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Note that a multiplication rate of 1.0 means approximately 0 events (cases or deaths) when comparing today`s 4 day average with yesterday's.

Note that this is the data from yesterday - due to timing changes to the release of data by the government

NOTE: He continues to be unhappy with the lack of central reporting of deaths in Spain

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Data Tuesday June 16

Health does not yet have the death toll. Simon say that almost, almost ...

76 cases, 56 of them in Madrid and Catalonia. The data of cases diagnosed in the last 7 days places the daily average at 240 daily cases.
Poniente hospital working at around 65%
Here is a Google translation:
Poniente Hospital recovers 65% of its activity

The activity in External Consultations is currently touching 65%, although approximately 30% is carried out electronically

The Poniente Hospital continues to gradually recover the healthcare activity, as was already marked in early May, when the return to the 'new' normality of the Hospital began.

"We want to make the Hospital a very safe place and for that we need strict access protocols," said the managing director of the West Health Agency yesterday. Pedro Acosta.

The activity in External Consultations is currently touching 65%, although approximately 30% is carried out electronically.

At the Hospitalization level, normal activity is beginning to recover. Still at a level of 60% occupancy with a plant prepared for Covid-19 cases and "that plant will be ready almost all summer, in case there is a regrowth," said the managing director of the Hospital.

At the surgical level "perhaps it is the most complicated part and we can be between 60 and 70% of the activity depending on the week," said Acosta.

Likewise, and as for Emergencies, once the Hospital is safe again, «you see how people return and facing numbers of 650 or 700 emergencies a day at this time of year, today we do not reach 300, we are in the numbers that the Hospital de Poniente should attend, while Toyo over 200 daily, "said Acosta.
Summer beach guards start work in our area
Here is a Google translation:
The beach guards begin to function in the west of Almería

The El Ejido auditorium theater became the setting for the delivery of material to the assistants and the welcoming ceremony

The 102 guards who will travel the ejido coast this summer to ensure that security measures are complied with are already incorporated.

Throughout the Monday morning, all the auxiliaries who will work on the beaches of El Ejido, Adra and Balanegra collected their material at the El Ejido Auditorium, where they also participated in the welcoming ceremony, which was attended by the Mayor of The Ejido, Francisco Góngora; the delegate of the Andalusian Government in Almería, Maribel Sánchez; the delegate of Tourism, José Luis Delgado; the mayor of Balanegra, Nuria Rodríguez; and the mayor of the Adra City Council, Elisa Fernández.

Thus, Góngora underlined the "important work and role" that these new agents will play, since they will offer "tranquility and you will ensure the safety of bathers by reminding coastal users of the need to comply with health recommendations, such as maintaining social distance, hand washing and the use of a mask where necessary ».

Likewise, the municipal chief official recalled that the beaches are a hostile environment to the Covid-19, so "they become a good place for de-climbing and return to normality", while thanking the Junta de Andalucía "the attention that it is paying to the town councils and in this case to El Ejido, with this Plan that is added to the measures articulated from the City Council in front of the Covid-19.

For her part, Maribel Sánchez recalled that there will be a total of 600 agents who will work on the Almería coast through this plan.

166,000 euros in resources

In this line, in addition to the incorporation of these 102 auxiliaries, the El Ejido City Council will have 166,000 euros in resources and material within the Plan for Safe Beaches of the Andalusian Government, which materialize in four pick-up vehicles, three towers surveillance, a zodiac type boat with trailer, a 4x4 quad, as well as 18 meters of gangway and informative signage on the security measures that this summer will be necessary to maintain.