This is the rolling coronavirus story for Saturday 12 December 2020


What levels are the medical districts of the province of Almería in from today (we are in the Poniente district)?

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The adjustments on the restrictions in Andalusia to stop the coronavirus pandemic that Juanma Moreno, president of the Junta de Andalucía, announced this Thursday also imply a change in the alert levels in the three health districts of the province: Almería, Poniente and Levante-Alto Almanzora.

The Board's measures, a "progressive de-escalation of the restrictions," according to Moreno, are divided into two periods: from this Saturday, December 12 to Thursday, December 17 and from Friday, December 18 to Sunday, January 10.

And it is in the first of these phases, the one that comes into effect at midnight from Friday to Saturday, when the map of the levels of Covid-19 preventive measures in Andalusia designed by the regional government also changes.

Thus, starting this Saturday, December 12, Almería and El Poniente will be at level 4 (grade 1), which applies the maximum restrictions in terms of capacity.

The Levante-Alto Almanzora district, for its part, continues to remain at level 3.

Despite the different levels of alert, from midnight this Friday and until Thursday, December 17, including the people of Almería will be able to move between the different municipalities within the province, without being able to leave it; the trade may open until 9 pm; the hotel industry remains as it is right now until 6:00 p.m. and the curfew will remain from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

Level 4: Almería and Poniente

In environmental activities, 6 people are allowed indoors and 10 outdoors. The parks can be open but with closed playgrounds and no more than 6 people can participate in activities.

The stores are limited to 50% of the capacity with a safety distance. For cinemas, theaters and auditoriums, 40% of the capacity.

In public transport, one seat between passengers and 50% standing. And in the private, two people per row of seats, without occupying the passenger seat.

At wakes and funerals, 6 people indoors and 15 outdoors. In civil and religious ceremonies, 30% of the capacity. At banquets, 30 people indoors and 50 outdoors, without exceeding 30% of the capacity.

In hotels and restaurants, 75% of the capacity can be occupied on the terraces and 30% indoors. And in gyms, 40% of the capacity.

Level 3: Levante-Alto Almanzora

In environmental activities, 10 people indoors and 15 outdoors. The parks and gardens may be open and no more than 10 people can participate in activities.

The stores are limited to 60% of the capacity with a safety distance. For cinemas, theaters and auditoriums, museums, congresses and fairs, 60% of the capacity.

In public transport, 100% of the seats and 75% of the standing places can be completed.

At wakes and funerals, 10 people indoors and 20 outdoors. In civil and religious ceremonies, 50% of the capacity. At banquets, 50 people indoors and 75 outdoors, without exceeding 50% of the capacity.

In hotels and restaurants, 100% of the capacity on the terraces and 50% indoors. And in sports facilities, 50% of the capacity.


Stats for the last 24 hours - 149 more cases and 3 more deaths

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Almería continues with worrying data: three deaths and more than 140 positives

Hospital pressure drops again and 200 patients have recovered

The relaxation of the epidemiological curve that had arrived with the December bridge, and the consequent prolongation of the so-called weekend effect, which leaves a considerable drop in positives during these days and the immediately following days, has today received a new blow from the pandemic, which returns to worrying data in the positives and deaths reported in the last 24 hours.

The daily part of the Board's Health Ministry, which collects data on the pandemic from Friday at 07:00, arrives with 149 new infected in the province this Saturday, which already leaves a total of 19,205 positives detected for PDIA tests (antigen test and PCR) and almost 19,600 if rapid tests are also counted.

In the same way, today the deceased have increased again and three more people from Almería have died with covid, one less than those registered the day before, but which increases to 245 the patients with coronavirus who have lost their lives in Almería since the beginning of the pandemic.

On the other hand, hospital pressure has experienced a new decrease today and, despite the fact that in the last 24 hours 9 patients have been hospitalized and five have required to be admitted to Intensive Care given its severity, the total number of patients admitted has fallen to 112, of which 36 are in ICU, compared to 122 and 39 that were yesterday, Friday.

The trend has been repeated in the rest of Andalusian provinces, where the pressure in hospitals is currently thus; Cádiz (234 hospitalizations, of which 40 in ICU), Córdoba (124 hospitalizations, of which 26 in ICU), Granada (291 hospitalizations, of which 77 in ICU), Huelva (96 hospitalizations, of which 12 in ICU ), Jaén (165 hospitalizations, of which 34 in the ICU), Malaga (201 hospitalizations, of which 29 in the ICU) and Seville (195 hospitalizations, of which 50 in the ICU).

As for the positives detected in the community, today they have exceeded 1,300, which is 200 more than those of Friday, and Cádiz, with 265, is the Andalusian province with the most cases detected in 24 hours. As for the deceased, 34 have been reported today, the same as on the previous day.

Finally, the number of recovered patients has once again experienced a considerable rise and in Almería there are 200 citizens who have left the covid behind this Saturday, 14,395 since March.