Almería football stadium improvements

Some good news for us season ticket holders in the story here on the La Voz de Almería site..

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Fifteen million in 25 years: This will be the concession of the Mediterranean Stadium

The intention is that in six months Almería can start the first phase of the works

The Governing Board of the Municipal Sports Board has given its approval to the specifications for the concession of the Mediterranean Games Stadium. A public competition, because that is what the law requires, but which was born at the initiative of the Almería Sports Union to be able to undertake the reform works that want to turn this Olympic stadium into a space destined for top-level football.

Exactly what has been approved is the specifications for a concession for 25 years at a rate of 140,000 euros per year as a fee but which places the investment at more than 15 million euros plus VAT.

Explains the Councilor for Sports, Juan José Segura, that it must be taken into account that beyond the money that is deposited in the municipal coffers, it must be added that which is no longer spent on the maintenance of the installation since, from the awarding, will be the concessionaire who will have to take charge of the payment of IBI, electricity, water, and everything that is linked to maintenance. According to municipal accounts, "it is more than one million euros per year that is spent on maintaining this sports facility."

To this must be added that it is the successful bidder who has to take charge of the works in the Mediterranean Palace in order to move the headquarters of the Municipal Sports Board that is currently in the stadium. Some jobs will be the first to be undertaken once the entire concession process is resolved.

Once the document has been approved by the Governing Board, it is time to submit it to public display for 20 days so that the pertinent allegations can be presented. If none were presented, the specifications would be approved directly, and if there are any, they will be answered and it will be passed again by the Governing Board.


Once that phase of allegations is over, it will be time to open the public tender so that as many initiatives are interested in the management of the sports center can be presented, although it is assumed that UD Almería will be the one that will keep the concession.

According to Segura calculates “possibly throughout the month of June we can have the entire procedure completed”.

But the deadlines that most interest Almería fans are those related to the stadium transformation works. The municipal expectation is that these can start in about six months.

The project is structured in two phases and six actions. The first phase will involve a modernization of the internal infrastructures, in terms of changing rooms, offices, VIP room, shop, and the great transformation will take place outside, changing the face of the façade. The second phase includes earthworks in an intervention that will involve lowering the pitch to increase the capacity of the stands and the creation of an events room.

The objective is to turn the Mediterranean Games Stadium into a large approved venue for international competitions.

Despite the great importance of the project for the stadium, the Governing Board of the Board of Trustees has also approved the concession for 15 years of the gyms that are located in the Los Angeles sports complex, which is located in the Constantino Cortés and also that of the sports center of La Cañada.


Added to this are the concessions for 15 years from the hotel establishments that have some of the grassroots football fields. This is how the procedure is opened for the ‘Constantino Cortés’ municipal sports complex, ‘Los Pinos’ municipal sports complex in El Alquián, the Los Angeles municipal sports complex, the La Cañada sports center and Rafael Andújar municipal sports complex.

In addition to these establishments that are already underway, a new concession is added, that of a hospitality space in the Mediterranean Palace. The Sports Councilor explains that this new space is created "at the request of those who are going to take their children there to do activities and who have told us that they do not have a cafeteria where they can wait for the activity to finish" .

In this way, the Sports Board starts three different processes of administrative concessions.