I have been informed that there will not be a regular Wednesday market in El Ejido tomorrow as 6 December is a bank holiday. Apparently the market is cancelled if it falls on a local or national bank holiday.


The article here on the Sol Times site has a headline including the interesting phrase Courgette Massacre.

The articles here and here on the Ideal site have the latest information about the El Ejido corruption case that dates back to 2009.

The articles are in Spanish and given the subject of them I am not going to publish any form of translation of them.

Suffice to say that it looks like progress is being made.

Also, just spotted the article here on the Costa Almería News site on the same subject.

Calle Alcotán - 9 November 2017

Calle Alcotán - 9 November 2017

End of Calle Alcotán - towards D'Bar - 9 November 2017

I was in town this morning and left the car for Jacqui to drive home later. I walked home via Calle Alcotán, the road over the roundabout from the entrance to Darsena 3. As you can see there are still a lot of road works going on. The photos above are from the two ends of the street. The end near the roundabout and also the end that links up with the road up to the D'Bar.

From the photos it looks like the road is going to be closed for quite some time yet.

You can see more photos in the Gallery. Including some of the really big villa being built overlooking the 8th green.

I have been a bit busy in the last few days so have only just got around to looking for any local news on various Spanish websites.

I have just spotted the article here on the Ideal site from last Saturday.

According to the article around 178,000 euros is to be spent improving the 409 and 411 motorway junctions. The 409 junction is the Almerimar one. The 411 is the next junction, approximately 2km towards Almería.

The article says that the work will take place in 2019. With the tendering process starting now.

I am pretty sure that most people who come to Spain quite a bit know that junction numbers are generally based on km markings on the motorways. Sometimes with big jumps in the number as you cross the boundary from one province to another.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.


Galleon in Almerimar 31 October 2017

Galleon in Almerimar 31 October 2017

Galleon in Almerimar 31 October 2017

Galleon in Almerimar 31 October 2017

Galleon in Almerimar 31 October 2017

Thanks to Christina G who has sent us these pictures and a short video. Plus the following message:

"The first one arrived this morning. The second one is due to arrive in the marina at 15:00. Both can be visited from tomorrow 10:00-19:00. Adults 6 euros and children 3 euros to visit both galleons (not for each one)."

The article here on Almerimar Hoy says that the use of recycled water on the Almerimar and Valle del Este golf courses has now been approved. The water can also be used to water plants and grass in the area. Plus it can be used for cleaning the streets.

I have to admit that I thought this was happening already.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

For a while now Calle Alcotán has been closed. This is the road on the opposite side of the roundabout for the entrance to Darsena 3.The one that loops round to link up with the road past the Flamingo houses urbanisation.

In the last day or so the work has extended on to the road between the towers and the El Espigon car park. So anyone driving down Calle Alcor in the last day or so has to go all the way down past Altas Entinas then down to Spirit Mar and turn back towards town. Hopefully this road will reopen again soon.

The article here on the town hall website has some details of the work taking place on Calle Alcotán.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

The article here on the Ideal website has details about the work underway to complete the storm drains in Almerimar.

My understanding is that the regional government (Junta de Andalucía) is responsible for work in the final 100 metres close to the sea. The completion of the work on the storm drains was delayed somewhat. The rest of the work in town has been completed already by the local town hall council.

At least we will now have some better drains in the centre of town to deal with any heavy downpours this coming winter.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

Some time ago I had an email exchange with one of our readers, John H, about the Mercadona delivery service.

I understand that they deliver to all areas of Almerimar, including the lakes area.

Here is what John had to say about the service:

"You register on line, all in English, with your Spanish address and phone number. I used the 0044 code but then it didn't record the last numbers so I suggest you just put the std number with no codes and put it elsewhere in comments maybe. It's a bit fiddly as you can have separate lists but if you do it all in one go it's easy. Once the list is done, press complete. This takes you to a delivery menu. Choose your time (2hr slots) then go to pay. Select cash and the order is confirmed and an email is sent to you. Make sure you tick agree conditions box. Food was delivered to the door in an electric barrow on time and decent dates.

 7euro delivery charge,worth every penny."

New Velas Blancas Properties - Sept 17

Recently I spotted this advertising hoarding above at the roundabout near Mercadona.

I was chatting to a friend on Friday and she said that the new apartments in Velas Blancas are where the old restaurant used to be years ago.

It feels like there is a small property boom going on at the moment in Almerimar.

We have these new apartments in Velas Blancas. Plus there are a few other places in town where new property is being built (including near the cliff between Mirador del Golf and Altas Entinas). Plus the apartments on Darsena 2 in the centre of town are now up for sale.

I have been informed via a message from A Place In The Sun on Facebook that C4 will be starting to broadcast new episodes of A Place In The Sun again from Monday 11 September 2017.

I have had a look in the online schedule and the first episodes they are showing are ones where people are choosing between property in the UK and abroad. So still no sign of the episode that includes filming in Almerimar.

I will keep checking the online schedule and publish another article here once I know the date the episode will be broadcast.

For anyone else looking at the tv schedule - if you spot any episodes that cover Almería the people who filmed in Almerimar were a couple based in south London.