This is the rolling coronavirus story for Sunday 20 December 2020


Stats for the last 24 hours - 73 more cases and 1 more death

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A new Almeria man who died from covid blurs the drop in positives by half

On Monday, more than 400 people from Almeria recovered from the disease in a single day

The last 24 hours have halved the number of positives compared to the day before and until this Monday at 07:00 hours there have been only 73 people from Almeria who have been infected with coronavirus compared to the 143 that were registered in the the day before and that this Sunday represented the second consecutive day above 140 infected in a single day.

The update of the covid portal of the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography (IECA), whose data does not move throughout the weekend, has left a new day with the so-called 'weekend effect' that makes after the holidays fewer infections are reported than the rest of the days of the week, which has not prevented the statistics from collecting a new deceased covid patient in the province of Almería this Monday, the seventh of the weekend that arrives after two consecutive days with three deceased. Thus, at this time there are 272 people from Almeria who have lost their lives since March as a result of being infected with the coronavirus.

But if there is a number that stands out above the rest this Monday, it is the 402 patients who have managed to overcome the disease this Monday and who, added to the more than 260 yesterday and 15 on Saturday, leave the current number of recovered at 16,441 , 688 more than there were on Friday in the last update of the IECA covid portal.

In the same way, in total figures the weekend has left 357 new infected and a total at this time of 20,533 if the rapid tests are taken into account, 20,153 detected by PDIA (antigen test and PCR tests). Of the more than 350 positives in the last three days, 144 belong to the capital of Almería, the town of the province most affected in recent days, which has led it to become the capital of the province with the highest incidence rate in the present.

At the moment, the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía, despite having updated the information on the covid portal, has not published the daily part of the pandemic, so it is not known what the current pressure is on the Almeria hospitals, which yesterday, for the first time in more than a month and a half, saw hospitalized covid patients fall below 100.

What the Andalusian covid portal does collect is that the total number of hospitalized this Monday is 1,450, two more than there were yesterday, although, according to these same data, today another four patients would have entered the ICU, since yesterday the total of Almeria with coronavirus who had needed ICU was 216 and today this figure rises to 220.


About the new type of the virus in Spain

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The new strain of Covid is already circulating in Spain: they ask to confine affected areas

It would be 70% more contagious and could generate "more infections, more income and more deaths"

At the gates of the arrival of the long-awaited vaccine, no good news arrives.

José Martínez Olmos, who was Secretary General of Health between 2005 and 2011 and is now a professor at the Andalusian School of Public Health in Granada, alerts in the microphones of Cadena SER that the main danger of the new strain of coronavirus detected in the Kingdom United, which would be 70% more contagious than the original, is that it could generate "more infections, more income and more deaths", all framed in a context with more mobility for Christmas. Given this, this expert is blunt: "We must consider the possibility of increasing containment measures and adopt a European response."

Search now for the new strain in Spain

Eleven European countries have announced the immediate imposition of restrictions on flights and transport from the United Kingdom in response to this new strain, not so Spain, which has only announced that it will reinforce PCR on those who return from the United Kingdom. The measure is "enough" for Martínez Olmos, although this expert warns that the new strain may already circulate in Spain and encourages identifying it in those areas where the British have arrived in recent weeks: Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Levante ...

Martínez Olmos clarifies that the detected mutation does not endanger the capacity of the vaccine or its immunity potency, although it must be borne in mind that even when the vaccine is extended it can mutate again.

"Madrid is worse than it seems"

He has also referred to Raphael's two concerts with 5,000 people in Madrid: "These are situations that should not occur in Madrid, which is worse than it seems in the accumulated incidence. All control measures by the authorities They are necessary. I would not have gone. The incidence in Madrid in 7 days is similar to that of the Balearic Islands and there are more restrictions. Social interaction is higher in Madrid than in other places because rapid antigen tests are used that can give false negative, that is why the incidence is higher than is reflected ".


So far no change in Andalucían policy (up to 26 December)?

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No changes for Christmas: Andalusia will study the evolution after the 26th

Moreno does not see "in the short term" having to modify "in so few days" the marked limitations

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has ruled out modifying the containment limitations of Covid-19 in Andalusia for Christmas and has stated that she will study the evolution after December 26.

This is how Moreno has pronounced himself this Sunday in an interview in La Sexta.

Moreno has remarked that the decisions about the Christmas period were made "just a week ago" and "are updated every seven days depending on how the pandemic evolves."

He has insisted that Andalusia is the peninsular autonomous community with the lowest incidence of Covid -Ceuta and the Canary Islands have a lower rate- and, therefore, he has acknowledged that he does not see "in the short term" having to modify "in so few days" the limitations marked for Christmas.

"We are going to continue with the planning we had done," he said, while he specified that they will be "very aware of any negative evolution that the pandemic could cause."

"Between now and Christmas we are going to have the same rules as we have now," Moreno explained, while ensuring that on the 26th it will be examined and that "if the incidence grows significantly" decisions would be made in the face of the New Years Eve. "All this is subject to modification depending on the incidence that varies permanently, the decisions have to be updated constantly", the Andalusian president has detailed.

Regarding those close to him, Moreno has acknowledged that the term was included at the request of the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, after a "strong controversy" and has explained that they accepted "since the incidence data are reasonably positive", but has qualified that " if the incidence were negative, "restrictions would be taken that would go within the scope of the mobility restriction. "Fortunately we do not plan to do it in the next six days," he said.

On the other hand, Moreno has valued the "hybrid model, unique in Spain" carried out in the Andalusian community, where the hotel business in the second wave has been open until 6:00 p.m. "We have managed to reduce the incidence of the virus to the minimum possible and there has been activity, I think it is possible to do both as long as they are done with balance and responsibility," stressed the Chairman of the Board.

Population factor for vaccine delivery

Asked if everything is agreed with Health in relation to the distribution of vaccines against Covid-19, Moreno has assured that in Andalusia everything is prepared, with the vials and the two distribution centers. However, he has regretted "a doubt" that the Ministry of Health has not cleared, relative to how they will be distributed.

Moreno has insisted that Andalusia, with eight and a half million inhabitants, "needs to vaccinate as much as possible" and has assured that "he would not like to think that any trick would be used to not take into account the criteria of the European Union", which it has taken the population as the only factor to distribute the doses.

In the event that the distribution was not made according to the number of inhabitants, the president of the Board has assured that "there would be a frontal opposition" and that this fact would seem "enormously regrettable."


Spain allowing flights to and from the UK today

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38 flights with the United Kingdom this Monday in Andalusia despite the new strain of Covid

In the whole of Spain there are 201 flights scheduled for this Monday

Spain has ruled out, for the moment, suspending connections with the United Kingdom due to the spread of the new strain of coronavirus. Thus, the airports of Andalusia, specifically those of Malaga and Seville, have 38 flights scheduled this Monday, both departures and arrivals.

Specifically, as reported by Aena to Europa Press, the Malaga-Costa del Sol airport has 17 scheduled arrivals from the United Kingdom and 19 departures; while the Seville-San Pablo aerodrome is scheduled to land and take off this Monday. In the whole of Spain there are 201 scheduled flights.

The Government of Spain has announced that, given the appearance of a new strain of coronavirus in the United Kingdom, it will reinforce in airports and ports the control of verification of PCR tests to people who come from the country, ruling out joining the suspension already announced by Belgium , Austria, Latvia, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Ireland, France, Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark and Sweden. Others, like Portugal, have taken intermediate measures.

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has opted for European coordination to decide on the new strain of coronavirus in the United Kingdom, and has ensured that in Spain "there is no evidence" that there is a presence of this strain.

In the case of Malaga-Costa del Sol airport, the first flight from the United Kingdom this Monday arrived at 10:00 a.m. from Bristol, followed 15 minutes later by others from Leeds and the East Midlands. London, Birmingham, Southend, Glasgow or Manchester are other planes that will land at the Malaga facilities during the day. In the case of Seville, a flight will arrive from London.

At this time, passengers arriving at any Spanish airport must land with a negative PCR carried out in the United Kingdom. The detection of a new strain of coronavirus in the United Kingdom has led to a cascade of blockades and cancellations in transport worldwide, both within and outside Europe, after the Government of Boris Johnson recognized that the variant, apparently more contagious, he's out of control".


Cumulative stats based on data from Almería 360