A Spanish friend recently told Jacqui that this coming Monday (28 June) is a local bank holiday. Looks like it is in honour of San Isidro.

Reading the article here on the Ideal El Ejido site it looks like some of the events will be available to view online rather than live. See the article here on the Ideal El Ejido site for details.

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El Ejido will live this week a very decaffeinated San Isidro patron saint festivities

The festivities book will be distributed this morning and tomorrow at the El Ejido Auditorium

The municipality of El Ejido lives this weekend its big festivities in honor of its patron San Isidro. However, one more year and already two, they will be festivities with hardly any celebration as a preventive, security and "responsibility" measure. to the covid-19 pandemic, indicated from the local government.

Thus, the Councilor for Culture, Julia Ibáñez, explained that "you can enjoy some traditional proposals such as a fireworks display, a dance exhibition by dance schools and groups in the municipality, but this time via online."

The religious acts, with the celebration of the Tridium, will take place from today until Saturday. After mass on Thursday, at 8:00 p.m., the image of the Patron will be lowered and the large mass in honor of San Isidro will be celebrated on Sunday at 8:00 p.m. and will also be broadcast on the YouTube channel of the City Council.

The fireworks display will begin on Thursday, June 24, and will run until Saturday, June 26. Each day it will take place from eleven o'clock at night and will be run by the Virgitana company Pirotecnia Alborán.

Those interested in picking up a copy of the holiday book can do so today and tomorrow in the morning at the Auditorium Theater.

In the same way, the ejidenses will be able to enjoy a dance exhibition by local dance academies and groups. It will be done online through the YouTube channel of the Culture area. In this activity, Dancealmerimar Dance Studio, Alejandra Foruria Dance School, Susana Pérez Dance School, Adagio Dance School, Rocío Muñoz Hip-Hop and Level Up Dance Estudio will participate.

Also the mayor, Francisco Góngora, will issue a greeting to congratulate the ejidenses on these special dates and will remember the importance of not lowering our guard against covid-19, despite the improvement in data on infections.