Almerimar beaches open 2017

The article here on the Ideal site has details of the beaches now being officially open. They are open until 13 September 2017.

Also, according to the article, it looks like the council are now going to put a longer term plan in place for the opening of the beaches for the following 4 summers. Rather than just rushing to complete a separate plan each year.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

The article here on the Ideal has some details about a new school to be built in Almerimar. Apparently 355,000 euros is to spent in the initial phase of the project in 2017/2018. When eventually built the school will provide 450 school places. It looks like the new school will be built close to the existing state school in Almerimar that was built in 2013.

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One of our readers has been in touch and provided me with a link to the document here from the town hall that describes the beach services for 2016.

According to this document, last year the beaches were open from 17 June to 4 September. With lifeguards on duty from 11am until 8:30pm every day. Plus various services including analysis of the quality of the water, cleaning the beach etc.

The issue we have to consider is the balance of how much it costs to provide these services against how many people are using the beach when the services are in place.

It is the same argument that occurs in virtually every urbanisation in Almerimar about the opening period for swimming pools. Why have a longer opening period when everyone has to pay more for when there are not many people using the service.

There really is no right answer to the situation. All that you can hope to do is find the best compromise that causes the least people to complain.

Read More for a Google translation of the list of services provided last year lifted from the first page of the document. I guess it will be similar this year.

Further to the earlier story about Almerimar featuring on A Place in the Sun.

One of the properties that was viewed was marketed by Alcor Properties. Sharon from Alcor Properties has told me that the producer for the episode has been in touch with her to say that the episode may be shown on Channel 4 sometime in the next 3 months or so.

Once I know more information I will publish it here.

I was having a discussion with friends recently about when the Almerimar beaches officially open for the summer. By opening I mean when the lifeguards go on duty, when the toilets are in place, when the disabled access to the beach and the sea is available to use etc.

Someone told me that this year the date is 16 June. They also said that in the past they thought that the beaches were "open" from 1 June 2016.

I have to admit that I do not really know the answer to the question whether the opening has been delayed this year. I have had a quick poke around on the internet and not found any information. If I get a chance I might pop in to the tourist office and ask Gabriel about it.

Late last week a producer from the Channel 4 tv show A Place in the Sun got in touch with me. She told me that Almerimar is to feature in the latest series of the programme.

When she contacted me it was only her and the director that were over here in Spain. They were preparing for the arrival of the couple who were to be property hunting.

Yesterday morning I was filmed on the beach talking with the property hunters and the presenter of the show, Jonnie Irwin. I guess this will end up being a very short part of the show once the show has been edited.

I will not publish much about what was said so people can enjoy seeing the show when it appears on tv.

What I do know is that the property hunters had seen a property in Almerimar on Monday afternoon and were filming in Roquetas on Tuesday. When we finished filming at around 10:15 yesterday morning they were off to see their third property. They said that this was the third of five properties they were going to be showed. They had not been told where the properties are located.

For me being filmed was a very enjoyable experience. The property hunters, Jonnie Irwin, the film crew and their logistics person were all really friendly. I also got to understand a bit about how filming and sound recording takes place to enable the editor of the show to do their job well.

As yet, I do not know when this episode of the show is due to be on tv. Once I know more I will publish the information here.

On street parking outside Mercadona - 30 May 17

Further to the story recently about on street parking outside Mercadona and the golf hotel. The photo above shows the new parking spaces outside Mercadona. There is a similar set of places on the other side of the road near to the hotel, the pyramid and the golf course car park.

Further to the article yesterday about blue flag beaches. You can download a press release from the El Ejido council here on their site.

In the press release the councillor responsible for tourism, Luisa Barranco, says that the loss of the blue flags for Almerimar was due to administrative delays caused by the Junta de Andalucía.

Read More for a Google translation of the press release.

Thanks to Pearl D for emailing me about this issue yesterday.....

There has recently been an announcement about which beaches in the area will have blue flag status for 2017. In 2016 there were 5 beaches. This year there will be only 2. Apparently the two beaches in Almerimar (Levante and Poniente) and the one in Guardias Viejas do not have blue flag status this year.

The PSOE opposition to the PP led council in El Ejido has reproached the council and asked for an explanation. According to the article here on the Ideal site the councillor in charge of tourism for the area, Luisa Barranco, will be appearing publicly this morning starting at 10:30am to give an explanation.

I will publish more about this issue once I have the information.

Another week and another bank holiday with Mercadona closed. You had better do your shopping on Saturday as shops are likely to be closed on Monday 1 May 2017.

The article here on the Portal Ejido site has details of around 33,000 euros to be spent on beach safety equipment for the coming summer. Among other things the spend covers the purchase of 2 quad bikes and a jet ski.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

Road works for gas pipes

Earlier today I had the opportunity to drive and stroll around town looking at recent changes. The first thing I noticed was behind "the square" and along the road behind the chemist in the port. There are loads of new pipes being installed in trenches in the road in this area. There was a sign saying that it was for natural gas.

After driving round this area I made my way over towards the other side of the marina.

Read More for details of what other changes I noticed there.

It looks like there is quite a bit of work going on at the moment improving the zebra crossings in Almerimar. In particular there is a new one that has just been created close to D´Bar.

As well as that new one it appears that more zebra crossings in town are getting lowered curbs and tactile paving to help people who are visually impaired.

Work is also continuing on cycle paths through the town so there are lots of improvements for cyclists and pedestrians happening at the moment.

It is getting to that time of year again. For a few weeks, mainly in spring and autumn, we sometimes get a mist coming in off the sea. I was playing golf at Alborán last Tuesday and the mist came in for about an hour or so. So much so that it was difficult to see where my ball was going. The sea fret was also visible from the motorway near Almería and Roquetas on the way home.

My understanding is that the cause is similar to the haar that occurs on the east coast of Scotland and  the north east coast of England. I think that this occurs when warm moist air passes over the cold North Sea. In Scotland it is know as haar whereas in Yorkshire and Northumberland it is called sea fret. The mist is a nice reminder of my youth.