UPDATED 17:00 16 July 2020 - An article in another Spanish website showed that there were 15 more cases in El Ejido. Also, the biggest increase was in Roquetas. Plus a reader, Dawn P, has spotted a coronavirus testing centre set up in El Ejido. About 100 metres from where they hold the markets.


The title is the Google translation of the headline of the article here on the La Voz de Almería site.

The outbreak of 31 cases in Berja mentioned yesterday was at a single location some distance from the centre of town. Which I guess can be viewed as slightly good news.

The article says that the 4 outbreaks in the Poniente region are stable.

It also says that the 31 cases in Berja mentioned yesterday were reported late. So I guess they are included in the total of 60 for today. However I am not sure.

Still that leave 29 other new cases. I guess these are not associated with the 4 existing outbreaks in our Poniente region. I wonder where they are located. As that was not mentioned in the article.

Also, I read in an article elsewhere that the stable outbreak in El Ejido with 64 cases is associated with a fruit and vegetables packaging business.

Read More for Google translation of the article.

Black day for Almería: 60 new cases of coronavirus

The province exceeds 1,000 positives for Covid-19

Black day in the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic in the province. Almería records its worst data since the start of the pandemic on Wednesday. And there has been a record of infections reported in one day by the Junta de Andalucía.

The Ministry of Health of the Andalusian Government has reported 60 new new cases, the highest number recorded in Almería since the beginning of this health crisis.

To date, the record was on March 27 (when practically two weeks of the state of alarm decreed by the central government), date on which 31 positives were reached by Covid-19, according to the Health record. Two days before, on March 25, 31 new cases were detected, the same number as that of this past July 11.

The four outbreaks of Poniente in follow-up remain stable, according to the data offered this Thursday by the Ministry of Health of the Junta de Andalucía. The last of the registered outbreaks maintained 31 positives, that of El Ejido 64, Roquetas 6 and Adra 5.

The update in the official data has been one day late with respect to the notification of the outbreak located in an isolated house in the Virgitano nucleus.

Currently, 1,013 people have been infected with coronaviruses in the province, of which 740 have been detected through PCR tests.

In the last hours there have been no new hospitalizations, deaths or people who have overcome the disease.

Active surveillance

The delegate of the Governor, Maribel Sánchez, highlighted this morning the active and thorough surveillance that Health carries out in the province when it comes to detecting new cases and controlling the outbreaks registered.

She took the opportunity to remember the importance of the use of the mask (always mandatory since Wednesday 15 in Andalusia), to maintain social distance and to wash hands.

The Government Delegation insists that Salud is actively searching for cases. "We need citizen collaboration in this work, only with the PCR tests we cannot", he pointed out.