This is the rolling coronavirus story for Monday 28 December 2020


Stats for that last 24 hours (and a little earlier as sites are catching up on Xmas stats)

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Christmas Eve and Christmas leave more than 300 cases and four deaths in 30 towns

Today 62 new positives have been reported and the death of another Almeria with covid

The passage of the first holidays of this Christmas has not made the province of Almería particularly bad, because since last December 23 until this Monday, 334 positive coronavirus have been diagnosed and four other patients with covid have died distributed among about thirty municipalities from Almeria.

The Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía has updated the Covid Portal of the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography a few minutes ago and the new data collects that in the last 24 hours, that is, from last Sunday until 07:00: 00 hours today, 62 new positives have been detected in Almería and another person has died, although, likewise, more than a hundred covid patients have been recovered.

Of these more than 300 positives, the vast majority, 200, have been registered in the Almería health district, where since December 23 a total of 200 new positives have been reported, 147 of them in the capital of Almería, which now totals 6,423 infected since March. Similarly, in the capital district, new cases have also been added in Níjar (21); Huércal de Almería (13); Carboneras (6); Fiñana (4); Viator and Benahadux (3); Canjáyar (2) and Pechina (1).

For its part, in the district of Levante-Alto Almanzora, 49 new positives have been diagnosed distributed among more than a dozen municipalities, with Turre in the lead by adding 13 new infected. They are followed by Pulpí (6); Albox, Vera and Antas (5); Huércal-Overa (4); Garrucha (3); Vélez-Rubio (2) and Bacares, Bédar, Cuevas del Almanzora, Olula del Río, María and Zurgena, with one in each case.

As for the Poniente health district, 84 positives have been detected and three of the four have died since last December 23. In this way, a neighbor of Adra and two of Roquetas have lost their lives so far this Christmas and the fourth has been an inmate of the residence for the elderly in Íllar. On the other hand, the positives have been diagnosed in El Ejido (31), Roquetas de Mar (25), Vícar (11); La Mojonera and Adra, with 7 in each location, and one in Bayárcal, Berja and Laujar de Andarax. There is also one more infected among those who are not registered.


Cumulative stats from Almería 360


So far 5 cases of  the UK new covid strain detected in Andalucía (none in the province of Almería so far)


Story about the first vaccinations in the province (noting that the next batch to be delivered is delayed - so some injections scheduled for today rescheduled for tomorrow)

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There are already 140 vaccinated in Almería after joining 50 health workers from the West

The vaccination at the El Zapillo residence announced for tomorrow is postponed to Tuesday

Reme has kicked off vaccination in the province of Almería but it has not been the only one to receive it, since in total there have been 140 doses of the vaccine that have arrived today and that have already been administered to approximately 90 residents and workers from the Ciudad de El Ejido Geriatric Residence and fifty health workers from Poniente.

In the ejidense hospital, the honor of inaugurating the vaccination campaign has been held by Ana and Enrique, ICU nurse and Emergency Physician, respectively, who have received the first punctures of the Pfizer doses that have arrived today in Almería so that, act followed, other health workers from the Hospital de Poniente were also vaccinated until they reached 50, which leaves a total of 90 doses available at this time and that will arrive next Tuesday at the residence of El Zapillo and not this Monday as had been announced in a first moment,.

Before the start of the vaccination campaign, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, this Sunday was excited and hopeful, which he considered the first step to recover the normality lost due to the pandemic. In this sense, he has assured that the objective of his Government is to achieve not a new normality, but a “complete” normality that is what the Andalusians as a whole want.

In this sense, he explained that the symbolic amount of 1,900 vaccines will begin to be administered today. Starting this Monday, as the Government of the Nation has promised through the Ministry of Health, a total of 70,000 doses will reach the community weekly, which will be distributed strictly under the protocol that has been marked with Health.