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The coronavirus hits Almería hard: another 12 more positives

One more person has passed the Covid-19

Almería takes days with very worrying figures in the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic. This Tuesday, according to data offered by the Andalusian Regional Government's Health Department, the bad data is repeated, reaching levels that were reached during the hardest phase of this health crisis.

As in yesterday, today we must add 12 other cases of coronaviruses detected in the province of Almería. A total of 671 people have tested positive for Covid-19 through PCR tests. To these we must add those detected at the start of the pandemic with rapid tests.

One more day, Almería is the Andalusian province in which more cases have been detected in just 24 hours. This Tuesday, Granada, with ten, is behind. Cádiz and Huelva have added two and Jaén and Málaga one.

One more person has needed to be entered into the territory of Almería. Currently, there are eight patients in the province's hospitals, three of them in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The Junta de Andalucía reports that a person has managed to overcome this disease in the last day and there are already 762 cured.


Almería continues to have three outbreaks under investigation, all of them located in the west of Almería. That is, a study of contacts and tests are being carried out.

One of them is the one that most worries the health authorities, since 50 cases have already been detected in this outbreak.

Starting Wednesday morning, the use of a mask in open and closed public spaces is mandatory throughout the Andalusian community. Until now it was not if the safety distance was kept.