This is the rolling coronavirus story for Tuesday 12 January 2021


Cumulative stats from the Almería 360 site



Stats for the last 24 hours - 249 new cases and 4 more deaths

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COVID-19 claims another four lives despite the slowdown in the wave of infections with 249 positives

5,111 active cases and the highest cumulative incidence rate in Andalusia (438 infections per 100,000 inhabitants). "One out of every three patients admitted to the ICU does not come out alive", assures the delegate of the Board, Maribel Sánchez and calls for responsibility

The spread of the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc among the people of Almería and the daily report of the Ministry of Health and Families this Tuesday includes four new deaths of patients who presented complications from the COVID-19 infection. The death statistics since the beginning of the pandemic add up to 314 victims, a dozen in the last week, a worrying rebound that confirms the greater hospital pressure of the January slope of the coronavirus in the province. The third wave is here and it is palpable not only in the number of positives, but in the hospitals where admissions are multiplying and preparing for the worst scenario. Today there are 137 people, six more than there were yesterday Monday.

In the Intensive Care Unit, 41 people from Almería remain, four more than yesterday, a figure that has not stopped growing and is dangerously close to the maximum record of 47 on November 26. After yesterday's meeting of the COVID19 monitoring cabinet by the Almería health authorities, it was specified that one out of every three patients admitted to the ICU due to coronavirus ends up dying. "COVID can kill any family member of ours, let's not make the wound in these provinces bigger, in which more than 300 people have already lost their lives," argued the delegate of the Government of the Junta in Almería, Maribel Sánchez Torregrosa, in a Appeal to the responsibility of Almeria.

The report just sent by the Ministry of Health and Families reports 249 new cases in the municipalities of the province, a figure that, while still high, constitutes a brake on the curve that this Monday reached the record with 655 infections. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the virus has infected 24,522 people including the 249 new cases detected in the last hours through Active Infection Diagnostic Tests (PDIA), confirmed by PCR technique or rapid antigen tests, of which 2,123 have been reported in the last seven days and 3,162 in a two-week period.

The census of people from Almería who have left COVID-19 behind also grows with the 17 cured today to a total of 19,097. Currently there are 5,111 active cases under monitoring and treatment by the health authorities in the province and the incidence rate has not stopped growing in recent days and has already reached 3,216 infections per 100,000 inhabitants.