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 Approved the mandatory use of masks in open and closed spaces for public use

In beaches and swimming pools, they will not be necessary during the bath or while staying in the umbrella, but for walks

The Governing Council has taken into consideration the new prevention measures proposed by the Ministry of Health and Families to deal with the spread and proliferation of the Covid-19 coronavirus in localized outbreaks, so that it is guaranteed that citizens avoid behaviors that create risks of spreading the disease. These new measures, such as the mandatory use of masks, are included in the Order of July 14, 2020, and will be sanctioned in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree Law 21/2020 of June 9, once the state has been passed alarm.

The masks will be compulsory for people from six years onwards on public roads, in open air spaces and in any closed space for public use or that is open to the public, although the interpersonal safety distance of 1 can be guaranteed. 5 meters.

For its part, in the means of transport the provision established in Royal Decree Law 21/2020, of June 9 will apply. In it, it is provided that the mask is mandatory in air, sea, bus or rail transportation. Also, in complementary public and private transport of passengers in vehicles of up to nine seats, including the driver, if the occupants of tourism vehicles do not live together at the same address.

The obligation to use the mask will not be enforceable for people with any type of illness or respiratory distress that may be aggravated by the use of the mask. Neither for those people who due to their disability or dependency situation do not have autonomy to remove the mask, or who present behavioral changes that make their use unfeasible.

In the case of individual outdoor sport exercise, its use will not be required either, in cases of force majeure or a situation of need or when, due to the very nature of the activities, the use of the mask is incompatible, in accordance with the indications of the health authorities.

Beaches and pools

On the other hand, it is not necessary to wear the mask on beaches and pools during bathing and while staying in a certain space, as long as the interpersonal safety distance between users can be respected. On the other hand, for trips and walks on the beaches and swimming pools, the use of a mask will be mandatory.

The Ministry of Health and Families emphasizes that its use is recommended in private open or closed spaces when there are meetings or a possible confluence of non-cohabitants, even when the safety distance can be guaranteed.

The isolation or quarantine conditions established by public health must be followed by people who are considered suspicious or likely to be infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus or who are pending the results of diagnostic tests for this reason; those that are considered a confirmed case with active infection; and those considered close contact of a suspected, probable or confirmed case.

Candles and burials

On the other hand, the section on wakes and burials of the Order of June 19, 2020 is modified, highlighting that the wakes can be held in all kinds of facilities, public or private, with a maximum limit of 25 people in outdoor spaces or 10 people in closed spaces, whether or not they live together. Participation in the funeral or in the entourage for the burial or cremation of the deceased person is restricted to a maximum of twenty-five people, including family and friends, in addition, where appropriate, the minister of worship or similar person of the respective confession to the practice of funeral rites of farewell to the deceased.

In addition, in the event that any type of hotel and restaurant service is provided on the premises, this shall be in accordance with the provisions of the conditions for the provision of the service in the hotel and restaurant establishments. The interpersonal safety distance must always be maintained in the facilities and the use of the mask will be mandatory.

Sanctions regime

The functions of surveillance, inspection and control of the correct fulfillment of all these obligations will correspond to the city councils and to the competent organs of the Administration of the Andalusian Government, in collaboration with

the State Security Forces and Bodies, within the scope of their respective powers. Failure to comply with them may be sanctioned in accordance with applicable Public Health regulations.