There are two important stories on the La Voz de Almería website today:

The first was published around lunchtime. It says that there have been dozens of false positives in the El Ejido area. Due to a problem withe the testing.

The second story gives the count of new cases in the last 24 hours. 34 in total. With Roquetas having the biggest increase. Followed by El Ejido.

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Article 1:

An error in the PCR leaves dozens of false positives and forces a repeat test in the West

Possible contamination during the process would have yielded various false positives

Concern in the west of Almería, where the Andalusian Government has just announced that it will have to repeat dozens of tests after verifying that the contamination of some batches of reactive liquids for PCR could have yielded a good number of false positives.

This was announced a few minutes ago by the Health delegate of the Andalusian Government in Almería, Juan de la Cruz Belmonte, who assured that they have already "got down to work" to confirm whether the dozens of positives detected in the Hospital from Poniente, in El Ejido, during the last week they could not have coronavirus.

And it is that, as LA VOZ has learned, the contamination of some of the batches of reactive liquids that are used for PCR tests and that have been used in the Almería hospital could be behind the considerable increase in new positives in the region of Poniente, which during the last week has detected 159 new positives among the municipalities that belong to this health district.

"There will be a review of the tests in Poniente de Almería, repeat those tests to confirm possible false positives. We are investigating and we are going to do a chronological study of the actions, we have already announced it to all the mayors involved."

On the other hand, collects Europa Press, and at the request of the City of Berja to carry out a specific study in the municipality and "declare, where appropriate, the step back" to "an earlier phase of de-escalation", the delegate He has urged to wait for the tests to be repeated to check the number of positives that exist in the town where, for the moment, "a return to the above is not considered justified today."

Belmonte explained that it is necessary, at first, to "ratify those analyzes" already carried out, to subsequently evaluate the actions to be carried out epidemiologically.

With this, he insisted that in Berja there is "a single outbreak that is very localized", which would affect some 31 people confined in the same space in the nucleus of Bellicar, within an agricultural farm with residence, and later "an entrepreneur who of his own free will, he has isolated himself, closed his business and has communicated to Public Health the actions ". In this line, the possible contacts that have been found are still being investigated.


Article 2:

The virus does not leave the West: the 34 positives of Almeria, municipality by municipality

Roquetas de Mar and El Ejido add, again, more than half of the new infected

The day in which it has been known that dozens of positives from the Poniente de Almería district are in 'quarantine' to check whether their positives are "false" or real, the western region of the province has not experienced a recovery day, It has added almost 90% of the 34 positives notified today by the Ministry of Health and Families of the Andalusian Government.

Specifically, the Poniente municipalities have registered this Friday 30 of the 34 positives in the entire province, with two 'habitual' protagonists in recent weeks, such as Roquetas de Mar and El Ejido, again at the head of the infections detected in daily in Almería. Thus, the municipality of Roquetero has reported 14 new positives during the last 24, while the ejido has reported seven.

The situation leaves another "black" day in a region that has become the protagonist of the information on the pandemic in recent weeks, adding 159 positives in the last seven days and 190 if we go back two weeks. But the expansion of the virus in the province does not end there, which has already added three outbreaks in the West, although none of them have added positives to their counter.

For his part, Berja, which has become the focus of an outbreak of 31 positives detected in an agricultural farm, has registered one more positive and has now added eight since the pandemic began, since the vast majority of the positives detected in the outbreak declared in investigation, they are not registered in the municipality and do not appear in its records.

Likewise, Adra adds two more positives in the last 24 hours, a situation that is repeated in La Mojonera and Vícar. In addition, in the West, Dalías has registered one more contagion after weeks free of virus among his neighbors and Fondón has reported this Friday his first cases during the pandemic.

The second most affected district this Friday in the province is Almería, which has added three new positives, one of them in the capital and two in the municipality of Níjar. Better luck has come from Levante, which 'only' registered a new positive in Pulpí, where the outbreak detected and which affected four patients has already been 'extinguished'.