The article here from yesterday on the Ideal site has details of how the beaches will be managed this summer.

The article includes a photo of the announcement being made in front of the Victor Fernández wind surf centre in Almerimar.

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A drone will ensure the security and occupancy control of the ejido beaches this summer

The local government extends the Beach Plan to 42 lifeguards, which will also have a nurse, two Local Police patrols exclusively for beaches and three new watchtowers

The beach season was inaugurated yesterday in the municipality of El Ejido with the launch of the Beach Plan by the local government. A device that will be active until September 12.

This year, the City Council has increased the material and human resources and services to guarantee the highest quality and safety throughout the coast, as pointed out by the mayor, Francisco Góngora.

Thus, the highest municipal official pointed out in the field of safety and rescue that this summer season has six more lifeguards than the previous one, up to a total of 42, in addition to the hiring of a Sanitary Emergency Technician and a nurse «to give a faster and more efficient response to first aid given on the beach ”.

The coast will also have three new watchtowers, one of which goes to Poniente de Almerimar beach and the other two to Balerma. In this way, there are a total of 16 surveillance posts distributed along the coast.

Góngora also announced the increase in police surveillance with the incorporation of two Local Police patrols throughout the season, dedicated exclusively to the beaches, in addition to the regular daily patrols, which will be based next to Point 0 of first aid coordination .

One of the most striking novelties is the acquisition by the City Council of two drones. One will be used for surveillance tasks on beaches, for the safety of bathers, allowing rapid and effective supervision of the coast, specific surveillance of the use of jet skis and control of capacity and distance on the beaches due to the pandemic. .

The other drone will be used to create audiovisual resources to promote the municipality as a tourist destination, through videos or aerial photographs.

In addition to the acquisition of sanitary equipment and rescue material, for the expansion of the available resources, or their renewal, three new defibrillators are also incorporated, with which there will already be four DESAs distributed throughout the beaches of the municipality.

Regarding cleaning, Góngora announced the acquisition of two new tractors and two new beach cleaning machines for cleaning and conditioning the sand on the different beaches in the municipality, as well as the renewal of the information panels. One more edition will be active the mobile application 'Playas de ElEjido'.

Regarding leisure and restaurant facilities, the authorization of the Beach Plan has been renewed for another 4 years, so that there will be 7 beach bars; 8 hammocks and umbrellas; 1 water park (Poniente); 3 kiosks (Balerma and Poniente); 2 nautical areas (Poniente and Levante); and 1 massage area (Poniente).

The mayor of Tourism, Luisa Barranco, recalled the 4 Blue Flags that the beaches of Levante and Poniente Almerimar, San Miguel and Balerma have, 4 Q for Quality, 4 Sicted Distinctions, 3 Ecioplayas Distinctions, 4 Safe Tourism Certified Certifications and 4 Safe Andalusia Certificates.

On the other hand, Góngora stressed that the ejido coast "is the ideal holiday destination because of our wide and sustainable offer, with a great set of complementary activities and outdoor leisure experiences."

Thus, he recalled the 27 kilometers of beaches "safe, without overcrowding," in which to spend the best summer and practice water sports. Sun and Beach tourism is complemented with a rich gastronomy, made with gourmet quality vegetables that are grown in the greenhouses of El Ejido, agrotourism being a differentiating resource with which to discover the Amazon that is under the plastic . Not forgetting active and sports tourism, with a 27-hole golf course, a marina with 1,100 moorings and a lake for canoeing and rowing ». The mayor also referred to nature tourism and the heritage and cultural legacy.