This is the rolling coronavirus story for Wenesday 29 July 2020.


35 new cases in the province in the last 24 hours

Google translation:

Coronavirus does not give a truce to Almería: 35 new cases of Covid-19

The province maintains nine active outbreaks

The coronavirus does not give a truce to the province. One more day, Almería contributes the largest number of Covid-19 cases that have been registered in Andalusia in the last hours.

The daily report provided by the Andalusian Regional Ministry of Health reports 33 new positives and maintains nine outbreaks in the province of Almería, all of them under investigation except one of those located in the Levante Health District. Alto Almanzora that has passed the control phase. This implies that the contact study has been completed and the tests have been carried out according to the established protocols.

In two of the nine outbreaks detected, at the moment, there has been an increase in cases in Almería: one in Levante-Almanzora has gone from 4 to 7 and another located in the Almería Health District from 4 to 8 positives.

At the moment, the most important outbreak is the one detected in the municipality of El Ejido, which contributes 102 infections.


A UD Almería player has tested positive

Training cancelled. Stadium closed until at least Monday. Being disinfected.

Not sure whether this is one of the 35 from the last 24 hours. Or whether it will be in the count for tomorrow.


Municipality counts for the last 7 and 14 days

See the tables in the attached. If you want you can compare it to the same stats published yesterday. By looking at the story in the link from the story yesterday.