This is the rolling coronavirus story for Monday 11 January 2021


Stats for the last 24 hours - 655 more cases and 3 more deaths

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The coronavirus overflows in Almería: 655 positives in one day and 3 deaths

Maribel Sánchez, delegate of the Board: "We have more viruses than ever in our streets"

Only two days after registering the historical maximum of coronavirus positives since the beginning of the pandemic -359 cases notified last Saturday, January 9-, the province of Almería has surpassed that sad mark. And it has more than done so: this Monday, according to the Andalusian Institute of Cartography and Statistics (IECA), there are 655 positives notified through PDIA (antigen test and PCR).

A day, in which the new restrictions of the Board come into force - and that may not be the last - that also leaves 3 more deaths, 11 hospitalizations and only 61 people have received epidemiological discharge.

After these data, as of Monday, January 11, the cases of coronavirus that are still active in the Almeria geography soar to 4,880: the difference between the 24,270 confirmed cases and the sum of deaths (310 to date) and recovered (19,080 ). Last Friday, January 8, there were 3,809 active cases, and it reached 2,691 on December 30.

Before the publication of the data, Maribel Sánchez, Government delegate of the Board, has advanced the figure. He has done so in statements to journalists after a meeting in the delegation of Health and Families with the delegate of Health, Juan de la Cruz Belmonte, the secretary general of the Delegation of Health, Pedro López, and the head of Public Health, Antonio Garrido, among other managers and heads of the Delegation Service.

"We have more viruses than ever in the streets of our province. We can only help stop the virus, help our health professionals, being more responsible than ever," said Sánchez, who has appealed to the "individual responsibility" of Almeria to face what, he says, will be "the worst wave since March 12".

"This Christmas many people have done well but other behaviors have left much to be desired. We have to show that we are going to measure up, because we are going to suffer the worst wave of all. Many lives are at stake, let's not screw up, Let's not spoil it anymore, "he stressed.

In Andalucia

In the rest of the community, the situation is not much more encouraging: the week begins with 4,896 cases of coronavirus, the highest number since November 7, when 4,993 were added.

By provinces, Malaga leads the infections with 1,035, followed by Cádiz with 952 and Seville with 698. Almería is the fourth province with the most cases, the aforementioned 655, followed by Granada with 647, Córdoba with 433, Jaén with 318 and Huelva with 158 .


Cumulative stats from the Almería 360 site