 hospitalizations, of which 36 in ICU), Córdoba (96 hospitalizations, of which 21 in ICU) , Granada (236 hospitalizations, of which 62 in ICU), Huelva (28 hospitalizations, of which 7 in ICU), Jaén (94 hospitalizations, of which 19 in ICU), Malaga (222 hospitalizations, of which 32 in ICU) and Seville (192 hospitalizations, of which 55 in ICU).


Another article about the supply of vaccines

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The delegate of Health speaks of "lack of vaccines" but foresees "very large quantities" in the next three months

Vaccination of people over 80 years old is slow due to lack of Pfizer doses

The new Janssen vaccine is being studied in people between the ages of 40 and 50

The territorial delegate for Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan de la Cruz Belmonte, has pointed out that there is still a "lack of vaccines" to get the population immunized against covid-19 in accordance with the objectives set by the Andalusian Government through the 500,000 Mass Vaccination Plan, although it has chosen to progressively expand the professional vaccination groups since "very large amounts" are foreseen within three months that allow the application of a second dose in the case of AstraZeneca, which is injects those under 55 years of age.

"What we cannot do is that the specialists who are to vaccinate remain idly. We must vaccinate everyone with whatever it is, this is vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate," Belmonte insisted before the more than 84,885 doses that have been injected in Almería that have made it possible to immunize more than 25,600 people with two doses, that is, 3.5 percent of the inhabitants of the province.

The delegate has defended the extension of vaccination with the overlap of professional groups because there is currently enough AstraZeneca vaccine to dispense the first dose. "Many health professionals, my colleagues, have told me why teachers are being vaccinated and with pharmacists they have not finished the vaccination? Because there are AstraZeneca and we are vaccinating all of AstraZeneca", he explained.

In the case of Pfizer, on the contrary, the lack of vaccines has slowed down the process. "Right now there is no Pfizer for the first vaccinations and close with the 80-year-old group because the Government has not sent and because we have to have the second doses ready," said Belmonte, who sees in this way that Health ensures the second batch. "When the first Pfizer vaccinations arrive in 55 and above we will begin to remove everything that is behind us," he added.
Vaccine for people over 80 years old

Even so, Belmonte has said that vaccinations among those over 80 years of age continue despite the different rates that can be perceived, which is due to the place where this population group sits. "In Almería capital the percentage of vaccination over 80 years is 45 percent while in the rest of the areas of the Almería health district it is almost 90 percent", he has detailed. In this same sense, the Levante concentrates older people with respect to the Poniente, which "is younger."

"The lists may not be refined correctly, but the imbalances that may exist from one district to another are being corrected," said the Health delegate, who recalled that the vaccination lists are sent from the central services of SAS not only in relation to this age group, but also among teachers and staff of educational centers, for which "there must be a coordination between Education and Health."

In this line and in relation to schools, he has recognized that "there is a small gap" between districts, "at different speeds some districts with others", but "timely orders have already been given and Seville has been asked to be able to match and that we all go to the same rank ". To do this, the health districts claim from the schools the lists of candidates for vaccination if they detect that "they have not arrived in a timely manner."

The incorporation of Janssen's new vaccine, the first in single dose, will also speed up the process. "Maybe it goes to people from 40 to 50 years old. You have to think a bit and see what interests you the most," he has weighed.

"As soon as the vaccines begin to enter, it will be different," said Belmonte, who recalled that eleven vaccination points have been established in the northern health area, another seven in the western area and the mass vaccination center. from the capital, in the Palace of the Mediterranean Games to face this process, which is also joined by a health center.

The delegate has thus recognized the work of Primary Care professionals, who this year were awarded the Andalusian Flag for Research, Science and Health in the province. "In health centers they do diagnostic PCR tests, there is vaccination until ten at night and I have to emphasize that because they are doing an impressive job," he valued.