This is the rolling coronavirus story for Wednesday 6 January 2021


A story I missed from a couple of days ago - what next for Andalucía?

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Andalusia will tighten the restrictions against the covid from January 10

Aguirre says they will be a little more restrictive given the latest parameters of the pandemic

Andalusia is clear that it will be necessary to tighten the measures once Christmas passes. The Minister of Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre, has indicated that, "taking into account the latest parameters" that are coming to them, the measures to stop the expansion of the coronavirus as of January 10 will be "a little more restrictive than those that they are currently in force "in Andalusia.

Thus, in an interview on Cadena Ser, collected by Europa Press, Aguirre recalled that this afternoon there is a meeting of the technical teams and "possibly on the 8th there will be a meeting of the High Impact Committee on Public Health, where the experts will make proposals according to the evolution until that day, and at that moment we will have to take the appropriate measures, since the decree of the president and the orders of this Ministry decline on the 10th, and before that day we will have to take more or less restrictive measures according to the evolution ".

"Possibly and taking into account the latest parameters that are coming to us, they are a little more restrictive than those currently in force," said Aguirre, who also stressed that "we are at a good cruising speed on the subject of vaccination, since we have not rested during the holidays. "

The idea, he added, "is to have one hundred percent of the residences for the elderly vaccinated in the first round by January 14, and prepare for the second round in 21 days, which I estimate will begin by the end of January." "We are going at a good speed because there is no rest; it is the most powerful weapon we have to fight the virus and although many vaccines arrive, we will have the ability to put them without any problem," he stressed.

Asked if he trusts that the contagion level will soon be reduced, the Health Minister stated that "you have to be very careful, it is not worth saying I have been vaccinated and I am already lowering my hands from a preventive point of view," while has assured that "he would like to reach a group vaccination of 60 or 70% as soon as possible", although he added that "seeing the cadence of vaccines that they are sending us, at least until the end of spring or the beginning of summer we will not have a medium tranquility regarding the spread of the virus ".

Regarding the new British strain of the virus and the new cases detected in Andalusia, Aguirre has shown his "concern", firstly because "it is much more contagious, with 70% more contagiousness, which means that its expansion can be much faster ", while adding that" we still have to evaluate virulence, because it can be more contagious and with less virulence, and then it would have less significance from a clinical point of view, and we will have to be clear about whether the vaccine is effective for new strain, for which we need scientific evidence. "

"All this is under study but what is a reality is that the strain is spreading and we currently have seven confirmed cases, nine under study that will possibly be confirmed throughout the day, and we have areas in which the influence can be more important as is the area of ​​Malaga or Cádiz, "he pointed out, while adding that" we try to stop the expansion of this strain, and the fact that in Campo de Gibraltar a perimeter closure of areas and municipalities is to avoid stopping or slowing down the diffusion ". "Logically we are concerned because with that contagiousness that it has over time it will become the predominant strain".

"We don't have high frequency"

On the other hand, the counselor has assured that "there is not much saturation", to underline that hospital emergencies and primary care "fell by 30% in November". In addition, he has stated that in the first fortnight of December "hospital emergencies fell by 40%, and in the second fortnight, emergencies at the hospital and health center level by 50%." "We have a lot of work, but we don't have high frequentation, which has allowed professionals to enjoy their well-deserved vacations."


Stats for the last 24 hours - 276 new cases and no more deaths

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Christmas ends in the worst way: huge rise in Covid-19 cases

New infections are dangerously close to 300 positives

January 6th. Christmas is over and ends in Almería in the worst possible way: with a large increase in the number of Covid-19 cases. The rest of Andalusia is not better and the community is experiencing one of its worst days in recent weeks, registering 2,391 infections in 24 hours.

Of the 150 positives notified this Tuesday, the province has far exceeded 200 new cases this day, in fact it is dangerously close to 300.

And it is that the daily report prepared by the Ministry of Health of the Junta de Andalucía reports this Three Kings Day that the province adds a total of 276 infections in the last hours, detected through Diagnostic Tests of Active Infection, confirmed by PCR technique or rapid antigen tests.

Since the start of the pandemic, a total of 22,119 people have been infected with coronavirus, according to certain PDIA tests.

The positive fact of this festive day is that there is no need to regret new deaths in the province of Almería, where 296 have already lost their lives since the start of the pandemic.

In the last 24 hours there have been 12 new hospitalizations, three of them in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

By province, the situation of the hospitals is as follows: in Almería (99 hospitalizations, of which 24 in ICU), Cádiz (198 hospitalizations, of which 31 in ICU), Córdoba (116 hospitalizations, of which 15 in ICU) , Granada (176 hospitalizations, of which 45 in ICU), Huelva (39 hospitalizations, of which 11 in ICU), Jaén (115 hospitalizations, of which 22 in ICU), Malaga (189 hospitalizations, of which 23 in ICU) and Seville (140 hospitalizations, of which 30 in ICU).

A total of 29 people have overcome the disease in the last hours and there are already 18,872 people from Almería recovered.

Waiting for tougher measures

The Junta de Andalucía has already warned it and, based on the data from recent days (which is increasing), will decide in the next few hours to tighten the measures applied for this Christmas.

This Friday, the 8th, there will be a meeting of the high impact committee on public health, where the experts will make proposals according to the evolution until that day.