The article here on the Ideal site has details of future improvements to schools in the area.

However the question is still "When will we see action on better state school infrastructure in Almerimar?".

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The Andalusian Parliament approves an initiative to promote educational improvements in El Ejido

The Proposition No. of Law of the PP contemplates the modernization and expansion of 12 centers and the construction of another three in El Ejido

For the first time in the history of the Andalusian Parliament, this body approved this week an initiative related to educational infrastructures in the municipality of El Ejido, which will boost 15 educational centers in the town, which will be built, expanded or improved.

The popular parliamentarian Rosalía Espinosa stressed that it is a historical claim of the municipality to the Andalusian Government, both on the part of the City Council, as well as the educational community and the families of the almost 20,000 students who study in these centers that had become outdated and small as a result of the growth in the number of inhabitants that has occurred in population centers such as Almerimar, Balerma or Santa María del Águila.

Espinosa valued that the Government of Juanma Moreno will give priority to the construction of an institute and a school in Almerimar, as well as a new school in Ejido Sur. Three educational centers in high demand in recent years by the ejidenses.

In addition, the expansion of centers such as the Francisco Montoya institute and the La Paz school in Las Norias, the Murgi institute and the Teresa de Jesús school in Santo Domingo, the Andalusia center and the Santa María del Águila institute, or the Jesús de Perceval school in Venta Carmona.

Similarly, the Solymar schools in Matagorda, San Agustín, Loma de Santo Domingo and Punta Sabinar will be improved, as well as the Mar Azul institute in Balerma.

In fact, the works of the Solymar and San Agustín schools are already underway, those of the IESMar Azul de Balerma as well, while at the Francisco Montoya Institute the bidding process is already closed and pending adjudication.

For its part, the IESMurgi has already completed the two-million-euro project and a new expansion of spaces is planned for a value of 863,000 euros.

Educational shantytown

On the other hand, the popular ejido parliamentarian described as "educational shantytown" the situation that the PSOE gave to the ejido municipality during its government in the Junta de Andalucía.

Along the same lines, Espinosa denounced that “for more than 38 years we have suffered that the Junta de Andalucía turned its back on the municipality of El Ejido, on young people, boys and girls who have studied overcrowded, in centers in poor condition, who have had problems accessing school canteens or accessing a VET place ».

Rosalía Espinosa also underlined the support that the PSOE gave to the first point of the initiative in which a historical deficit in terms of educational infrastructures in El Ejido is recognized, and criticized that despite the continuous requests by the municipality, “Susana Díaz He never listened to them or did what he promised ».

25 million investment

A Non-Law Proposition that the popular ones already announced at the beginning of last December.

Then the mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, already affirmed that "in the next two or three years part of that historical debt that the municipality of El Ejido has in educational infrastructures will be resolved" and calculated that among the works projected for the next year and those budgeted, the investment of the Andalusian Government in the municipality in educational infrastructures will be between 25 and 30 million euros.

Socialist amendments to remember two forgotten projects

Despite the criticism of the popular group towards the socialist in the Andalusian Parliament to carry out this initiative related to the educational infrastructures of El Ejido, the socialist parliamentarian from Almeria Noemí Cruz defended that “it has had to be the socialist group that has presented several amendments to Do not forget two very important projects that had been left out, such as the construction of a new CEIP in Ejido Sur and the reform of the Jesús de Perceval in Santa María del Águila ». Some amendments that, Noemí Cruz insisted, the popular ones were forced to accept.

In the same way, the socialist parliamentarian disappointed that the popular ones did not accept other amendments in which they asked "that the works for such long-awaited centers such as the new CEIP in Almerimar begin", while showing doubts that all the approved projects will be carry out "as we have seen in these two years, in which more Education delegates than infrastructures have moved in El Ejido."

In another vein, Cruz criticized "that all the educational amendments that the PSOE presented to the General Budgets of the Junta de Andalucía for the current year 2021 were overthrown by PP, Cs and Vox", especially when "several of They were specific to El Ejido, such as the improvement and expansion of the CEIP in Las Norias or the drafting of the IES work project in Almerimar, and how they now explain that they were rejected in December and that the same month were registered by the same PP to discuss it ».