The article here on the Ideal site has some info about what will happen eventually to the two motorway junctions closest to Almerimar.

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Leap towards the reality of the project to improve the 409 and 411 connections of the highway

The General Directorate of Quality and Environmental Assessment resolves that it is not necessary to submit the project to an environmental assessment because no adverse effects are expected.

The project to improve the 409 and 411 junctions of the highway corresponding to Santo Domingo and Santa María del Águila is one step closer to being a reality, after the General Directorate of Quality and Environmental Assessment has resolved that no adverse effects are expected significant effects on the environment as a result of the environmental impact assessment carried out, a resolution that was published last Friday, April 2, in the Official State Gazette.

It is a necessary and fundamental report to be able to continue advancing towards the achievement of the necessary works to decongest the voluminous traffic that these two enclaves register.

However, it does include some considerations such as the fact that, although the impact on vegetation is not considered significant, a small part of the actions are on the Site of Community Importance (SCI) Artos de ElEjido. Specifically, the impact on the LIC would only occur in the remodeling of link 409, in 4,590 square meters, which would represent 0.24 percent of the 189.36 hectares of its total area.

COPO link improvement

The project to improve link 409, which is the one located next to the Shopping Center and the Hospital de Poniente, includes the construction of a new overpass over the A-7 parallel to the existing one and that will double the width of the deceleration branches and segregating the right turn at roundabouts.

In addition, the size of the two roundabouts of the link is increased, which will consist of two lanes.

On the other hand, the road in the direction of El Ejido will take advantage of the existing structure, while in the direction of Almerimar it will be supported by a new structure of passage over the A-7 parallel to the existing one.

Similarly, it will be necessary to expand the existing underpass next to this link in the Malaga direction.

In this sense, the exit branches of the A-7 towards the 409 link, both in the direction of Almería, and in the direction of Malaga, will be expanded to accommodate two traffic lanes, while it is planned to cancel the connection of the service road south, on the Malaga side of the link.

Link 411

Regarding the improvement of junction 411, which serves Las Norias and Santa María del Águila, two new closed roundabouts will be built, one to the north and one to the south, which will replace the current T-type intersections. The new roundabouts will have a single inside lane.

In this way, all accesses to the junction will be rearranged, so that all roads access the new roundabouts, except for the north and south service roads, which cannot connect with the roundabout for reasons of space and that modify their final route to connect with the existing highway, as is the case with the southern service road.