There is another outbreak with 31 cases in Berja. This adds to the other outbreaks in the area. Some of which have also increased in number. You can see the details here on the la Voz de Almería site.


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Mazazo of the coronavirus to Almería: El Poniente adds a new outbreak with 31 cases

The Poniente region has four outbreaks totaling 45 more positives

Very hard blow of the coronavirus to the province. Almería goes from having, together with Huelva, the best data regarding a lower incidence of Covid-19 to being among the provinces most affected by the virus.

The Ministry of Health of the Andalusian Government has reported the appearance of a new outbreak in the western region of Almería, which already suffered from three, and which is located in the municipality of Berja. All of them add 106 positives, 45 more cases than were reported yesterday.

The new outbreak located in the west of Almería has 31 positives, according to data from the Junta de Andalucía. The outbreak has also experienced a significant rise with more cases, going from 50 to 64 on Wednesday. The other two remain unchanged, with 5 and 6 respectively.

They are all under investigation. That is, a study of contacts and tests are being carried out, so it is not ruled out that they may grow.

This is the information that emerges from the report provided by the Board of the outbreaks registered in Andalusia if compared with those provided yesterday. Still, official data from the autonomous administration indicates that there have only been nine more cases of coronavirus in the province.

Almería already has a total of 953 Covid-19 positives, of which 680 have been detected by PCR tests, official data from the Andalusian Government.

Two more people have needed hospitalization in the last 24 hours, three of them are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The Poniente region has declared 90 new cases using PCR tests in the last seven days.