Just had the following message from Cristina G about voting in the local elections here in May 2019....

UPDATED 20/12/18 - Cristina has now confirmed that anyone who registers on the padrón has the right to vote.

"It seems we will still be able to vote in municipal elections here even if Brexit goes ahead. The elections will be in May 2019. To be eligible to vote you need to be registered on the municipal register (padrón) before 31 December 2018. It is advisable to check whether you are on the padrón before the end of this year."

I understand that this applies for all UK citizens who are resident here. Cristina is checking on the situation for people who own property here but are not resident in Spain. I will provide an update here about this once I have the information.

Out and About 28 Nov 18 - La Barbera

Earlier today I was in the Levante (east) part of town. Taking some now photos for the then and now pictures on the Memorias de Almerimar Facebook page. I walked along the promenade and then up to the D´Bar area.

I heard recently that La Barbera had closed. As I was walking past, there were some guys repainting the La Barbera building. I ask them if it was re-opening soon. They said that at the moment they were just tidying it up. Once that had been done they would be looking for some new tenants.

Out and About 28 Nov 18 - D´Bar

Next stop was the D'Bar area of town. As you can see preparations are underway for the re-opening of D'Bar later this week.

Out and About 28 Nov 18 - Behind D'Bar

Finally, Just behind D'Bar work continues on the new build properties there.

Just a quick word of warning. Be careful if you go walking in the nature reserve. Our friend Sharon was walking her dogs in the nature reserve over the weekend when she came face to face with a wild boar.

Luckily she managed to collect up her dogs and get away from the animal reasonably quickly.

Collapsed Palm Tree On Golf Course - 29 Oct 18

I was down at the golf course this afternoon sorting out some bits and pieces. While I was there I was told about a collapsed palm tree in front of the clubhouse.

As you can see the very windy weather could have caused a big accident. Thank goodness nobody was near the palm tree at the time it fell down.

We were really busy over the weekend and earlier this week. So I have only just had time to check the Spanish newspaper sites for local news.

There is an article here on the Ideal site about the Almería Gourmet event in El Ejido last Saturday.

It links to a gallery of photos from the day that you can see here.

Fire At Plastic Recycling Plant - Aug18

I was a bit busy yesterday so I have only just got around to looking at various sites for news about the area.

The article here on the Ideal site has details of a fire at a plastic recycling plant not far from Almerimar last Sunday night. The article is from early on Monday morning.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.