This is the rolling coronavirus story for Tuesday 9 March 2021


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Vaccination stats published yesterday afternoon with data up to 7 March for most regions (so not including the 500,000+ Pfizer vaccines that arrived yesterday)



Coronavirus and the Poniente Medical District (our area)

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The third wave of the coronavirus refuses to leave the Comarca del Poniente

The district is on Alert Level 4, Grade 1, and it doesn't seem like it can go down to Level 3 yet

The third wave of the coronavirus is reluctant to leave the Western Region of Almeria according to the data corresponding to the last three epidemiological weeks, recorded on the website of the Board's Ministry of Health and Families.

With a population that is close to 270,000 inhabitants, the health district is at the forefront in the entire province of Almería with respect to the accumulated infections since mid-February.


Since that date, the number of positive cases declared to the Ministry of Health in the West of Almeria has risen to 1,170, a figure similar to that registered in the Almería District (1,104), which includes a population of 306,000 inhabitants. The population difference is 36,000 people.

Since last week, the district has been at the highest level of health alert, although in grade 1, and according to the latest data it does not seem that it will be lowered to level 3 at the meeting this Thursday of the Public Health Alert Committee High Impact.

The health authorities do not hide their concern about the high incidence that there is now in a region that groups the municipalities of Adra, Alcolea, Balanegra, Bayárcal, Berja, Dalías, El Ejido, Enix, Felix, Fondón, Laujar de Andarax, La Mojonera , Paterna del Río, Roquetas de Mar and Vícar.

Last September, it was necessary to reinforce the awareness-raising efforts of certain groups so that they took extreme measures in health in certain areas of the West.

Districts and waves

In any case, there is always a district that stands out above others. In previous months the concern was centered in the Almería district, especially in the middle of the third wave, or in the Levante-Alto Almanzora (North Agency).

Although there has been a decrease in cases in recent days, Health also emphasizes hospital pressure, which prevents completely deactivating the contingency plan at the Hospital de Poniente, activated for several weeks.


In the health center there are still ICU beds in the post-surgical resuscitation area.

Unofficial sources estimate that there are now around fifty Covid patients in the hospital, of which a third occupy ICU beds.

According to the last part issued by the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía, as of yesterday there were a total of 150 patients with coronavirus admitted to hospitals in Almería, both public and private throughout the province. There are 50 in the ICU.

In a ceremony held yesterday, the managing director of the Poniente Public Health Agency, Pedro Acosta, thanked the health workers for the recognition that the Firefighters Consortium of the region has made public, as it is "one more encouragement to continue working in the same line in which we have been doing it since the outbreak of the pandemic ”.

“We are even more moved by this recognition, coming from professionals who, like us, are dedicated to public service and care for citizens and whose work is also fundamental. This has been a particularly complicated year, in which it has been possible to verify the dedication of the group of health professionals from the Western Region, ”said Acosta, accompanied by the Healthcare director, Francisco Cañabate and the director of Nursing, Consuelo Artero

For his part, the president of the Consortium, José Juan Rodríguez, said that “our will is to thank the health personnel for their effort, their sacrifice, their dedication, their very long working hours, even longer than 24 hours, so that our society , our people, were as well cared for as possible ”.


From Facebook - another delivery of just over 1/2 million doses today - this time Astra Zeneca - a total of 1,085,290 more doses delivered in 2 days



The British strain in Andalucía (plus 80 year olds to expect at least the first dose in the next 3 weeks)

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The British strain does not drop in Almería: it is already 93 percent

Health Minister asks for patience: "Those over 80 not vaccinated will wait three more weeks"

Almería, Granada and Cádiz. These three provinces are the ones that most concern the Minister of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía, Jesús Aguirre, due to the high incidence that the British strain of the coronavirus is having in them.

Aguirre Muñoz has appeared at the San Telmo Palace to give an account of the epidemiological situation in the community and has stressed that in the case of the province of Almería, in the studies carried out at the San Cecilio Hospital in Granada, the Incidence of the British variant is 93 percent. Last week, the counselor put that incidence at 92 percent. Therefore, far from lowering the incidence, it remains or rises, albeit slightly.

In the case of the provinces of Granada and Cádiz, the percentage of strain from the United Kingdom in the cases studied is 75 percent, compared to 18 percent in Córdoba or 11 percent in Huelva.

With these data, the Minister of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía has justified that it is precisely in Almería, Granada and Cádiz where the highest levels of health alert exist throughout Andalusia, with areas such as Poniente Almeriense that are at level 4, grade 1. The districts of Almería and Norte (Levante-Alto Almanzora) are at level 3, grade 1.

This Thursday the High Impact Public Health Alert Committee meets in Almería to review those levels, but judging by Aguirre Muñoz's statements it does not seem that the trend is to lower those levels in the province.

Considering the British strain "as the danger that stalks us", the Minister of Health has warned that it is possible that an increase in this sequencing of the variant in provinces such as Huelva, Córdoba or Seville will lead to a change in the assignment of levels and , therefore, more restrictions on commercial and hospitality hours in those areas of Andalusia.

At the completion of "a very hard year" of pandemic in the community, Jesús Aguirre has said that at present the third wave of coronavirus is bending, but infections are not decreasing continuously, that is, it is still in a plateau phase , "with sawtooth rising and falling infections."

In the same appearance, the head of Health and Families has asked for "patience" because half of those over 80 who have not yet received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine will have to wait about three more weeks to receive it. "This week 5,000 fewer vaccines arrive in Andalusia than last week," added Aguirre Muñoz in this regard.


Stats for the last 24 hours - 66 more cases and 11 more deaths

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Tuesday gives truce in positives but not in deaths: 11 more deaths

There are already 44 people who have died from Covid-19 so far this month

Tuesdays are usually the days that least positive for coronavirus are reported (a consequence of the weekend, when fewer tests are done), and this March 9 it is like that again. But despite being the second best data so far in March, the effects of Covid-19 continue without respite in terms of deaths.

According to the most recent data from the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography (IECA), Almería has added 66 positives this Tuesday detected through PDIA tests (PCR technique or rapid antigen test). You have to look at last Wednesday, March 3, when there were 63 cases, to achieve a similar figure. Without a doubt, better than these days ago, since after that day we have always been above 100 cases a day: the 105 from yesterday, Monday (with the province leading the highest number of infections in Andalusia) came after 133 on Sunday, 185 on Saturday, 143 on Friday and 126 on Thursday, March 4.

However, the death toll is the highest for the month: 11 new deaths reported, bringing the total number of deaths to 44 in these nine days in March. And to the global of 679 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic a year ago.

Nor is the data on hospitalizations more optimistic: 41 people have been admitted in the last 24 hours in Almería, 1 of them in the Intensive Care Unit. Yes, the cured continue to rise, which this Tuesday is 171.

In this way, the active cases of coronavirus throughout the Almeria geography today are 13,172: the difference between all confirmed cases since the beginning of the health crisis (46,174) and the difference between the total number of deaths (679) and of recovered (32,323). Active cases were 13,288 on Monday.

Regarding the accumulated incidence, the rate in the province stands at 229.3 cases in the last 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants (yesterday it was 239). In the capital, this marker is today at 242.9 (compared to the rate of 250.3 on Monday). And by health districts, which will be analyzed every Thursday (taking this and other factors into account) to see if the hotel industry and shops can open after six in the afternoon, this is the situation: the district of Almería has a rate accumulated of 221.1; that of Levante-Alto Almanzora of 209.6; and that of Poniente of 249.4.

In Andalucia

Regarding the total of positives in the community, this Tuesday 579 cases of coronavirus have been reported in the last 24 hours through PDIA,

By provinces, Malaga and Seville lead with 188 and 140 more infected respectively. Behind them are Almería and Cádiz, both with 66; Córdoba with 55; Granada with 47; Jaén with 11 and Huelva with 6.

Regarding the deceased, there are 74 more Andalusians who have lost their lives due to Covid-19: 11 in Almería, 13 in Cádiz, 17 in Granada, 1 in Huelva, 3 in Jaén, 15 in Malaga and 14 in Seville.

In the section of recovered, 2,643 people have received the epidemiological discharge.

In total, since the beginning of the health crisis, 488,038 people have contracted the disease in Andalusia, 8,765 have died and 343,773 have managed to recover.


Cumulative Stats from Almería 360 - El Ejido now has 328.3 cases (approximately 23 fewer than yesterday) per 100,000 inhabitants based on the 14 day average (red for increase; blue for decrease)