This is the rolling coronavirus story for Friday 5 March 2021


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Latest status of vaccine programme - data published yesterday for period up to 3 March 2021 - about 170,000 more dose given; almost 22,000 more people vaccinated fully.



From today our area (Poniente District)  is at higher alert level than the rest of the province - see the story below - see the map here (it is also in the coronavirus menu)

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More restrictive measures for almost 270,000 residents of the West

The Sanitary District is at level 4 and that further limits capacity

Almost 270,000 residents who reside in Almeria towns have more restrictions than the rest of the citizens of the province as their health district is at the health alert level considered as 4, but modulated in grade 1. It is the Poniente district.

These are residents in the towns of Adra, Alcolea, Balanegra, Bayárcal, Berja, Dalías, El Ejido, Enix, Felix, Fondón, Laujar de Andarax, La Mojonera, Paterna del Río, Roquetas de Mar and Vícar. There are a total of 15 municipalities of the 103 that make up the province of Almería.


Restrictive measures for level 4 include the limitation to a maximum of six people indoors and 15 outdoors for those attending wakes and funerals, as well as the reduction to 30% of capacity in civil and religious ceremonies, while banquets only they will be able to gather 30 people indoors and 50 outdoors, with a maximum capacity of 30%, reports Europa Press.

Likewise, for commercial establishments in municipalities at level 4, a maximum capacity of 50% with a safety distance is established, while for public transport, the obligation to leave a separate seat between passengers and a limitation to 50% of the standing squares.

With regard to private transport, only two people are allowed per row of seats, without occupying the passenger seat.

On the other hand, in the municipalities at level 4, all those of the Poniente, the hotel and restaurant establishments will have a maximum capacity of 30% indoors and 75% on terraces; gyms 40%, and sports competitions, events and trainings will be held without spectators.

For cinemas, theaters and auditoriums of the municipalities that are going to be closed on the perimeter, a maximum capacity of 40% has been set, with up to 200 people indoors and 300 outdoors.


Details of the request from Andalucía to national government asking for changes in priorities for use of vaccines - including AstraZeneca for 55-65 year olds

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The Board wants to put the AstraZeneca vaccine in people up to 65 years of age

Andalusia has raised it in the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System

The Minister of Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre, has indicated that in the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System, held on Wednesday, Andalusia has proposed trying to get the vaccine from the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca administered to people up to 65 years of age, As well as being "priority" in vaccination, people are Down syndrome over 40 years of age, immunosuppressed patients, undergoing cancer treatment and transplant patients.

This was indicated by the counselor in an appearance in a parliamentary commission proposed by the PSOE to report on the vaccination points against Covid-19 in Andalusia, in which he explained that he has asked the Interterritorial to try to administer AstraZeneca to people up to 65 years, "to avoid leaving there the volume of State Security Forces and Bodies and teachers from 55 to 65 without vaccinating." "We have asked the Ministry and the issue will be taken up again," he said.

Also “we asked the Ministry directly from Andalusia that those pathologies that can be severely affected by Covid pass preferentially to a priority quota, and among them I proposed people with Down syndrome over 40 years old, immunosuppressed patients, under treatment cancer and transplant patients ”. "These four groups are a priority and I asked the Ministry to take the vaccine commission as a proposal from Andalusia to try to advance their vaccination to these groups," he stressed.

Vaccination points Regarding the vaccination points against Covid, he highlighted that vaccination points have been defined throughout Andalusia, and that the planned ones are points in health centers and hospitals and external vaccination points, both by health districts , to add that the strategy to define these points "has been based on the principles of speed, accessibility and guaranteeing the efficacy of the vaccine in terms of its mobility". "The vaccination points are diverse and are adapted to the profile of the people to whom the vaccine is being administered," he stressed.

"The first conclusion is that the administration of vaccines to certain groups already determines the vaccination point", which is "adapted to the social and geographical reality of Andalusia", he highlighted, adding that these points "are conditioned by the number of dose that we receive from the Government of Spain ”. Changes in the number of those received "hurt planning and this is happening too often," he assured.

In addition, he stated that the vaccination points "are conditioned" by the type of vaccines to be administered, since the storage and transport conditions are different for each vaccine, and he clarified that "no Andalusian will remain unvaccinated if he has a problem accessibility to the vaccination point ”.

Aguirre also highlighted that when Health defines a vaccination point, "we want to guarantee full accessibility to them and administer the vaccine as quickly as possible." For this reason, “when we started the vaccination of those over 80 years of age, it began with those people with greater ease to move around and later a greater distribution of doses has been made to more vaccination points to facilitate its administration to those with more limitations. mobility ”.

Requirements The Health Minister has also defended that the vaccination points must meet a series of requirements, "they are not chosen at random", based on technical criteria, to add that the "false" that there are not enough professionals, since " we have more than 14,000 trained and now there are 740 ´full time´ in vaccines, with which there is a large margin of qualified people ”.

He also stressed that the plan '500,000 per week' is being promoted from Monday to Sunday and that "this forecast of sending doses, as indicated by the Ministry, could be effective from the month of April as we spoke yesterday in the Council Interterritorial ”. "During the month of March there will not be an increase in doses compared to those received in February, but we are confident that by April, and in May especially, we will have a sufficient volume of doses to implement the total of this plan '500,000 per week'" ..


 Cumulative Stats from Almería 360 - El Ejido now has 348.6 cases (approximately 41 fewer than yesterday) per 100,000 inhabitants based on the 14 day average (red for increase; blue for decrease)



Stats for last 24 hours - 143 more cases and 0 more deaths

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First day without deaths from covid since January and the curve falls with 399 cured

The positives today have been 143 and only eight hospitalized have been registered

Almería received as a gift from kings a day without deaths on January 6 and today, two months later, it sees again how the count of patients with covid who have lost their lives has not increased and remains with the same 656 deceased since March recorded on the eve.

This is reflected in the daily update of the Covid Portal of the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography, where Health has also reported figures that invite optimism and that, even if only for the moment, collapse the epidemiological curve. This is after the fact that from 07:00 hours on Thursday until the same time this Friday, 'only' 143 new positives have been detected, leaving a total of 45,677 since March, and, instead, the Epidemiological discharge of 399 from Almeria, which brings the global to 31,574. Thus, at the moment, the number of active cases in the province is lowered to 13,447.

With today's figures, the province maintains its downward trend that began during the last two weeks of February and can celebrate having lived today its fourth day of 2021 without deaths, because according to data from the Ministry of Health and Families of the Board of Andalusia, so far this year, new deaths from covid have only remained unaccounted for on January 2, 3 and 6. Instead, the worst days came in the first week of February, with 26 deaths on the 2nd and 22 on the 9th.


In the hospitalization section, and in the absence of the Andalusian Government updating the current data of patients who are admitted to Torrecárdenas, Poniente or La Inmaculada, the number of people from Almería who have needed to be admitted in the last 24 hours has been 8 , This leaves, since March, a total of 2,885 people from Almeria who have passed through a hospital bed due to covid-19.

For their part, the Intensive Care beds have not added patients with coronavirus this Friday and remain in the same data as the day before, that is, with 445 covid patients who have passed through the ICU since March.