This is the rolling coronavirus story for Tuesday 22 December 2020


Stats for the last 24 hours -  78 more cases  and 3 more deaths

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Covid leaves three more dead and another 78 positive on Lottery day

On Tuesday he leaves more than 400 recovered and 11 new hospitalized, one in the ICU

The pandemic has occurred in the province on the day of the Christmas Lottery with a new fatal blow in the form of three more covid patients who died in Almería, which raises the number of deaths from the beginning to 274, since today the Ministry of Health also and Families has 'resurrected' one of the two deceased that Pechina had, who now only has a dead coronavirus patient.

This Tuesday, data from the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography show a slight increase in the number of positives with 78 new infected, an increase similar to that registered the day before, and which currently places the total of positives detected since March at 20,611 counting the rapid tests and all positive PDIA tests.

On this occasion, Almería is once again the city with the most infected, with 39 of the 78 detected, followed by Níjar, with 9. In the Levante-Alto Almanzora district, 14 positives have been diagnosed and only 11 in the Poniente.

In the same way, hospital pressure continues to increase today and in the last 24 hours there have been 11 covid patients more who have needed to be hospitalized, one of them referred to Intensive Care due to his serious health condition.

On the other hand, today luck has arrived in the form of recovered patients and there have been another 400 people from Almeria who today have overcome the disease, with a total of 16,851 covid patients already recovered in the province.

As for the three deceased, as collected by the Covid Portal of the Junta de Andalucía, it is a neighbor of Níjar and two of El Ejido. Specifically, they are a male from the 65 to 69 age group, another from 70 to 74 and a young woman who was not over 54 years of age.

For its part, Andalusia adds 547 cases of Covid-19 coronavirus this Tuesday, December 21, 27 more than the day before and 69 more than a week ago, according to data from the Ministry of Health and Families consulted by Europa Press, which counts 33 deaths , seven less than Monday and 16 less than Tuesday of the previous week.


Around 5500 people to vaccinated in the first round in the province of Almería

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The first Covid vaccines will reach about 5,500 people from Almeria

In the province there are about 3,500 inmates in residences, cared for by about 2,000 people

Some 5,500 people from Almería will be the first to be vaccinated against the coronavirus as of next Sunday, the 27th, once the European Medicines Agency has given the green light to administer the doses from the Pfizer laboratory.

That is the approximate number of inmates in residences for the elderly (3,500) and of the social and health professionals (2,000) who take care of them in the centers spread throughout the province.

The Minister of the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía, Elías Bendodo, announced this Monday that everything "is ready" to start the vaccine dispensing device, although the number of doses that will reach each province remains to be specified. The Autonomous Administration has requested that a population criterion be followed. That is, 20 percent of all those that arrive in Spain for Andalusia and within the community, 10 percent would have the geography of Almería as their destination.

In Almería, the president of the Dependency Attention Association, Miguel Lázaro, said that there are still fringes to be finalized, although he confirmed that mobile teams will travel to residences to inject the Pfizer vaccine.


Another fact that has been confirmed is that the personnel who travel to socio-health centers and who are in health centers and hospitals correspond to the 65 professionals trained last week, among more than 500 throughout Andalusia.

The Board insists that now only the first phase will be developed and that the vaccination period will extend for several months. The 5,500 people from Almería who are vaccinated in the next few days (the intention is that they will be vaccinated by mid-January) will be injected with a second dose 21 days after the first.

In the same way, the Autonomous Administration has advanced that vaccines will arrive in Almería from the Granada storage center, with a geographical scope for all of eastern Andalusia.


"The vials will arrive on a daily basis during working days to 49 Primary Care health centers and 37 selected hospitals throughout the Andalusian geography." There is no more official specification on the part of the Board to this announcement of the counselor Elías Bendodo. The public network of Almeria hospitals is made up of Torrecárdenas, La Inmaculada and Poniente.

Throughout Andalusia there will be 178 vaccination teams, of which 73 will be mobile to go to nursing homes. These data have not yet been provincialized.

Risk population

“We will begin to vaccinate the population at risk: residents, health workers and dependents. But its extension will largely depend on the doses that reach Andalusia. With the vaccine to end the pandemic, we are not going to allow any dribbling, ”wrote a message from the Board on Twitter, citing the counselor for the Presidency.

"There are 526 nurses with experience in vaccination and specifically trained to act against this disease," said the Minister of Health, Jesús Aguirre.


Cumulative stats based on data from Almería 360