The article here on the Portal Ejido site has details of around 33,000 euros to be spent on beach safety equipment for the coming summer. Among other things the spend covers the purchase of 2 quad bikes and a jet ski.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

Road works for gas pipes

Earlier today I had the opportunity to drive and stroll around town looking at recent changes. The first thing I noticed was behind "the square" and along the road behind the chemist in the port. There are loads of new pipes being installed in trenches in the road in this area. There was a sign saying that it was for natural gas.

After driving round this area I made my way over towards the other side of the marina.

Read More for details of what other changes I noticed there.

It looks like there is quite a bit of work going on at the moment improving the zebra crossings in Almerimar. In particular there is a new one that has just been created close to D´Bar.

As well as that new one it appears that more zebra crossings in town are getting lowered curbs and tactile paving to help people who are visually impaired.

Work is also continuing on cycle paths through the town so there are lots of improvements for cyclists and pedestrians happening at the moment.

It is getting to that time of year again. For a few weeks, mainly in spring and autumn, we sometimes get a mist coming in off the sea. I was playing golf at Alborán last Tuesday and the mist came in for about an hour or so. So much so that it was difficult to see where my ball was going. The sea fret was also visible from the motorway near Almería and Roquetas on the way home.

My understanding is that the cause is similar to the haar that occurs on the east coast of Scotland and  the north east coast of England. I think that this occurs when warm moist air passes over the cold North Sea. In Scotland it is know as haar whereas in Yorkshire and Northumberland it is called sea fret. The mist is a nice reminder of my youth.

There is a video of the cycling race yesterday here on the site.

You can just see the racers going past myself and two friends, Derek and Mick, close to the top of the hill at 11:04 in the video.

The article here on the town hall website has details of various improvements to bus stops that have taken or are taking place in the area. Including the provision of shelters at stops in Almerimar. Plus more graphical information about timetables as some bus stops at Copo and elsewhere.

There is also a mention of the very handy Situame app that provides information about buses in the area.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

Poniente Cyle Path - January 2017

Almerimar cycle routes - January 2017

Yesterday I was close to the entrance to the port at Darsena 1 and took the opportunity to take a look at what was happening with the work on the cycle paths.

As you can see from the top photo the refurbishment work is well underway behind the discos. Also there is a sign showing 3 different routes around the area (click on the photo to see a bigger version).

A while ago I mentioned some information on the town hall website about new and improved cycle paths in the area.

While over near Darsena 1 the other day I noticed that work has now started on repairing and improving the cycle path on the poniente beach just behind the discos. This bit of the cycle path was in really poor condition so it is good news that work has started on the repairs so quickly.

It looks like there is an argument going on between our local town hall and the regional government of Andalucia about delays to the completion of work on improvements to the storm drains in Almerimar. In particular in the centre of town in the marina area.

The article here on the Wiki Ejido site has details of the local council trying to improve the storm drains in Almerimar.

Read More for an online translation of the article (iffy as usual).

I am hearing more and more that fibre-optic internet has been installed in properties around Almerimar. However so far I have only heard of it being installed by Movistar and in one case Vodafone who are re-selling access to the Movistar service.

Ages ago when I asked about installation I was told that the cabling to an apartment block had to be put in place and tested first. Also, there were to be two sets of cabling to be installed. One for Movistar (and companies re-selling access to their service) and one for Orange/Jazztel (and companies re-selling access to their service if there are any).

Once this had been done you had to wait a couple of weeks before the admin system of the supplier was updated to show that fibre based products were available in your apartment or apartment block. Once the suppliers admin system shows the product is available to sell to your location you could then contract to take the product.

In our case I have had a look in our comms room and there are two new distribution boxes that have been installed. One with labels from Movistar on it and cables from the street marked as from Movistar connected to it. The second box has labels from Orange on it and cables from the street marked as from Orange connected to it.

The bad news for me is that I have checked on the Orange, Jazztel and Movistar websites and as yet none are showing up as they can sell me a fibre optic based internet service. I guess I might have to call in to the phone shops when I am next in Copo and/or El Ejido and ask them for the latest information.