This is the rolling coronavirus story for Thursday 10 December 2020


Spain changes coronavirus test requirements for air travellers, exempts children under six

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Stats for the last 24 hours - Only 26 more cases. However 5 more deaths

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Coronavirus: collapse in positives but there are 5 deaths and 21 more hospitalized

The latest data also leave the figure of 302 recovered

Mazazo of the coronavirus in Almería on a day in which the new positives fall to a minimum but that leaves five new fatalities and 21 more hospitalized, 5 of them in Intensive Care. Data that is known hours before the Board announces how the restrictions will be adjusted for the remainder of the year, with the outlook for Christmas just around the corner. Some measures that, according to President Juanma Moreno, will give "oxygen" to the economy but "preserve" the health of Andalusians.

According to the latest data from the Board's Ministry of Health and Families, in the last 24 hours there have only been 26 cases detected through PDIA (Active Infection Diagnostic Tests, which includes all cases of Covid-19 with active infection, confirmed by PCR technique or latest generation rapid antigenic tests, following the new surveillance strategy of the Ministry of Health). They are almost half that of Wednesday. And since July 26, when there were 20 positives, there were not so few infections.

It is the smallest increase in infected in the entire autonomous community, since the day has left 80 cases in Cádiz, 82 in Córdoba, 42 in Granada, 35 in Huelva, 45 in Jaén, 130 in Malaga and 104 in Seville.

In the section on recoveries, there are 302 people from Almeria who have received the epidemiological discharge over the last day.

Five deceased

Despite the apparent respite in infections, this Thursday, December 10, see how five people have lost their lives in the province due to the coronavirus. According to the figures from the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography, these are residents of the capital, two of the deaths have been registered in Vélez Rubio and the rest in Almería capital, Níjar and Pechina.

Although the profiles of the disappeared cannot be related to their place of residence, the data does allow us to know what age groups they belonged to: of the five deceased, two were women, between 70 and 74 years old, and three men, one of them 75 to 79 years old and the other two were between 80 and 84 years old.

Thus, at the moment there are 5,062 active cases of coronavirus in the Almeria geography (yesterday there were 5,343): a total of 19,333 people have contracted the virus while 14,033 have already overcome it and 238 people have lost their lives since the beginning of the pandemic.


Cumulative stats based on data from Almería 360