This is the rolling coronavirus story for Monday 27 July 2020.


28 new cases in the province in the last 24 hours

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Almería borders on 30 positive for coronavirus: Andalusian province with more cases

The eight active outbreaks remain stable this Monday

Almería is, one more day, the province that provides the most positives in coronaviruses in all of Andalusia. The pandemic continues more than present in this corner of the autonomous community.

The Ministry of Health of the Andalusian Government has reported this Monday, July 27, that 28 new cases of Covid have been detected in Almería in the last few hours. Malaga, with 23; Granada, with 12, and Seville, with 11, follow the province. The entire community has registered in the last hours a total of 84 cases.

Almería maintains eight outbreaks active and none of them has increased in positives with respect to the data provided by Salud this Sunday.

The Poniente Health District and the Almería District provide three outbreaks each, located in the municipality of El Ejido, the most important so far, with 102 infections. For its part, the Levante-Alto Almanzora Health District maintains two active outbreaks.

In the last hours a person has needed to be admitted to the hospital and there are already 1 7 hospitalizations (the highest number in all of Andalusia), of which two are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

A total of 1,332 Almerians have already been infected with Covid-19 in the province, 1,059 cases have been detected through PCR tests.

According to data from the Ministry of Health consulted by LA VOZ, 204 people have been diagnosed in the last seven days in the province. In the last week there have been 15 admissions, only one of them in the ICU.

The pandemic in Almería maintains 53 deaths and those cured by coronaviruses now number 863.

Andalusia has 35 active outbreaks distributed among the provinces of Almería, Seville, Malaga, Córdoba and Jaén.

The Board stressed last week that the vast majority of cases detected in recent days in Almería correspond to asymptomatic patients and that the average age of those infected is 35 years.