This is the rolling coronavirus story for Sunday 6 December 2020


Stats for the last 24 hours - 118 more cases and no more deaths

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Almería celebrates a day without deaths but with 48 hospitalized and 118 positives

Despite the rise, hospitals have nine fewer patients

Almería has reasons for hope and today it has lived a day without deaths after adding two more deaths on the eve, the first day of the December bridge, which raised to 230 the total of covid patients who have lost their lives in the pandemic . Despite the fact that no person from Almeria has died in the last 24 hours as a victim of the coronavirus, the daily part of the Ministry of Health and Families that collects the progress of the epidemiological curve returns to record found figures, since any celebration ends when it is attended to the number of patients who have needed to be hospitalized in the last 24 hours, which have been 48 throughout the province.

Regarding the number of newly infected, since 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, 118 people from Almeria have undergone PDIA tests (antigens and PCR) and have yielded a positive result, which leaves the total of PDIA with affirmative result in 18,737 since March, more than 19,000 if the rapid tests are counted. Thus, the 118 today represent a decrease of more than 20 positives compared to the day before, when 141 people from Almeria were infected by the covid.

But, as noted, the number of hospitalized patients in the last 24 hours represents a considerable increase, since 48 have needed to be admitted to one of the three hospital centers in the province, of which none have presented a serious state of health that has required admission to an Intensive Care Unit.

Despite this rise in hospitalized patients since Saturday, the improvement in patients who were admitted has led to the fact that Almería currently has a lower hospital load than it registered on Saturday, when it had a total of 111 hospitalized, of 41 of them were in the ICU. On the other hand, this Sunday there are only 102 hospitalized patients and there is one less in Intensive Care.

On the other hand, in Andalusian hospitals hospital pressure remains high and there have been 278 who have required admission in the last 24 hours, which leaves the following still photo: Cádiz (241 hospitalizations, of which 47 in ICU), Córdoba (142 hospitalizations, of which 33 in ICU), Granada (327 hospitalizations, of which 87 in ICU), Huelva (96 hospitalizations, of which 18 in ICU), Jaén (173 hospitalizations, of which 36 in ICU ), Malaga (240 hospitalizations, of which 34 in ICU) and Seville (223 hospitalizations, of which 69 in ICU).

In the same way, throughout the community 1,001 positives have been detected today and the deaths have been 22, which already leaves almost 4,400 Andalusians killed by covid since March. As for the recovered patients, of the 3,825 that have been in all Andalusia, 15 have been from Almeria.