The article here on the town hall website has some information about the 2020 and 2021 budgets.

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El Ejido will allocate 14 million in 2021 to investments, job creation and subsidies to sectors affected by COVID19

In 2020, seven million have been invested in paving works on rural roads and roads, expansion of the cemetery, redevelopment works in various centers or in works in municipal parks and in Ciavieja, among many others

In addition, the Government team has managed to reduce the inherited debt by more than 50%, going from more than 300 million debt in 2011 to less than 150 million

El Ejido is among the Andalusian city councils with the best payment to suppliers with an average payment period in 2020 of 18.76 days

The City Council of El Ejido is going to allocate 14 million euros in this year 2021 to numerous investments, to job creation and to subsidies for the sectors that have been most affected by the health, social and economic crisis of COVID-19.

The mayor, Francisco Góngora, explained that “the suspension of the fiscal rules will allow us that this surplus that results from the settlement of the 2020 budget, does not have to be dedicated to paying off debt in advance, as has happened with the surplus from previous years and that can be used to carry out actions and projects that are very necessary for all residents of the municipality ”.

In addition, he recalls that "the City Council has carried out investments worth almost seven million euros throughout 2020." Some of the actions carried out totally or partially in 2020 have been, for example, the works of the parks of Santa María del Águila, Las Norias and San Agustín; the change of luminaires to improve energy efficiency; the archaeological research works in Ciavieja; the redevelopment works in Ejido Centro and in population centers, such as 40 homes in Matagorda and some streets in Balerma; the works in the Palmeral Sports Complex; the renovation of the sound equipment in the theater-auditorium; the acquisition of land and the expansion of the cemetery; the paving of several rural roads such as Roquetas C-62, Ctra. Iryda Sector IV or El Capitan road; the improvement of the municipal wireless network; improving web accessibility; road pavement reinforcement works; the works of Coopera plans; works to improve supply such as the connection of the Almerimar and Ejidobeach deposits…. among many.

The settlement of the expense budget for fiscal year 2020 has closed with recognized obligations amounting to 85 million of expenses and the settlement of the income budget has closed with recognized rights for an amount of 97.73 million.

Another very important fact that Góngora highlights is that "the City Council's debt inherited by the Government team has been reduced by more than 50%, from more than 300 million euros that we found in 2011 to 149,345 million of debt ”.

For Góngora, “a sign of the seriousness and rigor with which the budgets are prepared each year is that the current income forecasts have been made by 107%, which has allowed us not to incur expenses that do not have adequate financing, and also pay in good times ”. In 2020, El Ejido was among the Andalusian municipalities with the best providers to pay with an average payment period of 18.76 days.

Residence for the Third Age, IMD, DUE

Regarding its Autonomous Body and public companies, it should be noted that both in the IMD and in the Residence for the Elderly 'Ciudad de El Ejido' “the negative impact that the pandemic has had on the development of their activities has been noted and its profit and loss account ”.

Thus, in the IMD the effect of COVID-19 has been especially noticeable in the lack of income, due to the absence of activities carried out, so that of the 500,000 euros that is expected to enter through fees and other income normally, if In 2019 it managed to make almost 100% of the forecasts, in 2020 it has not reached 11%, which has forced the City Council to increase transfers to the Autonomous Body by almost 200,000 euros compared to 2019, so that it could face its expenses.

The Geriatric Residence 'Ciudad de El Ejido,' with a budget in expenses close to 2,200,000 euros and, despite having had extraordinary contributions amounting to 300,000 euros, has closed with losses of -75,162.39 euros, which correspond fundamentally to expenses and investments carried out to fight COVID-19, since the extraordinary contributions have only come to cover the higher expenses generated by the increase in the workforce, and which have been necessary to comply with the protocols that the health authorities have imposed on nursing homes.

For its part, and in line with previous years, DUE has closed the year with a profit of 7,003 euros, being a remarkable fact that they are the first annual accounts that are formulated considering the numbers of the water service, and it is that Remember that, since May 1, 2020, the management of the integral water cycle in the municipality is provided directly by the City Council, through its municipal public company Desarrollo Urbanístico de El Ejido SL