This is the rolling coronavirus story for Sunday 7 March 2021


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A summary of the current situation from La Voz de Almería

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Almería has an average of 425 daily cases of covid less than a month ago

300 fewer patients are admitted to hospitals than in the first week of February

After a week at a certain distance, Almería has once again approached 200 daily infections this Saturday, registering 185 new positives, as has been notified by the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía. Although it may be the peak of one of the saw teeth in which the statistics on confirmed cases move, the Autonomous Administration has repeatedly warned of the risk of a generalized rebound as a consequence of the expansion of the British variant in the community and especially in Almería, where it has already become the predominant strain, with more than 90 percent of total cases.

In addition, the cases have increased slightly compared to days ago in the last two days, with 185 on Saturday and 143 on Friday, compared to the hopeful fall on Tuesday and Wednesday, when 90 and 63 positives were registered, the data lowest of the year.

Something similar has happened in the whole of Andalusia, which this Saturday with 1,239 cases has been located for the second consecutive day with more than a thousand infections after five in a row below. The fact that a similar increase has been registered throughout the region could point to this rebound in cases, as the health authorities fear.

Descending line Despite everything, the data continues to show a downward trend since the peak of the third wave of the coronavirus in Almería was reached in the first week of February. In that first week, just a month ago, Almería suffered a daily average of 543 infections (3,807 cases in the seven days), compared to the 118 daily positives in the first week of March, in which they have been confirmed moment, in the absence of data for this Sunday, 709 cases. In other words, in one month Almería has dropped an average of 425 confirmed daily cases, taking weekly data as a reference.

In that first week of February, there was also the highest number of deaths in seven days since the pandemic began, with neither more nor less than 68 deaths, that is, almost a dozen deaths a day. In the first six days of this week, 24 fatalities have been reported, or an average of four per day. There are still too many and dramatic data, although they have been progressively decreasing since that peak in the first week of February.

This Friday, in addition, Almería lived the first day without deaths from Covid-19 since last January 6, although this Saturday three fatalities have been registered again, bringing the total number of deaths in the province to 659 since the beginning of the pandemic. Only in February 200 of them were produced, almost a third of the total in 28 days.

Slowdown Despite the progressive decline in infections since the first week of February, the drop is decreasing. Thus, during the second week of February, the positives fell to 2,177 and an average of 311 daily, 200 less each day than the previous week.

In the third week of February, they fell again to 1,218 and an average of 174 daily, that is, 137 less each day. In the fourth week, 1,045 infections were diagnosed in the province, which represents a daily average of 149, with a reduction therefore of only 25 cases each day, very similar to the decrease experienced so far this first week of March, with 709 cases and a daily average of 118, this could lead to a slowdown in de-escalation.

For its part, the situation in hospitals has also experienced a notable improvement with the decrease in cases compared to a month ago. In the first week of February, Almeria hospitals had up to 465 patients admitted and 98 in intensive care units, while yesterday there were 165 patients admitted to the ward (300 less than just a month ago) and 57 in the ICU (31 less ). In the last day, there has been no decrease in total hospitalizations, and instead the number of patients in intensive care has increased by three, which on Friday was 54.

Only one medical home If the fall of the third wave is noticeable in the decline in cases, the situation that has improved the most in recent weeks has been, without a doubt, those of nursing homes. In this case, above all, the generalized vaccination in the centers has been added to the decrease in infections, with which the incidence of the coronavirus in them has already been reduced to a minimum.

As this newspaper reported days ago, in Almeria residences there are no longer any infected users, although a person who was in one of them is still hospitalized. Meanwhile, according to the latest report on the situation of residences published in the BOJA last Friday, only one residence in the province is still medicalized, in Pechina.


Stats for the last 24 hours -141 more cases and 8 more deaths

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The third wave does not stop and leaves another eight dead and more than 140 cases

The burden on hospitals continues to decline after not registering any admissions today

The third wave is being especially hard in Almería and there is no day in which the epidemiological part of the Ministry of Health of the Junta de Andalucía arrives loaded with good news to a province that today, once again, receives a fatal blow from the pandemic, which in the last 24 hours has claimed the lives of another eight from Almeria, leaving the global figure at 667.

This is how it appears today in the daily data update, in which, along with the eight new deceased patients, there are also 141 new infections detected from 07:00 hours on Saturday to the same time this Sunday, February 7, when the total number of positives detected in Almería since March through PDIA tests (antigen test and PCR) rises to 45,682.

Where if encouraging news arrives is in the hospitals of the province, Torrecárdenas, La Inmaculada and Poniente, where in the last 24 hours no patient with coronavirus has been admitted although the transfer of a hospitalized to Intensive Care has been registered. Thus, the hospital burden in Almeria hospitals today stands at 154 admitted patients, of which 55 are in the ICU, which represents a slight decrease compared to the day before, when there were 165 hospitalized and 57 in serious condition.

For its part, the number of patients recovered today does not exceed that of new positives, a trend that had been maintained in recent days, since 138 people from Almería have received the epidemiological discharge compared to 141 infected, which leaves an increase of three new active cases in the province.

In Andalusia, for its part, after three consecutive days of over 1,000 cases a day, today there have been 'only' 904, and 11 deaths have been registered, eight of them in Almería and the other three in Cádiz, Granada and Huelva. On the other hand, Andalusian hospitals are today as follows: Cádiz (154 hospitalizations, of which 51 in ICU), Córdoba (117 hospitalizations, of which 33 in ICU), Granada (235 hospitalizations, of which 60 in ICU) , Huelva (53 hospitalizations, of which 9 in ICU), Jaén (113 hospitalizations, of which 28 in ICU), Malaga (278 hospitalizations, of which 48 in ICU) and Seville (216 hospitalizations, of which 62 in ICU).