There was a story about the possible cycle path on 1 June 2021 on the Almería 360 site.

Here is a similar story from around 1 week later on the Ideal site.

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Almerimar and Playa Serena will join through a cycle route

The initiative has a tourist function, but it would also reduce the accident rate on the so-called Camino Viejo de Guardias Viejas to Roquetas de Mar

The municipalities of El Ejido and Roquetas de Mar are working on a joint project to link both municipalities along the coast.

An action that is not the first time that it has been proposed but that is now being resumed with a double objective, since, on the one hand, it seeks to become a new tourist attraction for sports and nature lovers, since it is a A road that runs along the coast and, on the other hand, would also contribute to reducing the accident rate that occurs on the road known as Camino Viejo de Guardias Viejas to Roquetas de Mar by promoting the use of bicycles.

The road will, therefore, be used for pedestrians and bicycles in a lane of three meters wide on stabilized ground, with a length of 16.5 kilometers that would join both developments.

In this sense, the mayors of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, and of Roquetas de Mar, Gabriel Amat, recently met with the delegate of Development in Almería, Eloísa Cabrera, to be interested and show their intention to work together in the project of this new cycle route between the urbanizations of Almerimar and Playa Serena.

The restoration of the trail would consist of three sections of both bike and pedestrian lanes and the entire trail would be signposted, fulfilling the dual function of guiding and informing the user of the natural characteristics of the environment that it runs through, and avoiding use by road traffic. .

On the other hand, with this initiative, the City Council of El Ejido would also continue to advance in the increase of bike lanes in the municipality, to encourage respect for the environment, sustainable travel and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Just a few months ago, the City Council also began the bidding process for the project to implement new bike lanes, in the southern and northern part of ElEjido, which will connect with the existing routes, thus ringing this nucleus.