Out and about in Almerimar - 22 July 2012

Rather than just sit in all day and watch the golf Jacqui and I decided that we would have a stroll along the prom on the lakes side of town then call in to the gazpacho event (see separate article).

We walked along a big part of the prom. From the car park near the church up to Mare Nostrum then all the way back down to the town again.

Read More for details and you can see loads of photos from the poniente prom here in the Gallery.

Almerimar Golf Hotel

UPDATED 17/7/12 16:05: I have just added links to the Almerimar hotels on the Links page and the site for the golf hotel says it will open in November. Here is a link to the website.

A number of people have asked us when the Almerimar golf hotel will re-open. The honest answer is that we do not know for certain.

However we have heard the rumour that it will re-open in November 2012 from a number of people in the town recently. So that is perhaps the best guess available at the moment.

Almerimar play school

As mentioned earlier. Here is a picture of the new play school in Porto Fino. Looking more closely they are keeping the kids in with metal rather than wood.


Stage in the square

I was just dropping in some FGS membership fees to Sharon and noticed this stage in the centre of the square. Looks like there will be something going on there soon.


Work is continuing on the new play school being built in Almerimar in Porto Fino opposite the golf course. It looks like they are putting up a wooden fence on the pavement area around the building to stop the kids escaping.

If I get a chance I wil get a picture of it when we are out buying the Friday golf bottles later today.

Imagen: El Corte Inglés El Ejido

SALE is now on at El Corte Inglés in El Ejido. It runs from 1 Jul - 31 Aug. 

No doubt Jules and I will be popping up there when she arrives back in Almerimar.

Almerimar golf hotel

Work is continuing on the refurbishment of the golf hotel. The function room overlooking the 18th green has now been used at least a couple of times. Plus the hard landacaping of the gardens and parking area continues.