This is the rolling coronavirus story for Saturday 26 December 2020


Decision on any changes to rules in Andalucía due on Monday 28 December

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Andalusia already has a date to decide whether to toughen the measures

"I hope there will be no exchange rate until January 10," said Juan Marín

The vice president of the Board and Minister of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration, Juan Marín, has stated that the expert committee that advises the Andalusian Government on the coronavirus pandemic already has a date to analyze the situation in these first days of the Christmas parties and has hoped that the current restrictions will not have to be "tightened".

In an interview with Cadena Ser, collected by Europa Press, Marín stated that, at this time, it is not necessary to "harden" the measures to contain the pandemic, in view of the data on infections in the Andalusian community and he pointed out that the number of people hospitalized and those admitted to the ICU is still falling.

"This does not mean that we can lower the alert, but it is true that the situation in Andalusia at the moment favors the possibility of economic activity" at this Christmas time, according to the vice president, who added that if at some point should there be a change in trend, the restrictions would logically "tighten".

In this sense, he has indicated that the committee of experts will meet on Monday 28 to analyze the situation and will be all Christmas pending any report that points to a change in trend: "I hope there will be no type of change until 10 from January".

As for the start of vaccination against the coronavirus from Sunday, he is confident that in the first quarter of the year the health pressure will be reduced significantly and that there will be more and more immunized population and that the second half of the year may be more normalized in personal relationships and the activation of the economy.

He has pointed out that the information they have from the epidemiological and health services indicates that the vaccine that is going to begin to be given on Sunday has an efficiency level that exceeds 90 percent, "with which we fully trust that this is the solution. ".

Marín pointed out that the logistics are very complicated, but Andalusia is "prepared to be able to vaccinate now", and the important thing is that in the shortest possible time, the vulnerable population and health professionals are immune to the virus and, from there, the rest of the population is vaccinated to the extent that each one considers, because the vaccine is voluntary.

central government

Regarding the management of the central government, he has indicated that it has acted very unevenly throughout the pandemic, but Andalusia has always maintained "loyalty."

Likewise, he has indicated that the Board will not have done things "very badly", when today the community has the best data in Spain regarding the incidence of the coronavirus. He has pointed out that decisions have always been taken by the hand of the expert committee and has recognized that some measures are "unpopular", but necessary to save lives.

In this sense, he has said that the reaction of hoteliers in Andalusia to the restrictions on the hospitality sector has seemed "disproportionate" to him. He has indicated that he has met with them many times and they have asked him questions that they have tried to implement, such as interprovincial or inter-territorial mobility.

In his opinion, the sector has not been aware that when the decisions have been made it is because there were reports that said that of 487 outbreaks that occurred in the last 14 days, when it was decided to close the hospitality sector from six to At eight o'clock in the afternoon, 197 had occurred in entertainment venues and cocktail bars, something that he himself transferred to the hoteliers.

"They were informed at all times, and the reaction was disproportionate," according to Marín, who added that unlike the total closures that were decreed in other communities, here in Andalusia many hospitality businesses can open up to 14 hours.


Data for the last 48 hours (as no stats yesterday as it was Xmas day) - 175 more cases and 2 more deaths

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The coronavirus returns with two deaths and leaves 175 new positives in 48 hours

The pressure in the hospitals drops to 89 admitted and there are more than 300 recovered

Two days after the arrival of the last part with the epidemiological progress of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía has updated the data of the covid in the eight Andalusian provinces and in Almería it has arrived with two new deaths and 175 positives for coronavirus diagnosed in the last 48 hours.

The province arrived on Christmas Eve with five deceased people and the first report after the Christmas holiday has been presented with two other deaths that leave the total of people from Almería who have lost the covid during the pandemic in 284. Also, with the 175 infections diagnosed from last December 24 to 07:00 this morning, Almería adds a total of 20,633 positives detected by antigen and PCR tests, that is, the tests that the Junta de Andalucía designates as PDIA.

Regarding hospital pressure, the province of Almería has registered a decrease in the last 48 hours, which has left 89 hospitalized, compared to the 94 notified on Christmas Eve, of which 26 are in serious condition in Intensive Care. A decrease that is a consequence of the departures registered in the last two days and the scarce admissions that have occurred, since four people from Almeria have been admitted, two of them in the ICU.

For its part, the patients recovered this Saturday are 307, bringing the total to 17,082. In the same way, throughout the autonomous community of Andalusia today has been a good day of recoveries, since there are more than 3,000 patients who in the last 24 hours have said goodbye to the virus. Likewise, the positives today do not exceed 1,500, they have been 1,410, and the deaths registered in Andalusia have been 32.

Finally, the hospital pressure in the rest of Andalusian hospitals is as follows: Cádiz (156 hospitalizations, of which 42 in ICU), Córdoba (99 hospitalizations, of which 19 in ICU), Granada (182 hospitalizations, of which 50 in ICU), Huelva (54 hospitalizations, of which 11 in ICU), Jaén (106 hospitalizations, of which 24 in ICU), Malaga (146 hospitalizations, of which 17 in ICU) and Seville (143 hospitalizations, of which which 47 in ICU).


Looks like Almería 360 is having problems with the cumulative stats today - so I cannot publish the data at the moment. I will try to update it later today or tomorrow.