It looks like there is an argument going on between our local town hall and the regional government of Andalucia about delays to the completion of work on improvements to the storm drains in Almerimar. In particular in the centre of town in the marina area.

The article here on the Wiki Ejido site has details of the local council trying to improve the storm drains in Almerimar.

Read More for an online translation of the article (iffy as usual).

I am hearing more and more that fibre-optic internet has been installed in properties around Almerimar. However so far I have only heard of it being installed by Movistar and in one case Vodafone who are re-selling access to the Movistar service.

Ages ago when I asked about installation I was told that the cabling to an apartment block had to be put in place and tested first. Also, there were to be two sets of cabling to be installed. One for Movistar (and companies re-selling access to their service) and one for Orange/Jazztel (and companies re-selling access to their service if there are any).

Once this had been done you had to wait a couple of weeks before the admin system of the supplier was updated to show that fibre based products were available in your apartment or apartment block. Once the suppliers admin system shows the product is available to sell to your location you could then contract to take the product.

In our case I have had a look in our comms room and there are two new distribution boxes that have been installed. One with labels from Movistar on it and cables from the street marked as from Movistar connected to it. The second box has labels from Orange on it and cables from the street marked as from Orange connected to it.

The bad news for me is that I have checked on the Orange, Jazztel and Movistar websites and as yet none are showing up as they can sell me a fibre optic based internet service. I guess I might have to call in to the phone shops when I am next in Copo and/or El Ejido and ask them for the latest information.

One of our readers has forwarded me details of an online petition on requesting that a post office be set up in Almerimar.

If you want to sign the online petition you can do so here.

Things are starting to move along with installation of fibre-optic internet in Almerimar. I have heard stories of a few people having had it installed recently.

The latest thing that has happened for us is that our apartment block now has some fibre-optic cable marked Orange and Jazztel that has appeared in the comms room in our apartment block. I guess that the far end is connected to somewhere in the street.

The end of the cable in our comms room is not yet connected up to anything. I guess they will have to install some form of service distribution panel at some point. Then we will be able to connect to individual apartments.

2016/2017 sports activities

Christina G has been in touch with the attached photo and a message that municipal sports activities for 2016/2017 will start in Almerimar on 19 September 2016. You can sign up for activities at the town hall office (located at the back of Porto Fino).

I have just been contacted by someone saying that Movistar (Telefonica) are installing fibre-optic internet in their house today. Also, there are more installations in other houses taking place later today. The installations are in one of the roads off Calle Alcor.

So it looks like Movistar are ahead of the consortium of other companies in progressing their installations.

I wonder when Jazztel, Orange and the others will be ready to start their installations. I know that Jazztel, Orange and the others are not yet ready to install in our block.

Summer buses 2016

Thanks to Gabriel from the tourist office for giving me a copies of these posters about summer buses services.

I think that today is an informal local "bank holiday". So that people can recover from the fiesta of San Isidro that has been taking place the last few days.

So do not be surprised if you see some local businesses not opening today.