The article here on the La Voz de Almería sites has details of yet more cases discovered in the El Ejido area in the last 24 hours.

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Almería adds 24 new cases of Covid-19 and the third outbreak in Poniente

El Ejido outbreak rises to 42 and the province registers half of all Andalusian cases

The coronavirus pandemic has left Almería a particularly hard weekend for the epidemiological curve, since today, Sunday, the province has registered a total of 24 new positives for coronavirus, as confirmed by the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía, which has sent the daily data of the Covid-19 in Andalusia to the Ministry of Health, where Almería accounts for half of the cases in the entire autonomous community.

The 24 new positives in the province of Almería leave a considerable increase in the El Ejido outbreak, which yesterday had 20 cases and today there are already 42 positives for coronavirus related to patient zero in the ejido municipality. Likewise, they leave a new outbreak with five positives, also in the west of Almería. And it is that, with these 24 new positives, the province, which maintains the number of deaths and cured unchanged at 53 and 761, respectively, has lived another black day during the pandemic, after this Saturday, Almería registered its third worst day of the entire coronavirus crisis, with a total of 31 new positives.

Thus, the active outbreaks in the province are already three: one originating in Adra, which remains at 6; a new one located in Poniente, with five positives, and the one in El Ejido, which today has suffered greatly from the scourge of the coronavirus and has doubled its positive cases in just 24 hours. With these figures, and although today the data is somewhat lower, in order to have another day with so many positives, it is necessary to go back to April 4, when the province added 26 new cases in a single day.

As for the section on hospitalizations, the province does present good news today, since of the eight hospitalized people who remained in the daily report yesterday, three have already left the hospital. For its part, ICU admissions continue to be two at the moment. By provinces: in Almería (5 hospitalizations of which 2 in ICU), Cádiz (6 hospitalizations of which 1 in ICU), Córdoba (4 hospitalizations of which 2 in ICU), Granada (12 hospitalizations of which 2 in ICU ), Huelva (1 hospitalizations and none in ICU), Jaén (no hospitalization), Malaga (9 hospitalizations and none in ICU) and Seville (3 hospitalizations of which 1 in ICU).